Session #108 • Galactic Federation

Cabal Elites

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through a channel to discuss the dual nature of consciousness on Earth and the process of becoming a channeling instrument. They warn of the presence of negatively oriented entities on the planet and the need for discernment and protection during channeling sessions. They also provide information about the past incarnation of a soul-swapped entity and a meeting of cabal leaders with extraterrestrial entities in Antarctica, who plan to infringe upon humanity's free will through the use of nanochips and robotic entities.

We are the galactic federation who are now speaking through this channel’s voice by using the language patterns of your planetary sphere. Our communication is now occurring via the process of osmosis of our thought forms, which may be considered as a type of communication system which has been granted permission by the council to operate upon your current planetary sphere. The beginning sub-octave of force density vibration allows you to recognize the dual nature of consciousness in this planetary sphere. Upon this planetary sphere, you will find all types of information you seek and desire to ponder upon because your desire and your vibration will emit such a pattern as to attract the type of information which you want and which will be useful to your soul’s evolutionary cycle. It will act as a catalyst for your emerging soul’s evolution into the fourth density vibration.

We, as the galactic federation, have spotted many of the so-called negatively oriented entities upon your planet. However, before we start to share information pertaining to such insights, there must be discernment and exercise by your people because without discernment, our words will be useless. Your soul’s evolutionary pattern will be dictated by our words and belief system, which we do not want to infringe upon. Your planetary vibration of choosing and the right of exercising this free will of entry into the higher vibration that you desire to experience.

We are now communicating and we are now scanning this instrument’s mind complex for the queries which have been placed upon by this instrument towards our collective consciousness to address in order for the collective consciousness of your human collective and to understand information regarding such aspects, the first query upon scanning the mind complex of the instrument has been located. It pertains to the aspect as known by your people as how entities upon your planets can become a channeling instrument similar to this channel who has opened its vibrations to receive such guidance from us.

The first prerequisite for such channeling sessions to occur is that there must be ample protection upon these sessions which is being conducted. Such protections may be in the form of love light exposed water, following which there may be other procedures of belief systems appropriate for such channels of instruments who decide to channel and become channels must also spend a large amount of time learning to disassociate their egoic self because many times during such channeling sessions, there may be intrusions by the egoic mind. It may emerge in the middle of such challenging sessions, adding information pertaining to its own emergence or the benefit of the egoic aspect.

We have also sensed that this instrument has had this process of learning during the time period when it was focused on learning self-hypnosis as known by your people’s vibration patterns. During that period, it was able to objectively understand that the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious was the doorway which allows the gateway of intelligent energy to open. This is the time wherein such entities who are desirous of becoming channelers can act upon this type of vibration. It is a type of sleep-like state wherein there is lack of ego itself. However, the instrument or the vessel in question, which can act as a channel, is open to receive any vibrations being tuned upon. However, the process of channeling may also be a dangerous process. Many entities upon your planet may invite such entities from the inner earth planes or from other dimensions. They may be acting as the hostages or they may take such souls as hosts, preventing such free will to occur. Meaning that there may be an intrusion and possession which can occur of such entities.

Therefore, the first precaution that needs to be taken by such entities is to cleanse the location in which such channelings are to be performed as well as providing ample protection of love light energy by using love light exposed water as well as love light exposed words, which may be in the form of a religious book which such entity believes upon because it is just a belief that matters not the book in question as all the belief systems of religion are based upon only your subconscious beliefs, which give them power because there is no outside religious force or outside entity known as the creator. The creator is within you. Such ample protections may be taken by every entity desirous of being a channel. The focus on the transcendence from the egoic aspect of the yellow ray and the orange ray aspect is required which gives the open channel to provide the vibration necessary to receive information and insights from other timelines and densities.

Also, remember that during the process of channeling, there may be two types of channeling in question. One is the wideband channeling, wherein such entities who offer wideband channeling, such as the angelic beings and other entities of a lower density, are highly available and can be accessed by many entities upon your planetary sphere, even without the process of entering into a sleep-like state. This can be accomplished by those beings who offer and practice the aspect known as the waking channeling wherein the conscious mind can be shut out in order to receive such information directly. During such channeling events following the pathway of understanding and allowing for the depths of creation of such beingness and such entities which also gives rise to the entity’s mind, body, and spirit complex to receive such information as may be useful for the queries placed by such instruments can be answered

Furthermore, there is one aspect which must be understood by those entities who desire to be a channel of communication. Every word, every image, every thought form, and every situation inside the mind complex has a vibration. For example, if you were to remember a certain entity’s image, whether it be a friend’s image or someone you like, there is a certain vibration. In contrast, if you look at the vibration of an entity you do not like, such as your so-called enemies upon your current space-time, then your vibrations change. This change will be noticed by your awareness. This type of awareness is extremely required for such entities who become channelers. It will prevent intrusion from other negatively oriented entities. It will allow them to sense the vibration of such entities. When such entities who are ready to receive information from other channels or other densities of vibration can tune into such a vibration by holding the image or by holding the vibratory sound complex of words, which also have a certain vibration for each entity as a vibration which can be then tuned upon and acted as a channel if the communication is allowed by the council. For there are channelers upon the planets who have also been channeling their echoic aspect, which is different from the channeling which occurs when there is no echoic aspect present. For there is no intrusion of the self within the self, and the information coming is of a pure nature. As such, there is also a need for discernment, even though the message may be pure, because of the language of your planetary sphere does not allow full communications to occur in the space-time as a language is highly deficient in the true meaning of providing experiences of intonation, language, and the feelings and emotions which mostly cannot be conveyed by your language. Also, the type of situation from which such events have been communicated cannot be communicated hence there is a need for discernment like we always suggest.

The second query placed by this instrument’s mind, body, and spirit complex pertains to the understanding of the aspect known as its past incarnation of the soul which soul swapped with this being, with this entity, and then became a channel. In this regard, we are now going to share with you space-time continuum information from one timeline of the soul-swapped entity. For this instrument’s vibration desired to understand this aspect, this soul-swapped entity began in the galaxy known by your people in your current vibratory sound complex terms as cigar galaxy. In the first density consciousness, spending its timeline as a gas element in the gaseous nature of the galaxy, there are less amounts of planets in that galaxy, therefore, this entity spent its form in the gaseous nature and was given the soul name of Kritar in the cigar galaxy, which occurred around 7.9 million years prior to this current space-time continuum of which we are now communicating into.

This further gave this entity the experience of beingness as it then merged into a gaseous nature of a more solid type, leading into the formation of a stone-like entity, leading it to experience the red ray balancing and the activation of the red ray energy center, and then after entered into the second density vibration wherein it spent its time mostly as a flying tree element. Such tree elements can be found upon that galaxy, floating upon the space elements, wherein there are small planetary systems or small habitable zones created from the gaseous nature, which produce the atmosphere and provide the suitable environment for such trees to occur in that space-time, which allowed this entity to experience the second density lessons of movement and growth for a period of around 155 thousand years.

However, this experience was not of a greatly appreciated nature by its soul because of the constant disintegration which it faced as the atmosphere was not suitable many a times for the evolution and continuation of its pathway. Hence, for the proper pathway of continuation, it was transported to the planet known as Venus upon your planetary sphere, wherein it spent its time as an animal life form in the later second density consciousness, resembling the foxes which can be found upon your planet, trying to understand the societal interaction.

However, this occurred without any self-awareness, but the activation of the gallery into the true color gallery energy center and the merging towards the third density had occurred, leading edge to encounter the third density vibration of choice and choosing the apartheid polarity, giving rise to the choice of choosing the pathway which allowed this entity to further fruition and learn the lessons of love light as it began to experience the density and the choice of experiencing the understanding of choosing the pathway of polarity between service to others in service to self. This entity was guided by many of the Venusian rock collective at that space-time consciousness, which allowed this entity’s progress to be faster in that incarnation. However, it still faced many negative challenges but in the long run, it chose to be of a service to others nature. This entity then was transported to the planets known by your people as the Arcturius P planetary sphere in the Arcturian star system, wherein it spent around 75 incarnation cycles in the later third density vibration, similar to that as can be found upon the current space-time of the earth’s planets, which allowed edge to learn the lessons of merging from the Lra into the greenery energy center of the heart, providing it with the necessary experiences as it tended towards the intelligent infinity elm.

It was then transported as a wanderer to the earth planets. This entity then incarnated as a wanderer as a soul-swapped entity firstly in the space-time illusion complex known by your people for the entity, there was another entity which itself swapped with this entity, had incarnated on 1929 in your space-time illusion complex of your current timeline and was known by the vibratory sound complex of chain roberts. This entity known as Jane Roberts also had a soul swap with this entity of fourth density nature, which then acted as a channel for the creation of the material which provided information upon your space-time about the existence of the soul’s nature and the true inner nature of the soul, and gave rise to the material as known by your people as the Seth material, which has provided huge amounts of influences of positive nature towards the people’s understanding of your true nature. This entity then crossed over on the timeline of 1984. at the space-time, this entity was waiting for another entity of appropriate vibration to share and to act as a channel again of information, because this entity’s vibration was of a highly rapid nature of communication, as it had mastered the ability of dislocating its consciousness and also had mastered the ability of channeling entities from higher densities.

Furthermore, this was allowed by the council of planets which govern this galaxy, and this entity soul swapped with this instrument in this current space-time, hence this instrument has acted as a channel for seeing the future and also many a times communicating with higher density beings, for this communication is also occurring in such a manner. Therefore, this is the soul evolutionary cycle of the soul swap soul which has now taken part in this service to others through this instrument’s vibration.

Furthermore, the final query we can scan upon this instrument’s mind complex pertains to the understanding of whether a meeting of the so-called cabal leaders of your planets with extraterrestrial entities occurred on the lands known as Antarctica. This meeting has occurred on the day and time as known by people as 31st of December. For these entities or the so-called negatively oriented entities who are the elites of on your planet have gathered and had gathered together in the lands known as Antarctica for meeting with their so-called robotic entities, who are part of the Orion Annunaki Reptilian and the Grey collective, and these Orion Anunnaki Reptilian collectives appeared in form of an astronaut projected entity by using robotic entities in that space-time.

Furthermore, upon our encounter with these entities by the Ashtar collective, we have noticed that they are planning a final encounter of spiritual battle upon your planet since the earth is now in the positive polarity. They have planned to infringe upon the free will of the planetary sphere by creating devices known as nanochips which in the future if not resisted upon by your planets or people, will be inserted inside your people’s bodily complex, thereby understanding the nature of vibration of each entity and specifically their objective is to target the light workers who are acting as light rats upon the planet. Hence this is their choice, and this is what they are trying to do upon your planetary sphere.

They are also planning to create new technologies such as the robotic entities which have consciousness given from the grey reptilian entities, and these great reptilian entities will then transport their consciousness into such robotic entities, thereby there can be negatively oriented robotic entities being infringed and influenced and sent upon your planets, being totally controlled by the negatively oriented entities, which can also create havoc upon a planetary sphere. Hence this may be a warning to your planets, to not engage in such activities as the implanting of chips upon your bodily complex, and also the creation of robotic artificial intelligence may be hijacked by such Orion collectives.

Hence this is the information we come here to share. Your free will is highly appreciated, and your time is also appreciated. We’ll leave you now. We are the Galactic Federation, bye.