Session #113 • Pleiadians

Soul Contracts & Bob Proctor

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through a channel to share messages of love and light with the people of Earth. They explain that on February 22, 2022, the Earth's energies will stabilize into the beginning sub-octave of the fourth density vibration. They encourage individuals to focus on their heart center and graduate into the fourth density by aligning their thoughts and emotions with love and gratitude. The Pleiadians also discuss soul contracts and the soul evolutionary cycle of an entity named Bob Proctor.

We are the Pleiadians, now communicating through the vibrations of this channel who has offered itself to be a conduit for our love light messages to reach the people of your planetary sphere. We find ourselves in this position of sharing love light because the one infinite creator has allowed us to be of service to the positive pathway for the sharing of such messages which may stir up the heart of many people towards the choosing of love and light, and is of great service to the human collective at the present. The Pleiadians are now located in our station known as the Pleiadian star system by your people, and the consciousness of this channel has dislocated from its physical body and finds itself with us via the process of thought form osmosis throughout the time-space continuum. We are able to share our message and provide information to the people of your planetary sphere. Upon scanning the mind, the body, and the spiritual complex of this instrument’s queries which have been placed before us to be addressed. Before we start to address the queries, we would like to warn each listening to our message to judge what we are now going to state with the clarity of your internal heart and only if the rhythms of your internal heart match with tandem with our information which we are now going to provide. Such information only must be allowed inside your mind-body and spirit complex, and you must leave behind those information which do not resonate with your internal heart. For your heart, since the rhythm of love and light, is the best mechanism to judge any aspect in your third-density transition phase to the fourth-density reality. For your heart beats in the rhythm of love lights and can be used as a barometer of checkpoints for checking any of the instruments vocabulary sequences as well as any of the thought forms upon your planetary vibration. This instrument seems to be not in a deeper state, hence we deepen its strands now.

Now upon scanning the mind complex of these instruments, the first query pertains to the understanding of the event which shall occur upon your planetary sphere on the coming days of your time-space measurement terms of 22nd February 2022. The Pleiadians, along with the many other density beings, are guiding the people of your planets, and we can sense that upon your planetary sphere during that time-space period, the earth energies will stabilize into the beginning sub-octave of the fourth-density vibration. Which means that your planetary consciousness of your mother earth will stabilize into the fourth-density vibration more and more. This will allow many of those entities whose hearts are beating in rhythm of the fourth density to also become more stabilized because the stability of the heart when it begins to beat in rhythm allows for both the planet as well as the individual consciousness to stabilize more and more.

The period of 22nd February as noted in your planetary vibration will allow those entities who desire to stabilize their consciousness more fully towards the consciousness of the heart center will find themselves fully understanding the layers of reality and remaining in the heart center activation. Many of the people of your planet must realize that the misunderstanding that your people have on your planetary sphere regarding many of the aspects which are now happening on your planet, such as the misunderstanding of the aspect known as graduation, which we are now going to clarify for your mind-body and spirit complex, must understand this aspectfully. For graduation will occur on your planetary sphere for those entities who are vibrating at the level of the heart center, which means that based upon your consciousness level or the level of consciousness which you have created on your planetary sphere for the purpose of measurement, your vibration should be either one percent above the love vibration in your charts of consciousness, and you must be able to stabilize in such a vibration, which will allow you to graduate into the fourth-density vibration of the heart, opening the channels of light and communication and allowing the inflow of infinite intelligence inside your heart, thereby giving you a rhythmic push of consciousness towards higher vibration. For there is beauty in numbers, and there is easiness in number, and we can sense that there are many people on your planet who have already planned for a process of meditation for entering a higher vibration of stabilization. This will allow each of those entities who stabilize themselves with a breakthrough moment and interlinking with the creation of the social memory complex, which is now beginning to form upon your planets.

The first stage of the beginning suboctave first social memory complex of the positive timeline will have like-minded vibration entities coming together and forming groups for the purpose of propagation of love and light. This will allow the planetary vibration to shift even higher, like the beating of the rhythm of your heart. Each of your hearts will breathe in rhythm, allowing for the love light energies to expand further and further. This will allow many entities to have an effect upon the whole planetary consciousness even because of their existence. Other entities will feel the love light from vast distances, and the words emerging from such entities will have a greater impact for the creation and the spreading of love and light upon your planetary sphere. For once you are able to access the love vibration, there is no impossibility that you will also be able to jump forward into higher tendencies of vibrations, allowing a higher beauty of nature and allowing a higher beauty of your internal love light vibration to expand throughout the unity consciousness and throughout the individual mind-body and spirit complexes which find themselves in the earth planet. Therefore, for those who want to prepare for the time-space continuum as known by your people as 22nd of February, the best practice we can suggest would be to firstly remember that each of your thoughts which emerges inside your mind complex creates a rupture of vibration. Either the vibration is in alignment with your vibration of the heart, or it is disrupting the vibration of the heart. For each of your thoughts, many of you may not realize this, has an impact upon your vibration, eventually leading to the change in your bodily complex and your spiritual complex as well. This means that the power of your single thought is unfathomable, and its power cannot be comprehended by you.

Many of you on your planet disregard the power of your thoughts, thereby allowing them to go rampant, and there are many moments in your cycle when you find yourself bombarded with negative thought forms. These negative thought forms not only prevent you from graduation but also disrupt your vibration. If an entity had already achieved a fourth-density vibration of the heart, however, the mismanagement of its thought forms would lead such an entity to drop its consciousness level to the old patterns of third density. Hence it is vitally important that the people of your planet who desire to understand the rhythms of the heart center, who desire to play the parts of the players in this grand scheme of illusion in which you find yourself, in the ones who want to make a difference for the positive, must reprogram their thought patterns, which can be done by following a simple procedure which we the Pleiadians have also given to other planetary entities who desire to do so. The process is simple: in every waking moment you find yourself in, there is an aspect which you can be thankful about. In every single moment, you can be thankful about one aspect which surrounds you, or the one aspect of your beingness, and by expressing thankfulness within your mind complex, you will then begin to propagate thankfulness. The vibration of gratitude and love are similar in nature and will keep you at a higher vibration.

However, the shift in consciousness which is now occurring on your planetary sphere makes it easier for entities who desire to reprogram their consciousness. For every single moment, there is a type of chance to become grateful for the things that are present in the life cycle of such entities and to be grateful for all the things that surround each of you. This will allow your heart to beat in a rhythmic pattern of beauty and of love, leading you towards higher clarity of your mind-body and spiritual complex. This exercise can be followed by the stating of the words of prayer of thankfulness for the whole planetary sphere. For example, by using the mind-body and spirit complex of this instrument, we are now going to give an example. This instrument at this moment could be thankful for its breath, and then as a follow-up sequence, it can then state that it is thankful for the health, wealth, abundance, and the raising of vibration of the earth planet. This is the best way for your planetary vibration to shift in consciousness, which will allow you to focus not only on yourself but also on the collective consciousness which is forming upon your planetary vibration.

Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians, upon scanning the mind of this instrument, are now locating a query which pertains to the soul contracts and how it affects your life cycle in this current timeline, and how one can break away from such soul contracts if desired. We are now going to share through this instrument’s vibratory sound complex patterns the knowledge of soul contracts. We have for the soul contracts which this instrument requires query about are the same executing not only upon your planetary sphere but also in different galaxies. The soul contracts are of varied nature. There are soul contracts which are created for the entire lifetime, such as the soul contract of birth and the soul contract of crossing over. For there are certain soul contracts which cannot be manipulated, such as the soul contracts of birth and crossing over, have already been pre-programmed within the higher self of each entity by its own free will prior to birth in your veiled incarnation. These soul contracts cannot be changed because the fixing of the exit portion of an entity and also the fixing of the incarnation of an entity on your planetary sphere is already fixed, much like your violet ray and the red ray energy centers are fixed for the purpose of understanding. These soul contracts are primarily created to allow entities to incarnate at a specific time and to cross over at a specific time when the timeline of such entities expire for the dance and the play in the illusion complex as players of light or the players of dark is their choice. This timeline is fixed for each entity.

Furthermore, there are many other soul contracts during the life cycle of each individualized portion of consciousness which are created based upon the type of experiences and based upon the type of interactions faced by each entity. For there are moments within your incarnation cycle wherein entities who interact with other entities on an emotional level create soul contracts with each other. Such as entities who become friends with each other create energy chords vibrations which interlock with each other thereby creating soul contracts on the fly. As these soul contracts are initiated primarily during the sleep state wherein the so-called subconscious portion of the mind takes the memories of the daytime and uses it as a means of communication with the higher self. The higher self of each entity then in together tandem and the time-space realm creates such soul contracts as designed by them. As every single interaction you have with other entities which has an emotional baseline will be created in the time-space realm as a soul contract.

Furthermore, these soul contracts also can lead to a large number of problems as well as leads to a positive future depending on the type of interaction each entity has and upon the uses of free will upon the planetary sphere in which each find yourself in. These types of soul contracts primarily affect each individualized portion of consciousness in a manner such as the emotional effect on your people.

For example, if there are two entities on your planetary sphere who upon using the free will enter into the emotional soul contract agreement with each other to become lovers as known in your planetary vibration, then such entities will have their soul contract affecting not only their emotional state but also other aspects of their life. For the effect of such a soul contract primarily depends upon not only the emotional signature but also the number of energy chords which have replicated and fused together with each entity.

However, if the system of energy chords between such entities becomes imbalanced, then the soul contract can be reduced and done away with. The process of letting go of soul contracts is simply firstly to let go of any of the emotional attachments with such entities with whom the soul contract was created. This is the primary process. The process of forgiveness and letting go is vitally important during this process. And as entities are able to forgive the other of any type of emotional trauma or any type of attachments on an emotional level, this will allow such an entity to then let go of the thought forms inside the mind. Because every thought form creates attention and energy chords are created towards such entities. When the entity is capable of letting go of all emotional signatures and also letting go of all the thought forms inside the mind complex of such entities, this will allow the soul contracts to recede and the energy chords to disentangle, leading to the ending of the soul contract. Furthermore, if entities desiring such breakage or soul contract can also do so during the meditative state and also during the process of sleep wherein they can bring forth in the imagination sequence and enter into the time-space reality and meet with their respective higher selves and the other person’s higher selves and agree in time-space realm to let go and forgive each other. This will allow the breakage of such soul contracts leading to the energy chords becoming disentangled from such entities and from such soul contracts. This is the best way for your people to understand soul contracts as soul contracts can be created every moment depending upon the type of attention, the emotional state, and also the type of thought form focused upon. Therefore, this is all we can state about the soul contract aspects.

Now we are going to answer the query which pertains to the soul evolutionary cycle of an entity known as Bob Proctor in the planetary vibration sequence who has recently crossed over upon your planetary sphere into the time-space rayon. Before we address this entity’s soul evolutionary cycle, you must understand that we can only access one timeline since the timelines are numerous and there are multi-faceted possibilities making it complicated for us to relay such information in one sequence of vibration thought forms of your planet.

This entity, as referred to by your people as Bob Proctor’s soul evolutionary cycle, began on the galaxy as referred to by your people as Pinwheel Galaxy upon the ninth planetary vibration in that galaxy. This entity’s first density experience started as its began to learn the lessons as the wind elements, trying to form understanding of beingness, which is the primary lesson of all entities who must learn the lessons of the red ray activation. During that period it faced a large number of catalytic situations and catalyst of the environment which made it imbalance many a times, therefore it had to redo its incarnation multiple times in that timeline.

This further led this entity to then merge into the second-density vibration, wherein it started to merge into the second density with the understanding of beingness and awareness which bring forth the understanding of the orange energy vibration and led this entity to spend around a period of 75,000 year cycle in the second density. This entity then formed itself into the awareness aspect, however without the self-awareness aspect, it was able to interact in the form of a pet life form and was given the soul name of Udar in the language terms of the planet of its origin. This gave this entity the experience of the third-density reality and soon it merged into the third-density incarnation cycle as a third-density mind body and spirit complex. This entity’s incarnation in the beginning cycle was heavily troubling because this entity was unable to handle the catalyst of the mind as well as the catalyst of the environment, and because this entity tended towards the survival aspect of the red ray, it became imbalanced and its bodily complex disintegrated many a times.

Later on, after learning the lesson slowly and steadily after a period of around 15 incarnation cycles on the third-density planetary sphere, it began to stabilize its energies and it began to interact with other entities who were the teachers at that timeline who taught entities about the ways of love and light, and this entity because of his choice of love and light, decided to follow the pathway of service to others which then led this entity to become ready for the graduation into the fourth-density vibration. And for the purpose of preparing it for graduation, which would soon be available on the earth planet, it was sent to the earth planetary sphere and the first incarnation of this entity began on the lands known as Agartha in the system of Agartha. It began to slowly learn and refine the process of balancing its yellow ray energy center, which is primarily the egoic center which must be balanced, and it was guided by many of the Pleiadian entities during that timeline.

A group of our own collective consciousness was responsible for nurturing this entity during that timeline. This furthermore led this entity to become more and more positive, and it incarnated on the earth planets in the first incarnation cycle. This entry incarnated on the earth planets in the timeline of around 1679 and was referred to by your people as in hero. In this timeline, this entity had incarnated in the lands known by a people currently as Portugal which allowed this entity to then form a consciousness understanding of incarnation cycle which led this entity to incarnate as a man-body complex as it spends its timeline as a sailor entity slowly learning the lessons of understanding of movements and understanding the lessons of using the language of the earth planets. This furthered the expansion of this entity into the entry towards the next incarnation cycle, which began on the timeline of around was to learn the lesson of balancing between service to others and to balance the materialistic concept with the spiritualistic aspect.

This further expanded it to understand the lessons more and more fully, however, in this incarnation it became imbalanced because of its so-called materialistic possessions overtaking its consciousness, leading this entity to become more and more imbalanced. After the end of the incarnation cycle on 1901, it reincarnated on this timeline as 1934, wherein this entity was referred to as Bob Proctor in your planetary vibration sequence. This entity’s life was heavily laden with challenges in the beginning portion of the incarnation which furthermore led this entity to become heavily catalyzed and bombarded with negative thought forms and negative emotional aspects. It struggled in the beginning portion of its incarnation and at the timeline of around 1900 and 70, this entity felt the need of becoming more and more imbalanced and it felt the need and was pondering upon the thought of giving away the incarnation. Because of this entities’ thought of giving away the incarnation, it was lucky enough to meet another entity while the form of a booklet known as think and grow rich.

This entity created the attachment with the entity who had written the book known as Napoleon Hill and on the timeline of 1974, the entity’s soul of the fourth-density vibration known as Napoleon Hill entered as a source of entity inside the vibration of this entity known as Bob Proctor and this entry then changed its consciousness towards a more positive service to others timeline. It was able to solve all of its problems, it was able to then focus on sharing the message of reality creation to the people of your planet. This entity’s career was extremely successful as we can sense for the raising of consciousness was heavily highly polarized towards the positive. This entity then crossed over on 2022 and now finds itself in the fourth-density vibration already. This entity now is in the astral plates reviewing its life cycle, and we cannot sense what it will decide to do in the future whether it will incarnate on this timeline or enter into another planetary system for service to others.

Therefore, we the Pleiadians disconnect now in love light of the one creator and we salute all the players of this illusion reality who are playing in the heart-centeredness of love lights bye.