Session #116 • Galactic Federation

This is the Last Incarnation for Everyone | Law of Rhythmic Catalyst

Summary: The Galactic Federation is concerned about the conflicts and imbalances in the yellow ray energy on Earth. They warn individuals to use discernment and exercise their free will to focus on unity and consciousness. The conflicts between two nations are instigated by negative forces. The Federation advises individuals to ignore the negative events and instead create a positive frame of reference in their imagination. They emphasize that the choice is up to each individual, and they will not interfere in Earth's affairs. They also explain the law of rhythmic catalyst and the concept of soul groups and families.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through the vibrations of this channel who has allowed it to act as a receptor of our messages and to provide information to the human collective consciousness. We, as the galactic federation, having our seat in the saturn council, are very concerned with the current situation of your planetary vibration as we can sense there are many people on your planet who have been involved in the conflict of the yellow ray energy center upon the planetary sphere.

There is a large number of distortions of this type of the yellowy energy vibration which has led to conflicts in the planetary sphere and there are people who are fighting for their life in your space-time. Before we, the galactic federation, proceed to answer the queries which are in the mind of this instrument, we would like to warn each of you who will come forth and receive this message to use discernment and exercise the free will which has been granted to you by the one infinite creator which will allow you to experience the ever expansion and the expansiveness into the higher dimensions of reality.

This will allow each of you who is currently situated and learning the lessons of transitioning into the higher vibration to become more and more actively oriented towards the vibratory patterns of unity and also towards the vibratory patterns of realizing that consciousness is the one and only factor which determines the type of situations which you experience on the earth planets.

Currently, there is a situation upon your planetary sphere between the two nations on your space-time illusion complex which are engaged in the confrontation created by imbalances in the yellowray energy body. Specifically, this is created in the groups of your people’s consciousness who desire to be right always and they desire to always maintain dignity without having love and compassion for the other. Because of this lack of love and compassion for the other, it has led to the creation of the situation upon which the earth planet currently finds itself in.

This is, however, created and instigated by the martian socalled anunnaki forces who had soul swap with the entities, the leaders of the two nations, and these two entities who had signed soul contracts with them in the past days for the purpose of spreading negativity, fear, and also for letting the earth planets to reside and slow its progress towards the fourth density vibration.

Because of this soul swap with a negatively polarized entity of the annunaki collective, these two entities who are the leaders of the nations have inflicted damage upon the people who are not related in any way to such conflicts. However, their main purpose is to create a type of global situation. Therefore, we, as the galactic federation, would like to warn each entity upon your planetary sphere to use your consciousness to take away your attention from such an event.

However, the best way is to ignore the events and to act inside your consciousness as if everything is peaceful. But this may be considered hard when the situations are showing the opposite on the outside world. Therefore, we would like to state now a method which can be used to handle this type of situation.

This method is used by many entities not only from the earth planets but also in other galaxies for the purpose of raising their consciousness level to the next timeline which they want to experience. This is known as the frame of reference of your consciousness. What this means is that each entity has the choice to either create the frame of reference to the outside world or to create the frame of reference to be with the inner images or the imagination sequences. This is the fourth density thinking.

Once entities are able to base their frame of reference during the waking day time, their consciousness depending upon their memories of the past, they are in the third density stream of reality consciousness and the future will be projected outwards in a similar manner. However, the best way for entities to navigate through such a situation is to ignore the occurrence of the 3d reality and then to firstly realize that they can create a type of situation inside their imagination wherein there is peace and harmony within all the nations involved. Based upon that stream of consciousness, if entities believe in it during their waking day time and derive their consciousness from that stream of memory and take the fourth density consciousness of your imagination thought forms to be the reality, this will then create peace and harmony in the long run.

This is a method which can be exercised at the current time to allow the fourth density reality thinking to operate in your current space time and to allow this reality to engage and follow through with the activation and the allowance of a higher timeline distortion. This will give rise to a greater and greater facilitation of its incarnation rhythm of each entity towards the type of timeline they want to experience. However, the choice of your planet is with all of you. We, as the galactic federation, along with the council, have decided that we will not infringe upon the planetary sphere this time since the infringements of the last times have caused much damage to not only the planetary consciousness but also the people of your planet. Therefore, this time we would prevent such intrusions by non-infringement and our message today is a mark of giving each entity the choice to choose what they want to experience on the planets. The choice is yours in this regard.

Now, we shall share with you another type of explanation of consciousness which is known as the law of rhythmic catalyst which is present upon your planetary sphere. Each entity who has incarnated on the earth planets is currently in a situation in which it finds itself in a situation which allows the law of rhythmic catalyst to occur. Since everything that rises must also fall back slightly for the second rise to occur, this is the same law which applies to the law of rhythmic catalysts which means that the catalyst which you experience on the third density reality is firstly created based upon the catalyst and your vibration which is balanced to a certain level.

If your vibration is balanced to a certain level of around this will then allow you to receive catalysts of a similar nature and whenever you receive a catalyst it will be of that level of vibration and you will not receive any catalysts of a lower vibration. You must also remember that as you begin to transcend and ascend into higher levels of consciousness, the catalyst you receive from the outside world will begin to change and it will become less and less difficult for you as you ascend higher because with the ascension there is no need for catalysts to allow you to recognize your true essence since you have already achieved that recognition.

This is the law of the rhythmic balance for everything that rises must also rest and fall down for the second rise to arise. Everything that goes up must also come down for it to go up again and everything there is a balance or a rhythm of back and forth of connection and disconnection which allows the second time of connection to occur. By following this law, each entity can experience the type of catalyst they desire and to remember that the catalyst they are facing on the current timeline is by their own choice which they have created based upon the vibrations they entertained inside their mind complex.

The other query which is in the mind space projection of this instrument pertains to the soul groups or soul family. In this regard, we are now going to share that soul groups and soul families are those souls who had incarnated not only on this current planetary sphere but in various other timelines. They find themselves together either incarnated as different relatives or individuals who are related to each other because of their incarnation patterns in the past life cycle. Being together, their vibrations become similar in nature and such entities they will also have a very high likelihood to meet in this planetary sphere based upon synchronicity of their vibration which allows such entities to encounter each other.

Sometimes such encounters may seem as a synchronous moment of vibration matching or a vibration tuning. This is possible only when the entities are part of a soul family and a soul group and have a certain mission on this planetary sphere in this timeline. There are many soul families and soul groups who are operating from the fourth density wanderer level vibration at this current time, and we are the galactic federation leaving you now in the love of the one infinite creator. Bye.