Session #114 • Galactic Federation

Parallel Realities, Psychedelics & Dimensions

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this instrument, addressing queries about parallel realities. They explain that parallel realities occur when entities make different choices, leading to different experiences. The Federation emphasizes the importance of choosing positive thoughts and activating the green ray energy center of the heart to shift towards a greater timeline. They also discuss the use of psychedelics, cautioning that they should be used with balance and caution. Additionally, they explain that being of service to others can be done through the mind complex, sending love and imagining helping others. The Federation reminds us that we are all connected and have created our own reality.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through this vibration presented in the mind space of this instrument which has communicated with our time space reality of the current present timeline and we can sense that there are queries in order in the mind complex of this instrument hence before we the galactic federation present our thought forms pertaining to the queries as placed before us we would like to warn each of you who are listening to our messages from your planetary vibration to remember that the choice of your thought form completely depends upon your inner self as you have the liberty to choose the type of activation and the thought forms you will entertain inside your mind your body and spirit complex at this current space. It’s a view finds itself in a timeline wherein the planetary vibration is slowly sifting upwards and moving towards a greater and greater coherence of the mind body and spirit complex leading each entity towards the activation of the green ray energy center of the heart. For once the green ray is activated there is a high chance for the entire planets to enter into a greater timeline. Therefore, with the galactic federation are now going to address the queries which are in order in the mind space of this instrument.

The first query which pertains to the aspects known as the parallel realities. In this regard, we are now going to state that the information may be complex for those people of your planet who are not of a old soul nature which means that this information may be comprehended and felt to be true and understood by the old souls as we can sense there are a large number of old souls upon your planetary vibration who have currently incarnated on this timeline and these old souls are capable of understanding such information as maybe complex to some of the entities who are yet unaware that the existence of such parallel realities affect your planetary vibration.

The parallel realities as known by people are numerous in number for there are and ever expansion and numerous parallel realities each parallel reality occurring when an entity makes a different subset of the choice as had been programmed in the tree of life prior to the incarnation cycle. Each entity prior to incarnation on the earth planets along with its higher self creates a basic type of map or the future patterns of reality based upon the choices it makes either of a positive or negative nature for there is only love in the universe as even the choice of the negative is the love for the negative as the choice for the fear is the love for the fear for there cannot be any existence without love as all choices have been pre-programmed in the mind complex of such entities prior to the incarnation.

There are many moments wherein each entity divulges from their particular path in the life cycle and this type of divergence into a different subset creates a different type of parallel reality triggering a different subset of experience and allowing for a higher vibrational pattern to arrive. Furthermore, there are many moments within each entity’s incarnation rhythm which provide each entity with the choice of entering a parallel reality which is entered upon by the so-called unconscious mind or the bodily complex of your mind body and spirit complex totality. For the people of your planet must realize and understand that your bodily vehicle which is part of the unconscious collective or the greater collective of the human mind body and spirit complex of the entire planets is connected with the universal mind and hence the type of emotions and the thought forms which are programmed inside your bodily complex begin to alter the reality thereby entering such an individualized portion of consciousness towards such a timeline as the parallel realities which operate together simultaneously are also occurring right now and with the galactic federation from our location and density are able to perceive all possible future timelines and all possible past timelines as stated upon your time space measurement terms.

However all is existing in this ever present now for all possibilities are present to those entities who are able to access the time space realm and also to access the qualities of the parallel reality in which they want to experience. The best way for us to experience and to explain this parallel reality is via the process of giving you an example of an entity who chooses to either help an entity in your planetary spacetime or to reject such offering of service to others. Both of these types of reality will be created leading to a different subset of parallel reality occurring.

Hence every moment each of your choices is creating a different parallel reality and each of you exists in multitudinous number of time spaces even though many a times there may be a merger and you may feel and recognize these parallel realities existing together. These experiences are felt many a times during a dream state and at other times they are sometimes creating synchronous moments in this current incarnation. But there are moments with the new planetary vibration wherein entities upon the planet have been able to enter the time space realm and consciously choose the type of parallel reality they want to enter into or they want to experience. And this is also the reason why because of the existence of numerous parallel realities if you have or if any entity has created some karma which has not yet been unresolved via the purpose of forgiveness and via the pathway of healing of the self and the healing of the other self if this process has not been accompanied in your lifetime incarnation then after the end of an incarnation there may be moments wherein such entities are transported to another parallel reality wherein they are reincarnated at the age of 20 trying to redo and relearn the lessons of the karmic activity which was yet unfulfilled.

This may seem like a dreamlike state of consciousness and waking from one dream to the other dream without having objective recognition that the dream was in essence the changing of the parallel reality in which one entity finds itself in. This is also the reason why there are many beings upon your planet who are consciously choosing their parallel reality and also there are beings on the planetary sphere who are not yet aware that the existence of the parallel realities give rise to multitudinous choices and also opportunities for healing and other opportunities of exploration for the self has to explore the self in different situations and it is much more easier for the self to experience different parallel realities.

Therefore the only conscious awareness that each entity has of the different parallel realities based upon the vibration of such an entity which is determined primarily by the emotional the thought patterns and the mental patterns of an individual. What this means is that the vibration of an entity attracts a certain type of information gathering inside the mind body and spirit complex which is able to sense a certain type of reality. In essence it may be considered as a vibration tuning mechanism wherein each parallel reality is available only to those entities who are able to tune into the vibration of that particular parallel reality to bring it into the sensation field of the five senses of your third density reality.

Although all the possibilities currently exist in various timelines there are numerous possibilities which have yet not been experienced by the senses because the vibrations are of mismatching or the vibrations are in alignment with a different parallel reality. Therefore we are now going to address the other query which is found upon the mind of this instrument which pertains to the understanding of the aspect known as the use of psychedelics upon your planetary sphere for the purpose of experiencing a type of state of consciousness which can be considered as a higher dimensional experience of the other dimensions. Therefore we are now going to address this query.

This instrument desires to understand this aspect and must realize that there are different types of psychedelic substances also known as by your people as in the language terms which are used such as the one known as ayahuashka by your people. These substances are created primarily for the purpose of allowing each entity to experience a different type of reality and also to realize that the experience is created only for the purpose of experiencing a greater timeline. And such substances if not properly regulated and used upon a balanced situation can lead to a entering into a timeline wherein there is a large number of imbalance.

Therefore, those entities who desire to experience such parallel realities using their own free will have to make sure that their bodily complex is completely balanced and their lower energy centers are balanced. Because if there is a blockage in the red ray energy vibration, this may cause such an entity to enter into a dimension wherein such blockage is heightened. If there is a balance in all the energy centers and the heart is open, then this will allow the entities to experience a heightened state of consciousness, which may be greater because the allowance of the heart energy center sometimes gives rise to the entry of such an experience into the density and dimension which may be beyond the current experience, allowing for a breakthrough moment of experience. The experience and the use of these substances known as my people as ayahuasca, etc., are only recommended for those people who want to taste a glimpse of the other reality if they are completely balanced; otherwise, there may be effects upon your bodily complex. However, this is your free will, hence we, the Galactic Federation, cannot infringe upon this aspect.

Now, upon scanning these instrument’s mind complex, the third query which we are now able to sense pertains to the understanding, as referred to by your people, as the process of using the aspect of your mind complex to be of service to others without taking any physical action upon your planetary sphere. For this process is simple; many people on your planet have already accomplished this aspect. Such aspects have arisen upon your planet because many entities upon your planetary sphere realize that there are many pathways to be of service to others.

The one pathway is the obvious pathway, which is the service to others in the physical reality by taking some action in assisting other entities. Then there is the other type of service to others, which is even more powerful, and this type of service to others is the service to others inside the mind complex of the individual entity who wants to serve the other beings. Therefore, for example, there are beings upon the planet who are outwardly of a service-to-others nature; however, they have inner resistance to love for other beings and are criticizing other beings inside their internal mind complex. This leads to a conflicting of the vibration of service to others and the canceling of such a vibration.

Therefore, for the entities upon the planet to be of true service to others means to firstly recognize that the service is not only of an outward nature for the need to be shown or need to be seen by other entities being of service to others is less likely important. For the main purpose of service to others is to have an inner nature of service to others, which may be pertaining to the understanding that you can help other beings inside your mind complex using your imagination sequences and your thought patterns. This is accompanied by sending love to those entities who desire it and looking at other entities in the framework of love as the self. For each entity in this current reality, as we had stated before, has experience in different parallel realities similar to the dream-like state wherein each entity creates different versions of its own self to experience different portions.

Even though in the dream state you may be interacting with your friend, however, it is in essence your own self who has split a portion of consciousness to create your friend inside the dream world to experience such an interaction. Therefore, this is the same that applies upon a planetary sphere; the fact is that each of you are the one creator and all of you have created all the outside reality for there is no separation as you, us, and every being on the planets is created by your own self. For those who are receiving this message have also created this message for the purpose of allowing their own self the greater opportunity to graduate into higher dimensions. Hence, we as the Galactic Federation are now going to state that there is advancement upon your planet. Rejoice in love and light of the one, the infinite creator. We’ll leave you now, bye.