Session #106 • Galactic Federation

Earth's Past Lives

Summary: The galactic federation communicates from Saturn and shares insights on astral traveling and the soul evolution cycle of Earth. They emphasize the importance of love and compassion in ascending to the fourth density. Astral traveling allows entities to have multiple lifetimes in different dimensions, and touch is a crucial aspect of anchoring oneself in these realities. Gaia, or Mother Earth, has undergone a cycle of evolution starting from being an atom, growing in consciousness, and merging with other planetary spheres. The galactic federation disconnects after sharing this information.

We as the galactic federation are now communicating from our station in the planets known by your people in your vibration sound complex as the saturn planet and we are now sharing our thoughts and insights pertaining to the queries as placed by this instrument for the human collective must remember to exercise judgment like we always state and before we proceed with this communication any further remember that you are a divine spark of the creator and you have the free will to accept or to reject any of our thought forms because you are a sub creator in your own illusion complex and your thought forms will create a belief system which will affect your illusionary reality in one way shape or form.

Today, this instrument wants to understand about the process known as astral traveling. However, before we begin to share the answers to the queries as placed by this instrument, we would like to place a warning to the human collective consciousness as a final wake-up call in order to allow those who are ready to receive the light codes of the fourth density vibration. In order which will allow the stabilization of these entities in the vibration of the fourth density of love and compassion. This must be remembered by each entity that love and compassion is the primary factor which dictates the overwhelming amount of intensity that is available on the density of fourth density of love light.

As without letting go of the old aspect of the personality which has anchored itself to the third density reality, the entry into the fourth density compassion and love density is impossible for many entities. Hence, to let go of any of the attachments from the third density reality, one must firstly let go of any negative emotions which have harboured inside the experiences of any mind body and spirit complex entity in the illusory reality. And by the process of letting go of any of the emotional attachments to the past, such entities are now ready to open their heart up to the love and compassion which will allow them to experience the light codes and trigger the latent genetic qualities of light body which will then begin to slowly affect such beings and stabilizing such entities inside the density of the fourth density. For the light codes are now fast approaching your planets and we have already sent the light codes from the so-called planetary sphere towards your galactic system.

There are many other light codes approaching you from various other galaxies as well, which are for the purpose of assisting those who require such upliftment of vibration and their pathway to the fourth density. These light codes, once entered into the bodily complex and once accepted by the mind body and spirit complex, will allow such entities to fully experience the fourth density without entering backwards into the third density illusory reality. This is achieved by fully stabilizing oneself on the vibrations of love and compassion which is available on the density of fourth density.

Therefore, those who seek to be of assistance to oneself, those who seek to assist oneself in the pathway of ascension, can accept the codes with their own free will. The codes sell approach your planet starting from the 21st of december and then for one month period these light coats shall be active upon your planetary sphere and fusing with those beings mind body and spirit complex who are ready to accept these and to ascend higher.

We shall now address the query placed by this instrument pertaining to the concept known as astral traveling as known by your people. However, we are now going to share with you our thoughts which may be different from the knowledge which has been accumulated upon the human collective because of many entities doing research on this aspect as well.

We as the galactic federation are of the opinion that by practicing the methods of astral traveling, any entity on your planetary sphere can have two lifetimes or even multiple lifetimes at a single time in the same density of experience. However, this may seem impossible for those who do not understand the concept fully. For astral traveling means to take your astral body along with your spiritual body into another density and dimension. As in the astral plane, nothing is impossible and all dimensions can be accessed by your spiritual body. And if a spiritual vehicle has already been to another dimension in its past incarnations or in several parallel realities, then such astral traveling will create accurate depictions of the environment.

For example, if an entity from your planetary sphere were to close its eyes and then feel itself by using its imagination complex from the first person perspective and travel to the moon, and once it reaches the moon satellite, this entity can then begin to not only see the moon with its eyes but also using the touch as the anchoring factor or the touch of the physical senses. As the touch is the basic anchoring factor which is required for entities to anchor themselves while they are astral traveling in different bodies. Because once they begin to astral travel in different bodies, they begin to access and they begin to anchor themselves by the touch aspect.

As the sensory modality of touch is so powerful that you and many other beings also are entrapped in your physical vehicle because of this baseline of touch. It is not your eyesight or any other sensory aspect which has entrapped you in the illusion complex, but the entrapment of the touch as the sensory aspect of the touch leads to the baseline framing of the sensory attachments to the illusion reality in which each entity finds itself in. As the same process can be applied once entities reach into the next dimension they desire to experience. They can firstly feel their body complex in that illusion reality by the sense of touch. They can begin to anchor themselves in that reality and they can begin to touch themselves as if they are in that dimension. They can feel themselves walking in that dimension with their first person perspective. By doing this, they begin to enter into the next dimension and many times this can be layered upon by the visible senses and the sound senses, which are much more easier to replicate than those of the touch.

Once the sensations have been merged together, then the remaining sensations of sound, taste, and smell can also be added to the same reality, thereby creating a second life for such entities in another density or dimension. Now, this reality is also real for the self and the self can also participate in various activities in this reality as well. This is the process of astral traveling, which can be exercised by your people. However, we must warn you that those who exercise this aspect of astral traveling, if they are doing it properly with the sense of touch as the baseline, will soon find themselves in this same reality. Therefore, remember to only bring forth in your mind’s eye before your first person perspective the type of reality you want to experience. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself in the same reality because of the approach of the spirit or the attraction factor of the spirit. Because where you spend your time in the astral planes in your spiritual body, you will attract that timeline in this reality also. Therefore, be careful of what you are focusing on during the aspects of astral traveling.

We are now going to address the second query placed by this instrument pertaining to the soul evolution cycle of planet earth. Now we shall share that the soul evolutionary cycle of planet earth is a different type of soul evolutionary cycle. However, it is similar to your own soul evolutionary cycle, but the soul evolutionary cycle of planet earth started not on this universe. Since there are multiple universes, each universe with its own lessons to be learned and each universe providing a different set of rules of the socalled physics as known by your people.

In this universe, there are different set of rules which was created by the sub creator who made this universe. Mother earth as known by your people or gaia as known in its soul language started its first density as an atom as known by your people, as can be observed by your scientists. This entity started its first incarnation around 100 trillion years prior to this current space time, as can be observed by your people in a different universe wherein there is an effect of the mirror reality.

We are not going to share with you the full details of the universe, for it will confuse you as many of you have not even experienced or can imagine the possibilities that exist in the various other universes. In that universe, it started to learn the lessons of beingness, as the lessons to be learned are, however, the same because the spiritual lessons are the same, as the creator is the same within each of us and each of you. Of learning the lessons of beingness on that universe, in the form of an atomic element, because of the attraction factor, which allows entities to evolve more and more. As it began to transcend above in higher density consciousness, it began to increase in size by magnetizing itself and attracting other elementals towards it. Because of the mass it had gained in the first density consciousness, it started to become bigger and bigger, and when it reached into the second density reality, it became similar to a size of a tennis ball. Wherein it started to learn the lessons of awareness, and of movement and growth in the universe, leading this entity to then understand the lessons.

As it began to gain mass more and more, it started to approach the third density consciousness. In the third density level, this entity also spent the incarnation interacting with other elements and other entities similar to that of the earth planets. It approached the size of the so-called moon satellite, upon reaching the third density planetary size, and this allowed it the necessary catalyst, similar to the catalyst which are found upon your planets. However, there was no language in that space-time; the experience of this entity was only of self-awareness. It became aware as it interacted with other similar balls of light or balls of mass as had collected in that universe. This interaction then led it to then reach into the fourth density consciousness, and that in illusion reality and soon after learning the lessons of love and compassion it began to gain a large amount of spiritual mass and also became bigger and bigger.

Soon, this entity had become as big as the planet Jupiter, as known by your people in that universe. And upon reaching into the sixth density, after learning the lessons of the fifth of wisdom, this entity, upon reaching the sixth density, started to learn the lessons of unity. It began to merge with other planetary spheres in that universe, thereby creating a large number of social memory complexes comprising various planetary spheres. The size of this entity in that space-time incarnation resembled that of the Milky Way galaxy.

And upon reaching into the seventh density, this entity then entered into a so-called type of dissolution into nothingness, as the seventh density is the dissolution of nothingness into no identity into everything. Thereby, it began to merge into a black hole and destroying itself into unity, as it began to learn the lessons and understand that there is only one and that it is one with all. This followed with entering into the black hole; as it soon began to enter, it merged into the eighth density consciousness of the one creator. And then, it decided to come to this universe to be of service in the next cycle of learning for this planetary sphere. This planetary sphere then incarnated in this current universe, in this galaxy, and is currently in the beginning stages of the fourth density vibration.

This entity, in this current planetary cycle of its own transition, is known by the soul name of Gaia and has also created many spiritual entities. There are many beings also in the form of human collective consciousness who are the essence of the Gaia social memory complex of the past. They are here to balance the energies of Gaia. This is the process of evolution which has occurred in terms of the cycle of evolution of your planets. Hence, we as the Galactic Federation can only share this amount of information, and we disconnect now. Bye.