Session #115 • Metatron

2nd Coming of Christ & Albert Einstein

Summary: Archangel Metatron discusses the ascension of humanity towards the realization of divine love and light. He emphasizes the importance of choosing positive thought forms and recognizing the Christ consciousness within oneself. Metatron advises using a pendulum to test for blockages in energy centers and suggests balancing them to unite with the universal divine grid programmer. He then shares the soul evolutionary pattern of Albert Einstein, highlighting his struggles and growth towards serving the universal divine grid programmer.

I am Archangel Metatron now speaking through the voice of this channel in the divine love and light of the universal divine grid programmer and I am now stationed in the angelic realm which is overlooking your planet’s progress in this ascension towards the realization of the divine love and light of your entire population. There are many moments in your timeline wherein I, along with many other angelic beings, have noticed that there are people upon your planet who are well aware of the energy changes. However, there are some who have chosen to stay in the old pathway and they have rejected the offering of the light. However, there are many those who have accepted this offering of the light and are now currently evolving faster and ascending into a higher vibration each moment. As I am noticing upon your planets, there are those people who have put control upon humanity and all of those old patterns of systems are now crumbling, and the creation of a new harmonious type of thought form patterns on your planets are emerging. And you must remember that each one of you who is now listening to my message, as I am now communicating using the consciousness of this channel in the divine grid programmers divine love light, you must remember to use each moment as a gift of choice of choosing the type of thought forms you would like to entertain inside your mind. And of also remembering that each moment is but an eternity in the ever-expansiveness of the soul. For each moment is an ever expansive moment for the soul of each of you has a type of mission on the planet.

I, as Metatron, now upon scanning the queries which have been placed before me, I am now going to share with you my thought forms which pertain to the first query which has been placed before my consciousness. It pertains to what is the true meaning of the second coming of Christ. Let me tell you that there has been a large number of misunderstanding upon your planetary sphere. For there are people upon your planet who believe that the universal divine grid programmers divine love light, named as Christ consciousness, will return in a physical bodily vehicle form. However, this fact cannot be ascertained as true. As we, the angelic beings, are now overlooking your planet, we are going to state that each of you have the opportunity to create this energy inside your body and inside your beingness which can be equated to the Christ consciousness, which many of your people already recognize to be as the true meaning of the second coming of the Christ consciousness. Is to realize that within you, there is but this divine grid and this divine source of all knowingness. And once you are able to allow this divine source of all knowingness to flow from within your body, you will have this energy vibration and vortex which will rise above and lead you to become the Christ in the world in which you find yourself in. This will allow you to perform activities such as healing, such as walking on water, and other major activities which many of your people find as impressive. However, the main impressiveness of such a potential is the ability of your own inner soul to vibrate at such a high level that the presence of your being will have effect upon the people’s consciousness. You would not have to lift a finger for your effect of the positive vibrations emerging from your beingness and the light grids which are emanating from within your body will have an effect upon other people and they will feel the light that shines bright within you. For the Christ consciousness is hidden beneath each of you. It is covered by layers and layers of this illusion and layers and layers of confusion. It is also covered by layers and layers of misunderstanding. And because of this, you must remember that you will rise in consciousness only when you are able to uncover this true sense of wholeness, completeness, unity with the universal divine great programmer. Then you will become the Christ consciousness which many of your people have already stated and noticed. This Christ consciousness, once it begins to activate within each of you, will allow you to have the ability of sharing love and compassion. For the being whom many of your people refer to as the Christ was a being who had incarnated on the Earth planet from the vibration of love and compassion. For spreading the message of love and compassion amongst the people of your planet. But there are those upon your planet who have taken such teachings and have diverted many people’s attention from the truth. Hence, entrapping them in another illusion complex. But remember, if you are looking for the Christ on the outside, you are looking for the wrong Christ. Because the Christ you are looking for is within your own self. And when you let the layers to be peeled off, you will find the Christ, that true Christ consciousness, which is the power and the unity with the universal divine grid programmer. Which will then expand and merge with other Christ consciousness. Thereby creating a new merger and a large union of the type of consciousness. Creating a group-like formation upon the planet upon which you find yourself in. This is the true meaning of the Christ consciousness as requested by this channel.

Now I am going to address the second query which pertains to how the people of your planet can find out if there is a blockage in your energy centers. I, as Metatron, am now going to share with you a simple method of using a pendulum which can be found upon your planet, or it could be a simple string with a weighted object tied to one end. This weighted object can be taken in your left hand, since your left hand is directly communicating with your heart, which is the center of your truth and beingness. And by focusing on the chakra of which you want to test your balancing or imbalancing, the process is simply to take your attention and pay 100% attention to the center. Such as if you want to test whether your red ray energy center is balanced or not, you have to focus 100% attention on the red ray energy center. And after you do this, after being 100% attentive without letting it divulge into other areas, just keeping the attention on the red ray for a period of around 60 seconds, you can then hold the pendulum in your hand. And as you keep the attention flowing to the energy center, if the pendulum were to rotate in a clockwise manner, then you can be certain that it is balanced. However, if it rotates in any other direction, there are distortions of imbalances in your energy vibrations because of the lack of clarity of the universal divine grid programmer’s light essence within you.

This is a type of signaling mechanism many beings upon different galaxies have been using to find out whether their energy centers are properly balanced or not. And once you remember that each moment of your life is but a reflection of your balances or imbalances of the energy center, you begin to then recognize that you can expand your consciousness and then slowly balance all of the energy centers, which will then make you united with the universal divine grid programmer’s light essence. Therefore, I as Metatron am also going to state that you have to remember that each of you, each moment, is but a divinity; each moment is but a great moment, for it is a gift from the universal divine grid programmer, which allows you the ability of finding your true essence by recognizing the balances and the imbalances in your physical body. And once you begin to recognize all of these aspects, you begin to flow from within yourself to the outside world in the Christ-like consciousness, which will then give you a greater expansion and the unity with other universal divine grid programmers.

I, as Metatron, now am going to address the final query which pertains to the soul evolutionary pattern of the entity known in your planetary vibration as Albert Einstein. This entity, known as Albert Einstein, started its incarnation in one timeline on the planet known as the Andromeda B planetary sphere in the Andromeda galaxy, with the main purpose of trying to learn the lessons of the first density as a wind element. This entity, however, faced a large number of challenges in the beginning stages of its incarnation because it was unable to fix its balancing of the survival and the beingness aspect of the red ray. Hence, this entity struggled a lot in the first density consciousness, trying to gain a type of balancing of its energy centers. Later on, after reaching into the vibrations of the later first density consciousness in the form of a stone element, this entity then was able to reach a type of balancing and allowed this entity to then merge into the vibrations of the second density.

In the second density consciousness, it was given the sunni of Miserata in the Andromedan language, which referred to being one with the universal divine grid programmer. In that incarnation, this entity was then capable enough to learn the lessons as a tree, similar to the trees which can be found upon your planet, with the main purpose of learning awareness and beingness. This then further expanded its consciousness towards higher and higher paradigms of reality and also towards a higher and higher understanding of the level of conscious understanding. This furthermore expanded the unity of its own inner nature towards higher vibration, and this allowed this entity to then merge upwards and forwards in the unity consciousness of the universal divine great programmer, allowing for higher and higher expansion of the divinity within its own self. This divinity then followed and expanded its conscious understanding towards unity and also towards a greater expansion of the unity consciousness of the divine grid programmer leading it to then change its form into the fish-like form in the Andromeda galaxy, which represented the animals present in the Andromedan star system. This provided it with the lessons required to learn in order to learn the lessons of interacting with other fishes in that planetary vibration, to recognize a greater potential of awareness and interaction with other entities in that level. This furthermore expanded its true nature reality and consciousness, allowing it to further expand itself into a higher nature of reality and also allowing it to then become a third-density Andromedan mind, body, and spirit complex.

After becoming a third-density Andromedan mind, body, and spirit complex, it was then able to learn the lessons of interaction with other entities, trying to find out the lessons of activation of service to others in service to self, and also the activation of its yellow ray energy center. Since the yellow ray energy center is activated, many a times this entity was unable to fully find out the patterns of reality as the yellow ray energy center in the third density was heavily laden towards providing challenges of the catalytic type. This entity faced a large number of struggles in the yellow ray energy vibration of the third density, and many of the times it was able to merge upwards and towards a higher vibrational rhythm of consciousness. After learning the lessons, after 27 incarnations in the third density and Roman planetary sphere, it was then able to become polarized more towards the positive cycle of the universal divine grid programmer. This followed and gave this entity the rising of consciousness which then allowed it to serve the universal divine grid programmer as a wanderer in the planet known as Egrigore X in the Andromeda galaxy.

In that planet, this entity then began to serve the one infinite creator by sharing the message of love and of compassion using the thought forms it had created. Since this entity in that incarnation had mastered using its thought forms for the purpose of activation of the energy of the universal divine grid programmer, and this energy of the universal divine grid programmer began to flow within its body, which then led it to encompass itself into a higher and higher rhythm of reality, allowing it to further expand its true nature reality towards a greater compassion and love. After learning the lessons as a wanderer and serving the Agricore X planet for graduation, this entity was then sent to the earth planet to act as a so-called wanderer, as known by people, for the messenger of love and compassion of the universal divine grit programmer. This entity had abilities of using thought forms to create mental images and pictures, which allowed it to enter into advanced states of consciousness and also to access the Akashic records. Many a times, this entity has also created many other parallel realities wherein such thought forms have already existed.

Therefore, this entity in the Earth planet started on the timeline of 1879 and, in that incarnation, this entity spent a large amount of time trying to help the people of the planet to spread the message. However, this entity’s main purpose was to give advanced technology to the planet Earth for the purpose of positive awakening of consciousness. However, the so-called negatively oriented entities many a times influenced this entity, and because of this, its mission was hampered. This entity’s creation led to the further creation of disharmony upon your planets. However, this entity has given a greater understanding of how the space-time and time-space reacts upon your planet’s work, and those entities who are working for the light can use such a method of realizing and understanding to enter into a higher vibration of bridge into the space-time and time-space realms upon your planets.

But there are moments within the incarnation variants, many entities have not really understood the power of love. For this entity known as Albert understood the power of love of the universal divine grid programmer, and then after the end of the incarnation of this entity on the timeline of 1955, this entity then has been sent to the Andromeda galaxy again for the purpose of reconciling and for the purpose of relearning the lessons of becoming truly of service to others without being influenced by negative entities. Therefore, I, as Archangel Metatron, now leave you in the love and the light of the divine universal light great programmer. Bye.