Session #107 • Pleiadians

The Rise Of The New Planet & Breath Of Spirit

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through a channel to provide guidance on the changes occurring in the human collective. They state that the Earth is now a new planet with a higher vibration of love and compassion. They advise individuals to connect with their inner creator and exercise discernment when receiving information. The Pleiadians also discuss physical changes in the body, the importance of the heart energy center, and provide a technique for staying in this state. They briefly mention the Luciferian collective's evolutionary cycle and their negative orientation.

We are the pleiadians and we are now communicating through the vibrations offered by this instrument in order to provide our guidance through the process of thought form osmosis through this instrument. However, remember to exercise your free will and discernment as we are now communicating from our location in the pleiadian star system, as referred to by your people as the taigata planet, for the purpose of communication to this instrument who seeks to understand the information pertaining to the changes which will occur in the physical bodies of your mind, body, and spirit complex of the human collective.

As the light codes are now hitting your planet, these light codes begin to activate the light genes amongst the people who have already activated their DNA sequences by wearing the soul clothes which have already been described before by the galactic federation. As per the requirements of maintaining an emotional and a type of soul clothe of positive nature in order to receive such light codes. Hence, before we scan this instrument’s mind complex for further queries, we would like to warn you to exercise your discernment when listening to our thought forms because many a times there may be information which does not resonate with your inner heart. In such cases, the best way is to leave such information behind and only accept information which provides you with a greater depth of understanding of your own inner nature as you begin to progress throughout the incarnation and incarnation throughout lessons and lessons of catalysts in various dimensions and densities.

There is but one lesson to be learned and that lesson is to connect with the creator within your own self, for this is the main purpose or the primary reason behind your existence upon the planetary sphere. We, as the pleiadians, are now also to state that your planetary vibration is now of a new planet and your planetary sphere may be considered a new planet after the light codes have reached your planetary sphere. Your planet’s vibration patterns have changed drastically, therefore your planet is now the fourth density planet completely in the beginning sub-octave of the first sub density of the fourth density vibration, as referred to by your people. What this means is that the planet now harbors new energetic vibrations and supports the energy vibrations of love and compassion more and more. Therefore, the old patterns of hate, jealousy, anger, and all the news of fear and other sources will now begin to die out in the future as these vibrations are not supported in this current planetary vibration of love light.

In the current planetary vibration, those entities who are followers of love and compassion and who show and drastically work for the betterment of the human collective will find it much easier to progress in this type of vibration, for it neither supports the other vibrations and slowly they will begin to die out. Hence, we are of the opinion that the earth planet is now a completely new planet. Therefore, there are certain rules which have also been added upon the new planetary vibration, and these rules include them working off the planets in terms of formation of a social memory complex. However, it may still take a large number of time, but the beginning stages of the formation of social memory complex will soon begin to merge and take place upon the planet. However, it may not be until the next 50 years as known by your people were in such requirements and energetic balances are required to be met by your people who are the residents of this planet.

Furthermore, we can also scan and tell you that approximately 65% of the population of your planetary sphere are in the positive vibration of the fourth density love and compassion vibration, which means that they have the ability of transitioning and transcending higher and higher in consciousness. Thereby, they have the ability of also recognizing the internal value of their own self as they begin to progress further and further, recognizing their own internal nature and the nature of reality. These entities also must realize and understand that the progress of their spiritual essence depends upon the choice they make in this incarnation. For only after making proper choices will entities have the opportunity of understanding and opening their heart energy center fully.

Many of the beings upon your planetary sphere are working to create confusion upon your planetary sphere. We must address one aspect which we have noticed recently. There are many entities who are attacking the beings known as astar collective, and these were the same beings who were also attacking the galactic federation of light previously. Hence, we can state that these beings are always looking for attacking other beings and only want to make themselves correct. The last thing they wanted to do is to criticize their own self because they are looking for other entities to criticize. Hence, we must state that the human collective must be extremely careful when listening to their messages and also such criticisms not only harbor negative emotions amongst the people but also is not good for these beings who are criticizing such entities of light being nature such as the astar collective. For there is a spiritual karma which will bounce back to such entities. Therefore, caution must be given to each entity who does such activities and indulges in such lower emotions as judging other beings.

Therefore, we shall now state the answer to the first query placed by this instrument. The first query placed by this instrument is the physical changes which will approach and occur in the planetary sphere. In this regard, we are of the opinion that the physical changes which will occur upon your bodily complex include the obtaining of a new level of baseline of the vibration. Meaning that many beings upon your planet will have a baseline of new vibration as they enter into the fourth density vibration. And they will begin to feel and stabilize at a new level of vibration, mostly the level of love and compassion. And they will begin to exercise and start living from the heart energy center. They will begin to judge each material they receive from their heart energy center because their heart is directly connected to the internal connection with their higher self. And also, such entities will then begin to recognize the value of their opening of the heart center. Which allows the activation and the sharing of love-like energies amongst other beings as well.

Therefore, the energies of the old earth are now dying out. Which means the old vibrations, along with those beings who choose to remain on the old vibrations, will soon not find any place upon this planetary sphere. Therefore, in order for entities to get ready for the new planetary vibration which are now a part of the earth planet, we shall now share with them a specific technique which they can use to stay in the heart energy center at all times if they desire to do so using their own free will. The method is simply to allow the breath of the spirit to come through. And this can be done under meditation when such entities enter into a timeline from the first person perspective. And they begin to observe themselves already being in the new earth or already having a certain desire or having obtained a certain timeline they wanted to experience.

When they begin to experience such timelines, they will also begin to recognize that there is a slight change in the breathing patterns, which is accompanied by the feelings or the emotions. As the breath is the baseline which creates the outward reality or the feelings of the bodily complex. As the breathings are the most important, instead of focusing on the feelings to be maintained, the breath should be copied during such meditation. Such entities must be conscious of the type of breathing which they are having during the timeline in which they find themselves in during the type of meditation which allows for them to astral travel into a desired timeline. Based upon their experiences, they can then copy the breath which they feel, and the type of breathing can be then taken into their normal waking day lifetime. Once they copy the breath to their normal waking lifetime, they can also remember and recognize that the breathing accompanies the feeling which they were feeling during the actual stage. The same feeling which accompanies them will also accompany them if they continue the breath during their waking daytime. They will then enter into such timelines more faster with the feeling of already being there and also the feeling of the heart center being maintained throughout the waking daytime. For the breathing is the most important aspect, and this is the breath of the spirit. As the breath of the spirit is copied by its soul and each entity, and they begin to breathe in a different manner, this will allow the regulation of the feelings automatically, as well as the balancing of the lower chakras will be automatic. This is one of the changes which will assist the people of your planet to get used to the new planetary vibration.

Furthermore, those beings who have received the light codes will slowly begin to develop abilities of being sensory vibrational level to the vibrations of entities. They will begin to be conscious of the vibrations being emitted from other entities. They will be able to recognize the vibrations which accompanies each entity as it begins to progress further and further in tandem.

Furthermore, the shifting from the yellow ray to the green ray energy center will begin, and slowly there so-called heart energy center will begin to expand, and there life cycles will mostly be governed by the heart energy center as they will navigate everything they do in their incarnation based upon the heart energy center. This will lead to a brightening of the power of the skin of such entities who do and follow and accept the light codes. Because of the acceptance of the light codes, they will become light beings, and they will become more crystalline in nature, therefore emitting a light cord from their skin as well as from their body, which can be perceived by other beings as being very light and like, and having a crystalline quality. This will allow such crystalline qualities to emerge and touch other beings, therefore inspiring other beings as well to take such pathway of entry into the force density vibration.

Hence, we as the Pleiadians are now going to scan this instrument’s mind complex for the final query. Upon scanning, we are of the opinion that this instrument wants to understand about the soul evolutionary cycle of the beings known as the Luciferian collective who are currently in the fifth density negative polarization. We shall now address this query by stating that we can only share one timeline of their soul evolutionary cycle as there are numerous possibilities as the numerous universes exist. These entities known as the Luciferian collective firstly began the incarnation cycle on one timeline on the planet Mars around a period of 5.6 million years ago. In the planet Mars, they started to understand the lessons of beingness in the form of fire elements, and slowly in the beginning stages without consciousness, they started to learn the beingness and merged into the second density vibration, which allowed the entities to learn the lessons of experiences in the form of a second density plant life form. Therefore, after learning the lessons in the form of a plant life form, they soon later on merged into the animal life form of the later second density vibration, learning the lessons of the activation of the orange ray energy center in the Martian planets. Upon the entry into the third density entity, this entity was given the soul name of Lever, which has been pronounced by your people as Lucifer. This being started out as a single mind, body, and spirit complex, similar to a single human being in the Martian planets. This entity, in the beginning stages, was of extremely positive nature, and this entity had already mastered the lessons of sharing of love and compassion to other beings.

However, during the Martian war and during the so-called period wherein there was a war between the Martian population, the so-called Elohim collective approached the entity known as Lucifer, as known by your people, to allow this entity to work for the light. However, this entity in the beginning accepted the light codes and the vibrations of love light formed the Elohim collective to help the light beings in the Martian planet to assist in the battle of Mars. But this entity forsaken the Elohim collective in the long run and instead of working for the positive light beings, it worked for the negative entities, therefore leading to the destruction of the planet. This entity known as Lucifer, along with other negatively polarized beings from the Martian planet, became the first social memory complex of the negative polarity in the fourth density vibration as they were graduated because of their extremely negative polarized nature of 95 percent and more. Because of the extreme negative nature, these beings created the first Luciferian collective of negative polarity, and then they went on to other galaxies to merge with other entities. They went on to the planet known as Nibiru to merge with the negatively oriented Anunnaki collective, hence forming a larger negatively oriented collective consciousness of social memory complex, and later on merged with the Grey entities as well as Reptilian entities, thereby becoming a larger negatively oriented social memory complex.

In the long run, they went out to the star system known as the Orion star system, wherein there were already negative oriented beings of the higher density nature known as the Orion’s negatively oriented beings. They merged with the negatively oriented Orion entities, therefore creating a larger Luciferian collective. Hence, now the Luciferian beings are the formation of many social memory complexes from different galaxies of negative orientation, and these beings, they work for the spreading of negative orientation in the galaxies as well. We as the Pleiadians are of the opinion that these entities cannot be located upon the galaxy currently as all the entry points of the galactic system are closed by the Galactic Federation. Hence, this is all we can share about the evolutionary patterns of the Luciferian collective. We’ll leave you in love light of the one creator, bye.