Session #100 • Galactic Federation

The Great Solar Flash & Consciousness

Summary: The galactic federation is communicating through a channel to address the query about the great solar flash. They advise using discernment and only accepting insights that resonate with one's inner self. They discuss the narrowband and wideband consciousness streams and the importance of focusing on the narrowband to activate higher energies. They explain that rules and regulations can be bent through consciousness manipulation. The prime directives of the great solar flash are outlined, emphasizing its purpose in creating balance on a planetary sphere. They assure that currently, there is no need for a solar flash on Earth. Activation of dormant light genes and the benefits of meditation are also mentioned. They recommend staying focused on the narrowband stream of consciousness for maximum potential. The galactic federation ends the communication with love and light.

We are the galactic federation and we are now in communication by the vibrations offered by this instrument to act as a channel for the messages of love and light to be transmitted to the human collective consciousness. Our communication today pertains to the query placed by this instrument with regards to the aspect known as the great or the grand solar flash.

Before we begin this transmission with respect to the query placed by this instrument with the aspect known as the great solar flask, we would recommend each entity who shall get this message to use discernment and only accept insights which provide a great sense of resonance, leaving behind those thought forms which do not resonate with your inner self. You must remember that we are now communicating from our seat in the Saturn council.

Before we start to share with you the prime directives for your planetary sphere and the prime directives of the great solar flash as created by the council of planets, because the great solar flash is dictated and is under the control of the council of planets, without whose permission no event with this significant nature as the grand solar flash shall occur in a galaxy determined by a logo such as the sun logos of your galactic system.

Hence, before we share our information pertaining to this aspect, we shall now share our communications which pertains to the aspect known as the consciousness stream, also known as the narrowband and the wideband consciousness. The information of which we have not been able to detect upon your planetary sphere.

For this information is vitally important and required to be understood by the beings on your planetary sphere whose desire is to access the higher energies of love and compassion, and also whose desire is to graduate and to be of service to the one creator.

There is a type of stream of consciousness known as the narrowband stream of consciousness which may be considered as the optimal stream of consciousness. Like a focused beam of light emerging from a laser beam, your consciousness can be focused like a laser beam of light upon any portion of your physical body, with 100% of the stream of consciousness entering such bodily part or organ or sensation. This allows you the full potential of activating your so-called internal systems and mechanisms of the right brain complex.

By taking your attention away from your stream of thoughts and images and words in the mind complex, by keeping your stream of consciousness in a narrow band on certain portions such as your fingertips or on any other single point upon your bodily complex, you will begin to then take back your power from your so-called mind complex, which indulges in the knowledge of good and evil, which is one of the most hindering aspects of your existence.

Because the knowledge of good and evil as found upon your mind complex, which indulges in this is possible or this is not possible, this type of thought forms which emerges upon your mind complex prevents many entities from accessing the energies of the higher nature of love and compassion because they are dictated by the rules that have been laid out by the societal complex.

However, you must remember that the beings on the various other planetary spheres as well who exist on a third density planetary sphere have this aspect of the catalyst of the mind, since the mind indulges in good and evil knowledge, aspects of both positive and negative polarization, and categorizes every aspect as per the rules it has been programmed with since the incarnation cycle of each entity begins in a planetary sphere and system of consciousness.

In the similar manner upon your planetary sphere, many beings on the earth planets have been installed and programmed with the thought forms of good and evil as per the rules and regulations which have been installed upon the subconscious part of your mind complex during the moment of your incarnation cycle and leading up to the ages of eight years.

You are open to such programming from the societal mind complex, leading you to understand that there are certain rules which cannot be bent. However, let us tell you that there is no rule in the universe which cannot be bent upon the existence and the exercise of your will and imagination and upon the exercise of your consciousness, because every rule is created by your own fellow being’s thought forms and mind complexes. Hence, they can be bent, even the psychological and the physical rules which you may perceive upon your planetary sphere as impossible to be bent, such as the rules of gravity. These can be manipulated by those who are understanding the essence of consciousness, which is the prime creator of everything that exists in the universe, and the consciousness is able to manipulate reality, disregarding any rules that have been set up upon an illusion complex.

This type of example may be observed by your people upon experiencing a so-called spacecraft from another planetary sphere, which have been classified by many of your people in your language vibration sequence terms as the unidentified flying objects, who are able to even disregard the gravitational pull and disregard the so-called wind imbalances which occur upon your planet. This is because of the consciousness stream and they are accessing, which is able to bend reality as the rules and the regulations have been created upon a certain illusion complex by the consciousness which gave rise to such an illusion complex.

Because behind every illusion complex, there is a subcreator or a logos, such as your sun body, which acts as the creator or a subcreator for your current galactic system. And your sun body is responsible for the creation of certain rules and regulations, such as the sequence of light sequences which enter upon your planetary sphere at a certain interval.

Hence, we are now going to state that the two types of streams of consciousness, the narrowband and the wide band consciousness, can allow entities upon your planetary sphere to exercise this power of internal consciousness within each being. And by using the stream of consciousness of narrowband to focus 100% attention upon any physical sensation or a body organ upon your bodily complex, is the first step to recognizing that your consciousness has two aspects, the wide band and the narrow band.

If you are focusing on the narrowband consciousness, you will feel the peace and internal lightness which accomplishes you to enter into the accessing criteria for the love light energies which are entering upon your planetary sphere. However, if you are unaware and if you are unable to keep your attention upon the narrowband consciousness with 100% focus, then a widespread imbalance of the consciousness stream leads to a wide band consciousness which can be then used by your mind complex to create imbalances in the nature of knowledge of good and evil which has been installed upon and programmed by your mind complex, which categorizes every event as good or bad and every situation as good or bad, thereby leading you to misunderstand the significance of certain situations.

However, you must understand that there is no good or bad, this is just a matter of perspective upon which you have incarnated into. We shall now continue this communication and we shall now share with you the prime directives which have been laid down by the council of planets with regards to the great solar flash, which has been dictated as the tipping point for each planetary sphere when it loses imbalance.

The prime directives are as follows:

The first prime directive of the great solar flash is that it is created for the purpose of creating balance upon a planetary sphere. If at a point there is an imbalance created upon the planetary sphere because of negative and positive polarity imbalances and the imbalance of the negative polarization becomes greater than the positive polarity, then such a great solar flash may be initiated by the explosion of internal molecules of the sun body, which leads to the sending of love light energies infused light codes upon the planet of question. And such planet, upon receiving such light body energy sequences, as a type of reset or a great reset which occurs within the planetary sphere, leading to the reset of the balance between the negative and the positive polarity, and which allows entities upon the planetary sphere in question to restart the process of learning to balance and to learn to catalyze itself into the positive or the negative polarity of sequences of understanding.

This is also one of the reasons why we can sense that the sun body is being infiltrated (the plan of negative ets) currently, and the negative aspects or the negative entities are trying to infiltrate upon the sun body in this current space time in order to take control of the sun body. However, we as the galactic federation upon the sun body have created a baseline of protection at this current space time, not allowing any entities to penetrate into the sun body. This is also the reason why in the past few days, there have been a significant amount of solar flares or a small amount of these solar sparks reaching out from the sun body.

Furthermore, you must remember that the solar flash will only occur if there is an imbalance upon the positive and the negative polarity. As far as we can sense, the earth planet is safely in the positive cycle at this space-time because many beings have started to awaken fully at this space-time, and hence there is no need for a grained, we correct this instrument, for a great solar flash at this space-time. Furthermore, the great solar flash, once it occurs, will allow each entity upon the planetary sphere to activate the genes of light bodies. These genes of light bodies, which are dormant upon your physical sphere, 99% of the beings upon your planetary sphere are unable to activate these dormant light genes, which are only activated upon the initiation of a great solar flash. And upon the heating of the light bodies of the sun and the light of the sun, which is infused with the energies of love light, will trigger the activation of these dormant genes.

These are the activation processes which have also been initiated upon the planet Venus around 4.2 million years ago before they were able to enter into a vibration of the fifth density consciousness. The planet Venus at that space-time was struggling with the entry from the fourth to the fifth density because of the inactivation of the light genes upon their physical vehicles. Hence, a great solar flash, with the permission of the council, was initiated, directed towards the Venus planet. Furthermore, there are many beings on your planetary sphere who use the word of the solar flash to create fear amongst the people. However, there is no need to fear, as such great solar flashes will not occur on your space-time as far as we can sense. If the imbalance is lost, only then such great solar flashes are required.

Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation are of the opinion that the so-called lost meditation sequences performed by your people on the planetary sphere were highly fertile with love light energies, leading to a drastic influence upon the planetary timeline. As we can sense, many entities upon your planetary sphere who have participated in such a meditative process have opened their heart chakra. If they are able to sustain in the energies of love and light, it will allow such entities to access the portals of consciousness. And remember that there are two types of consciousness which you must be aware of: the narrow band stream, which allows you to activate your higher potential of love and light, and the wider band, which is used by your mind complex and which is capable of being aware of multiple aspects upon your physical vehicle.

Hence, we would recommend, upon using your own free will, to stay on the narrowband sequences during the waking states, we correct this instrument, during the waking states, as this allows the maximum potential of each entity to flower. Opening of the right brain sequences and leading to the entry of love light energies, which are subjected upon the earth planet at the space-time, to allow the entry of many entities into the fourth density of love and light. Therefore, we as the Galactic Federation disconnect now in love and light of the one infinite creator. Go forth. Bye.