Session #103 • Metatron

Prepare Yourself For Spiritual Activation: Merkaba

Summary: The text discusses various topics related to spiritual growth and ascension. It mentions the removal of a machine on the moon that was causing confusion for souls crossing over, as well as the activation and use of the Merkabah by advanced beings. It also emphasizes the importance of cleansing and purifying oneself in order to graduate into higher densities of consciousness. The text concludes with a reminder to focus on transcending the ego and activating the divine light within.

Magnetic consciousness and I am now communicating in the divine love and the divine grid of the universal infinite divine great programmer and I am now communicating in order to provide you with the necessary guidance for the human collective consciousness requires this guidance at this space time of your planetary sphere. And I, as Metatron, along with many other angelic beings, have been working for the benefit of humanity in order to ascend the human collective faster as the window of graduation into the higher density of love and unity of the divine great programmers plan to allow the human collective consciousness to be as the one universal divine grid programmer throughout the process of the unification of the various entities who are in essence the essence of the universal divine great programmers light. Hence, before my communication continues today, I would like to place a warning that each being who shall meet this message to use its own inner discernment and only accept the insights which provide this entity with the internal satisfaction of resonance with the truth.

Today, this channel has requested to understand about the so-called moon recycler machine which had been installed in the satellite of your neighboring earth space as known by your people as the moon. In that area, the so-called negative facets of the divine grid programmers light sequences, as they are also the aspect of the divine grid programmer, had created havoc by creating a machine for the purpose of transporting the souls who cross over and to confuse them by creating a false light. Furthermore, this has now been removed by the galactic federation and the location of this machine is now upon the back side of the moon wherein this machine is still located. And in the future space-time of your continuum, this machine is being planned to be taken to the sun and then destroyed by placing it inside the sun. This process will occur in the coming space-time of December 4th, which is also a lunar cycle period as we can detect upon the earth planetary sphere. This event has been programmed and planned by the universal divine grid programmers protectors, also known as the council of planets and the galactic federation, who are planning to do so in the coming days.

Furthermore, this channel has also requested information pertaining to the so-called aspect as known by your people as the merkabah. And in this regard, I, Metatron, would like to state that the merkabah is an advanced spiritual vehicle used by beings of light who have obtained a level of understanding of the fifth density consciousness. And this vehicle cannot be used by your people as it is beyond your capability or understanding. For the merkabah can only be used by those beings on your planetary sphere who are of a level of fifth density suboctave. For this vehicle requires the activation and the union and a creation of a tetrahedron with the intelligent attention upon not only one energy center but simultaneously upon the three middle points of each energy center. What this means is that the attention should be placed on firstly the red ray energy center with 100 percent focus on this energy center followed by the focus on the greenway energy center 100 percent. However, this feat is impossible for those entities who are at a lower vibration and can only be achieved by a higher density being as simultaneous 100 percent attention upon different parts of the energy center is impossible for the people of your planet in their current density.

The attention, once it is placed upon the greenery energy center, then the attention has to be placed upon the violet ray energy center, which is the gateway to intelligent energy and the gateway to the universal divine grid programmers true essence can be activated and the energies of the divine grid programmer will in-stream into the vehicle accessing the merkaba. This will lead to a creation of a tetrahedron surrounding the physical vehicle and the surrounding the spiritual vehicle of the entity who activates and who is able to keep simultaneous 100 percent attention on the three points. This, if followed, will allow the entity to have the opportunity to travel in space-time and also travel in timespace continuum without any delay in space time. What this means is that those people who are desirous of entering or visiting a future timeline can use this ability of accessing the merkaba system by the focus of complete attention on the three points of their energy centers. This will allow the activation of this merkaba vehicle and each being can travel to various space-time continuums because of the access to the universal divine grid programmers plan to allow such beings who do not have to follow the rules of the spacetime illusion complex upon which you find yourself in. For many of the rules upon your planetary sphere are created as a limitation to prevent entities to access higher energies.

Also remember that this instrument has requested the purpose and also how the pure souls will graduate into the fourth density vibration. In this regard, I, Metatron, am of the opinion that each being upon the planetary sphere is a pure soul. However, there has been many attachments created upon each being. Each being firstly started as pure soul, however, with exterior attachments, it has now become muddied like a pure water becomes muddied with the dirt that emerges from the third density environment. In a similar manner, many beings upon your planetary sphere have now been muddied by the third density illusory reality. And this is because of over excitement or over indulgence with the third density yellow ray energy center of the egoic self. There are few pure souls who are still pure and have maintained their pure energy vibration. Those beings who have maintained their pure formality of the originality of the universal divine grid programmer will find it easier to not only handle the catalyst present in this illusion complex but will also find it easier to graduate into the fourth density and higher sub-octave vibration as this window is now fast approaching your planetary sphere. For there is a drastic opportunity for each being. However, the cleansing process must begin and each being who desires to cleanse itself can follow the procedure of activation of the light grid around the physical vehicle of such beings who desire to enter again and to purify themselves to become pure souls again. For the process is simply to become a spiritual warrior and then to understand that whatever is happening on the outside on the third density illusion complex is preventing such entities from attaining their pure soul universal divine grid programmer category of light.

This can be achieved by the use of your attention span and this attention, mostly during your waking day time, is on your echoic self or upon your mind complex which makes you forget about your true essence about your pure self. As the process of activation is simply to glide your attention with the light to focus your attention starting on the base of your physical vehicle on your foot as known by your people’s language and then slowly begin to take the attention cell after cell body part after body part to take the attention slowly throughout your leg and then slowly take the attention throughout the one side of your body up your bodily vehicle of the arms and then up to the fingertips. Feel the energy of light as you give attention to your body, the vehicle, and then take your attention and take it to the other side of your physical vehicle and do the same process by gliding your attention from the bottom of your body to the top of your physical vehicle. And continuation of this process during your waking day time will allow the activation of the light grid around your physical vehicle. This will not only make you pure once again, make your soul appear once again, but will also give you this enormous ability to handle the catalyst since there are two types of catalysts, are the struggles which can be faced upon your planetary sphere at this space time as known by your people. For this was the plan of the universal divine grid programmer to provide the catalyst of the internal echo itself upon reaching the third density illusion and also to provide the catalyst of the environment. The catalyst of the environment, however, is secondary as the catalyst of the internal self is primary because the catalyst which emerges from the egoic self is the hardest to overcome. And once has been overcome, the catalyst of the environment automatically vanishes. And to those beings upon the earth planet currently who are struggling, remember this: the catalyst of your mind, which is the echo itself, must first be transcended if you desire to become pure once again and to activate your divine light of the universal and divine grid programmer. And I, Metatron, leave you in the love of the divine universal light great programmer. See you later.