Session #104 • Galactic Federation

Soul Garment

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this message, urging listeners to use discernment and resonate with their inner hearts. They have been in contact with Earth, and the rise in consciousness has led them to continue spreading messages of love and light. They explain that those in the fourth density consciousness can test themselves by manipulating energy and reality. They also discuss sending light codes on December 21st to activate DNA and transition individuals into a fourth density light body. They advise individuals to be aware of their spiritual garments, determined by their mood and breath, and to change negative vibrations for a happy life. They share a timeline of the past incarnations of Dolores Cannon, who worked as a teacher in Atlantis and later incarnated on Earth as a teacher of love and light.

We are part of Galactic Federation. We are communicating through this instrument in order for our communication to occur, we would require those who shall listen to this message to use discernment and only accept those insights which resonate with your inner heart, thereby leaving behind those which do not resonate. For there is a difference between what your internal heart may recognize as the truth and what you, as your analytical mind, may accept as to be true.

We, as the Galactic Federation, would suggest each entity to use its own inner heart to judge what we are saying here today and to judge what our message is here. For the human collective has to use its judgment and own free will not only when receiving our messages, but also with other aspects of communications that are now occurring upon your planet.

We have been in contact with you throughout the year, and we have seen a massive difference because of the communications we have provided. Not only through this instrument, but also through many other so-called channelers who derive joy in serving the human collective by acting as instruments for our telepathic communications. For there are many upon new planets who are doing this service, and this service has made a drastic impact upon your planetary sphere the impact in the rise of consciousness is so great that we, along with the council, have decided to continue this program of allowing the message of love and light to spread by means of telepathic communication, as is occurring now. For this is the best way for the human collective consciousness to derive an understanding of the workings of the spiritual self without having us infringe upon free will.

Today, this instrument wants to understand how one can find out if one is already in the fourth density consciousness. For this, we, as the Galactic Federation, would like to state that each being upon the planet who desires to understand whether it is on the plane or on the density of fourth density can test itself. By firstly understanding and recognizing that it has the potential of creation in the fourth density. The elements or the conscious illusion complex responds to the imagination sequences of such entities. Therefore, each being upon the planet can test themselves by firstly trying to manipulate energy and trying to manipulate reality. And if they are consciously able to create and desire their reality as per their thought forms and the energy work they have conducted in their mind, the reflections soon begin to show up on the third density reality. This is proof that such entity is already in the fourth density vibrations.

However, there are people on new planets who are fluctuating from the fourth density, and many times they recede downwards due to the aspect or the indulgence in the lower chakras, especially that of the red ray, the orange ray, and the gallant energy centers. These need to be transcended, which means that an entity in the fourth density consciousness vibration will have less desire to indulge in the aspects of the egoic self and to indulge in the so-called conflicts of the mind which happen upon your planet in large numbers. As there are many people upon your planet who are still in the grasp of this egoic self. Also, remember that these entities who are already in the fourth density do not want to comply with what the universal societal complex has created. These people want to understand that they have free will and they exercise their free will.

It is unavoidable that all the people on your planet will, at one point of their incarnation cycle, whether on this planet or on another planet, enter into the fourth density vibration, thereby experiencing the same. Furthermore, the fourth density entity who is already in the fourth density vibration also has less cravings for the aspects known as sexual drive, for this aspect indulges in the red ray. Therefore, such entities who are already in the fourth density will have less desire to indulge in the sexual aspect. Because of their vibrations being of a higher nature, they only can feel love all day and all night long. For there is only love and compassion on the fourth density vibration.

The best test for each entity is to ask a question. The question is whether it is indulging in the lower chakras or not, and the amount of indulgence. For a balance is necessary. If the indulgence is of a larger nature, then that chakra needs to be balanced in order to enter into the fourth density vibration. For this is the best test we can share for your people.

Therefore, we shall now address the second query placed by this instrument, which pertains to the so-called coming days of the December month. In this regard, we, the Galactic Federation, have decided to send light codes upon your planetary sphere on December 21st. And these light codes will act as a DNA activator for your light DNA genes. For your physical body already has the DNA and the genes which are lying dormant at this time, which will activate the spiraling of your physical vehicle and your mental complex into a fourth density light body vibration, slowly and slowly. And as you begin to transcend and activate this light gene, you will see changes upon your bodily complex.

For the assistance of this activation, we are sending light codes upon your planet on December 21st. And this will be the first of its kind. For the light waves will be of a high bandwidth nature, and they will impact a large number of people who are ready to receive such vibrations. Therefore, on that day, each entity must firstly remember to be open to receive such vibrations. It is to tune into the vibrations of love and to spend the day in love and light.

We shall now state that there are many people on your planet Earth who are well aware of a concept known as the spiritual garment of the soul. However, still, there are many who are yet unaware of this aspect. The spiritual garment is the soul’s clothes or the clothes worn by the soul. Similar to your physical vehicles which need clothes to be worn, the soul also has a clothe which is worn upon incarnation on the Earth planet. And the clothes that the soul wears is determined by the chakras: the red, the orange, the yellow, and the green. For your vibrations are fluctuating between these aspects.

Therefore, the best way to understand the spiritual cloth your soul is wearing is by understanding the type of mood and the type of breath you accompany during your waking day time. For the type of mood or emotion and the type of breath you accompany is the soul’s cloth that it is wearing. And this cloth will affect the outside world, whether you want it or not. This is unavoidable and will happen that each being whose soul clothes are of a certain vibration or a certain emotion will begin to imply and to create certain outer reality activities. For this is the nature of the soul clothes.

You must be very careful if you are unaware of the clothes you are wearing. Because if you are wearing a negative clothes, such as a negative mood in your chakras and your breath is constricted, then, my friends, we, as the Galactic Federation, would like to state that you will have to change yourself if you desire to encounter a fruitful and a happy life in this illusion complex.

Now, we shall address the query placed by this instrument, which pertains to the past incarnation cycles of the entity known as Dolores Cannon. We shall now state that this entity, known as Dolores Cannon, in essence, its soul incarnation has had multiple timelines. However, we shall share with you one timeline which shall make sense to your people and act as an inspiration.

This entity began its first entity cycle of incarnation after it originated from the one aspect of the creator on the planet known as Egrigore X in the Andromeda galaxy. On that planet, this entity started to interact with the first density elements, thereby learning the lessons of interaction and learning the lessons of beingness. However, this entity, in that level of consciousness, had a faster evolutionary cycle because it was faced with a third density entity who had adopted this entity during its first density life cycle in that planetary sphere in the Andromeda galaxy. Because of this interaction with a third density natured entity, it began to learn the lessons directly similar to that of the third density. This further allowed this entity to directly graduate from the later first density consciousness into the third density vibration after a period of 255 thousand years cycle.

On the level of third density consciousness, since this entity had chosen since its first incarnation cycle, and since it’s adopted one or the one who adopted it was of a positive nature, because of the vibrations of positivity, it already chose the path of positive service to others in that planet. Thereby, soon it began to use these service to others aspects or the timeline of choice of service to others in the third density cycle. This entity, therefore, becoming interested in service to others, had become advanced in the aspects of green ray activation. After five incarnation cycles, it was able to not only access the green ray vibrations of the fourth density but was of a nature of crystalline aspect, or was of a nature of crystalline quality of the fifth density vibration many a times. Hence, this entity became the so-called representative of its planetary sphere and joined the Council of Andromeda in that space-time continuum of around 1 million years ago.

On the Council of Andromeda, this entity worked as a light being, assisting humanity and the collective consciousness we correct this instrument assisting the Andromedan mind body and spirit complex, similar to the human collective as found on this planet. This entity went out and incarnated on several Andromeda galaxies and planets for the purpose of spreading love and light. Most of the missions this entity took part in were successful. This entity was also sent to this current earth planet at the first space time of around 12,500 of your space-time illusion complex.

Prior to 12,500 of the current space-time, this entity incarnated on the lands known as Atlantis, wherein this entity had incarnated as a fourth density teacher in order to share the message of love and compassion. And this entity, during the lands of Atlantis, during the period when there was a conflict between the children of the law of one and the children of Belail, or the ones who were focused on spirituality and the ones who were focused on the aspect of technology, this entity worked for the benefit of the spiritual side and acted as a teacher and a leader.

This entity later on created a type of spiritual vehicle, which may be considered as a technological feat by people; however, this was entirely spiritual. This entity, along with many other beings, were able to create a spiritual vehicle which was able to travel in time, similar to the merkabahs, however, of a physical nature which can be felt and touched by the senses. In the lands of Atlantis, it was able to save around 25,750 souls during the conflict between the children of the law of one and the children of Belial. This conflict led to the destruction of the lands of Atlantis; however, the spiritual essence of Atlantis still remained, and many of the spiritual beings reside on the inner planes currently. Some of the Atlanteans have already fled from this planet and have changed their course and reside in another spiritual density or plane.

The Atlanteans, along with the guidance of this entity, were able to take the spiritual vehicle, which is still present upon planet Earth inside the numerous tunnels which have been created. These tunnels interconnect the lands of Egypt and the lands of Atlantis. There is the underground cave system which connects these two societies, and if your people were to search the caves, they will find this time-space continuum traveling machine or a spiritual vehicle, which is created by this entity known as Dolores.

This entity then, after doing the service in the lands of Atlantis, returned back to the Council of Andromeda. When the earth planet began to spiral into the starting phases, or the later phases of third density, we the Galactic Federation had invited this entity, who had wanted to incarnate on the earth planet as a teacher. This entity incarnated on 1931 on the earth planet as a teacher of love and light. This entity worked on the earth planet in a field which is considered as hypnosis, similar to this instrument.

Furthermore, the messages and the contacts this entity even though it had incarnated through the veil, it was able to penetrate through the veil many a times and bring the truth to the people. This entity had a wonderful life, leading a mass awakening of consciousness upon the planets, and this entity crossed over on the space-time of 2014. Currently, this entity resides in the Council of Andromeda, and we do not know what it will decide to do in the future. However, we can sense this entity has made a huge impact upon the earth planets, and we the Galactic Federation leave you now.