Session #1 • Arcturians

Message from the Arcturian Collective

Summary: Humanity must prepare for upcoming upgrades to the collective DNA templating. In three weeks, a cosmic event will occur that will directly affect the stability of the planet. The human consciousness must be prepared to experience unusual phenomena in the sky and stay out of fear. Galactic intervention is necessary to help humanity and planet Gaia keep pace with ascension-related phenomena. Starships are encircling the globe to create a buffering force field. It is imperative to accept what is happening and prepare physically through fasting. The arcturian collective is assisting in upgrading the nervous system templates to align with the shifting frequencies. Assistance is also needed to integrate higher frequencies and prevent cataclysmic events. Discernment and focusing on the skies are important. Realignment may occur during sleep with physical activations. The message is encoded with light frequencies and requires humanity's co-creative participation.

Message from the arcturian collective: Humanity must urgently prepare. Please listen. A collective wish to speak with you regarding some upcoming upgrades to the collective DNA templating.

We are a collective of arcturian star beings, part of the galactic federation of light, in service to the transition of life forms on the planet to higher dimensional frequencies. We are appreciative of the opportunity to speak with you and request for you to relay this transmission to those with whom this message will resonate.

In three weeks, around end of January, there will be a cosmic event occurring that humanity must prepare for. Transition into fourth dimensional density is occurring and this will directly affect the stability of the planet. The human consciousness must be prepared to experience certain phenomena that will seem unusual, particularly in the sky. You must stay out of fear.

It has become necessary for a galactic intervention to help humanity and planet Gaia keep pace with the acceleration of other ascension-related phenomena occurring throughout the cosmos. The ascension shift occurring on your planet is going to move into hyper speed or overdrive. The time is collapsing much faster towards the point of cosmic neutrality and the human beings must drastically address their alignments to integrate these frequencies.

We come to give you notice warning of preparation for what is to come. It will shake to the core life as you know it. It is shown that many starships are beginning to encircle the globe, manifesting and materializing out of nowhere. They are parked and observing. The frequency of these crafts is interfacing with the frequencies of the earth. These ships are creating a buffering force field, a network generated to dissipate any vibrational impact for what is approaching the earth.

There are cosmic phenomena affecting the magnetics of the planet. The earth has moved into a different vibrational and dimension space. The fourth density she is transitioning through a zone where other native celestial bodies forms in their orbit pose a potential danger along her course. Gaia is transitioning out of 3D into 4D where there are planets we do not usually see in our sky, like Nibiru. These other planets and asteroids are going to influence the earth, mostly energetically, as she transitions through this corridor. It is a rough ride to navigate for her.

Many messages are being targeted to distort frequency and facts, mixed messages designed to lead the masses astray and divert focus from what is truly important at this time. Many distractions around on your planet to keep humanity in a state of unpreparedness for the real challenges that are presenting. It is imperative that humanity begins to accept that which they are seeing and knowing deep within to be true.

Thousands of our ships and beings have come from far and wide to assist in this transition. It is in the great interest of Gaia and star nations seated upon her, incarnated through her, the great portals target that she is, that we have all come forth to facilitate the shifts that fast approach. Prepare your physical bodies. The best way to do this is to fast, begin intermittent fasting as soon as possible because this is going to enable a frequency shift very fast. It will allow energy currently being utilized for digestive and metabolic processes to be redirected towards the upgrading of the neurological systems.

At this time, fasting for at least 16 hours a day is required to assist us with a planned intervention to perform necessary upgrades to the nervous system templates, allowing frequency alignment to occur as Gaia moves through this transitional field of altering magnetics, ion radiation, and photonic activity. Upgrades are being done in holographic form, working with the soul group templates. Star beings are assisting through our healing chambers to radically bring humanity up to speed with these vibrational shifts. Your systems are undergoing a manual upgrade. We are having to intervene in the organic processes which have run out of time for the human collective to reach the optimal levels of DNA activations required to safely integrate an acceleration of frequency.

We have been given special permission and clearance to directly intervene in humanity’s awakening and to assist with reconnecting the templates because the organic ascension evolutionary process is being negatively interfered with beyond humans’ ability to achieve an ascended state on its own. Therefore, our assistance is required to bring forth the alignments that will allow the flow and integration of intense light frequencies and shifting affecting your planet in the weeks and months ahead.

Also, there are areas on the earth’s body plane that are still in a compromised state. If Gaia is unable to integrate these higher frequencies due to density and trauma blockages, cataclysmic events will result. We speak on a biophysical level. The body of the mother earth is in great need of assistance to allow these frequencies to move through her with ease. We are assisting at an accelerated capacity to support the integrity of the body of Gaia as she moves through this 4D transitional zone.

This is not the disclosure of ETS in the way you have come to understand it. It is an intervention of the alliance to massively assist in this critical moment. However, there will be certain phenomena in the skies. The mainstream media, fallen ones, are looking to create as he calls them false flags to distract. Much of humanity is only looking down, down, down here on the earth. And while you are focusing on dramatic constructs, you cannot be aware of what is truly occurring all around the cosmos and within you. Second waves, unexplained explosions, political characters on the screens pretending to be rivals, distractions.

It is of great importance to exercise discernment in these times. All manner of manipulations are abounding. Accessing information through one’s own vibrational resonance is critical at this time. Prepare yourselves. You will know the moment of which we speak. Your personal focus has been more often on the skies recently, has it not? The sun appears to be setting in a different place or the sky and sun are sometimes a strange hue. It is us who nudge your attention up towards the celestial space. Keep your eye on the sky. The signs will come. Be in the heart space and assist us in assisting you to realign your neurological and energy circuit systems.

For most people, this operating process must be done during sleep time, in an unconscious state, because the realignments often occur with symptoms such as involuntary physical movements, twitches, and vibrating or hot and cold sensations in the body. It can be an intense or unnerving experience for some. The physical activations will already be felt while reading this message. We encourage you to relax into the visceral process and allow it to be completed without resistance. Let the downloads flow.

This message is encoded with light frequencies. We are asking you to put forth the physical form of these words into the human collective consciousness field. It is the manifestation of and vector for this vibrational transmission. Where you send this message, who sees it, who heeds it, you do not have control over, beloved. Though we are asking for and relying on humanity’s co-creative participation in this process. We thank you.