Session #111 • Metatron


Summary: I am now speaking through this channel to provide guidance and answer questions. We have noticed errors and distortions on Earth, and it is important to discern our guidance. The universal divine grid programmer lies dormant within each person, waiting to be awakened. Many people on Earth are hypnotized and only believe certain things to be true. They believe in external forces to save humanity. These mind programmings keep people in a lower vibrational state, preventing them from resonating with higher information. Med bed technology is a distraction, as all healing comes from within. Each person must awaken to their own power and unity consciousness. Using a pyramid and imagination can help shift consciousness and manifest desired realities.

I am now speaking through this channel who has opened its communication to receive guidance from the angelic reon. I, along with many other angelic beings, have been looking after the progress of the earth people and we have noticed that there are many errors also occurring upon your planetary distortion. However, today I am communicating via the divine love elements, divine love and light of the universal divine grid programmer. I am now here communicating for the purpose of answering the questions which are in the mind of this channel who has allowed itself to be used as an instrument of communication.

For everyone must remember to use extreme discernment and constant when listening to our thoughts and guidance because our thoughts and guidance are only meant for those who have an open mind and heart to listen to our message and to judge our thought forms before accepting inside the mind, body, and the spirit of your peoples. Furthermore, remember the universal divine great programmer lies dormant within each of you waiting for the potential awakening of the divine great programmer. And once the divine great programmer has awakened fully to the knowledge of the reality upon which it finds itself in, there begins to shift a type of consciousness which will affect not only one single being on the planet but the entire planetary vibration will begin to shift because of one light spark intermingling with the other light spark and creating a type of fusion and allowing the love and the divine grit of the universal light programmer to spread throughout the planetary vibration.

As has been stated earlier, I, Metatron, along with other angelic beings, are providing guidance many times. And there are moments in the planetary vibration wherein our guidance cannot be received by many of the beings upon your planets because your people and there are many people upon your planets who are trying to stop the guidance from us as well as guidance from other higher beings. These people have been put under a type of hypnotic spell as known by your people wherein they only believe certain things to be true because of the mind programming which is done by the societal complex upon such beings of universal divine grid programmers, love, and lives. They are unable to fully make the choice and accept and be open to new information.

This is happening because many people on your planet believe in some exterior forces which will act as a savior of humanity. Many are there upon the planetary sphere who believe that the planet will be saved by some other being other than their own self. The reason why this is occurring is because every single person on your planetary sphere had been subjected to such mind programmings which was done in order to separate yourself from the universal divine grid programmer as the universal divine grid programmer lies in dormant in potentiation to be activated at any moment. Such beings who desire to choose the love and the light of the divine grid programmer can firstly remember and become aware of the type of mental programmings that has been done upon the current planetary life cycle.

For I, as Metatron, can sense that your people have been hypnotized as known by your people. This has been achieved by using the methods of keeping your people in the vibration of the red ray and not allowing your people to vibrate at a higher vibration. For these people are now trying to keep humanity in the vibration of fear, anger, and hatred. All of these emotions are part and parcel of the survival aspect of your beingness of your bodily vehicle. And because of this connection between your survival aspect and the red ray, many people on the planet, because of their emotional nature, can only listen to certain information and they do not resonate with other types of information.

There are many people upon the Earth planet who only resonates to information which pertains to the emotions of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. Most of these people try to find out such information which amplifies their emotional signature and also further allow such emotional signature to spread across the planetary vibration. For the basic process used by the so-called negative entities along with the elites is to firstly invoke a state of emotion such as fear and anger. And once entity begins to vibrate in that emotion, they will become susceptible to only that type of information which matches with the emotional signature of the vibration of fear or survival-related aspect.

This is also the reason why there are many people upon your planet who are already aware that your emotional signature determines the type of information you listen to. There may be many people on the planet Earth who do not resonate with certain information because their emotional signature is different than the emotion being conveyed with such information. For example, there are many divine great programmers, divine love childs upon your planets who do not resonate with information of anger, hate, jealousy, and all other lower vibratory emotions because their emotional signature is that of positive love and compassion.

This is the reason why the people of your planets must awaken fully and realize what is happening upon your planet is but a type of vibrational hypnosis. As we can sense that many people have been hypnotized using the same methods in order to control humanity. However, now this information has been sent forth to your people and based upon your free choice, you can recognize the true potential of your universal divine great programmers, divine love element, and the power of your unity consciousness which lies dormant in potentiation to be activated.

Furthermore, there is a query inside the mind of this entity which relates to the creation of med bed technology as coined by your people. I, as Metatron, would like to suggest that this is a type of distraction mechanism which is working upon your planets. And we have already sensed that there are many beings upon your planets who are working for the negatively oriented entities to push such technology. You must remember for all healings occur from within the self and there is no need for any exterior technology.

The reason behind the creation of this technology, as we can sense right now, is because there are many beings upon your planet who are sick and who need assistance. However, there are people upon your planet who are working for their own benefit, for self-service, and they are trying to push the agenda that something outside of their own beingness will heal them. However, this is false as we can tell you now. The matter is false in its nature that such a technology is required for healing to occur. For there is no technology required for all healings occur within the self.

Therefore, the information which pertains to the technology, known as the medbed technologies which are supposedly used by other-dimensional beings, is false as there is no technology beyond the spiritual self which can allow the true healing to occur. This is happening on your planets because many people do not yet understand that the universal divine grid programmer, the one father mother, the creator, is the self. And once the unity consciousness of the merging with the divine grid programmer is attained, there is no need for any exterior agents or information for such healings to occur.

For the process of healing requires the ability to be in a consciousness of already healed. Therefore, I, as Metatron, would like to state that your planet may be considered as a school wherein each being is here present to learn the lesson of beingness. For the lesson of beingness of consciousness is similar to what your people call as the law of assumption. However, there is a slight difference in that once you begin to be a certain type of entity and once you begin to act as if you are already the one you want to be, there is a shift in consciousness.

Your energy, your vibration, everything shifts to a different timeline and your beingness will allow you to enter such a timeline if it is maintained. For this beingness is a combination of your thoughts, your emotions, your imagination, and your feelings. All of these combined together create your beingness of consciousness. And your beingness of consciousness, once activated, will pull itself towards the appropriate timeline in which such an entity is already being.

This is the best way for people to understand that in your planetary vibration currently, the essence of the universal divine great programmers, the love child elements upon your planet, are learning to be of love and compassion. For this is the lesson which lies dormant in potentiation for many, many love child elements of your planets. And there are those who have already become love and compassion of the fourth density of heart-centeredness. For this lesson is the most important lesson you are all here to learn. Even though sometimes the lessons may seem to not be this aspect, but this is the primary lesson you are all here to learn. Besides this lesson, all other lessons are secondary.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, will now take the liberty to share with you the process which can be used to enter a new ability of beingness. And the ability of beingness is the ability of creating your thought forms, your feelings, and emotions from a higher vibrational requirement. For this process, a type of pyramid, a small type of pyramid, can be used by your people along with your imagination. The pyramid must be kept at the crown of the head and the imagination sequences can be used in such a manner to create anything that can be desired upon your planetary vibration.

For the creation assembly, use the pyramid structures in your crown chakra, and then focus your attention inside your imagination of entering a timeline or creation of a certain aspect which you desire. For the creation of such an aspect will allow the overflowing of consciousness to rapidly escalate and allow for greater and greater depths of consciousness. Because once you begin to become capable of using your imagination and the pyramidal structures in coordination during your meditation or your sleep state, you begin to enter into the timeline 10 times more faster than desired. Therefore, it is advised that only proper timelines be selected, for the purpose can also lead to a creation of a timeline which may be undesired if the choice is not made properly.

I am now going to share a story of a being upon the planet who used such a method to enter into a desired timeline, for this will allow you to greatly understand how it can be used. There was an entity upon your planet around the period of, who was also struggling with other types of distortions. This entity used the knowledge of the pyramids, which had been granted by an archangel to it during its dream state. In which it took a small pyramidal structure, placed it in its crown, and imagined itself being that which it wants to be. Using the creative factor of the imagination, it created wealth, health, abundance, and all the things desired, which appeared inside the timeline of this entity within the span of.

For this process can not only attract what you desire but give you the ability of graduation into the fourth density of the heart. For this process can also assist the people of your planets. However, this is not to be taken lightly, as the process can be very fast. Therefore, I, as Metatron, disconnect now in the love and the light of the universal divine grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of light within yourself.