Session #117 • Galactic Federation

Ark of the Covenant & Soul Lives

Summary: The galactic federation is communicating through this channel to share teachings and answer questions. They explain that souls can have multiple lives at the same time, and there are twin flames who exist in the same timeline. The galactic federation also discusses the Ark of the Covenant, stating that it was given by negative entities and contains distorted rules. They suggest burying the device in a chamber of love and light to neutralize its negative energy. They also explain how synchronicities work and suggest using positive symbols to attract positive experiences.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through this channel’s vibration and we are located in our station in the saturn planet as known by your people in your vibratory sound complex terms. We, the galactic federation, are now inviting those entities who are willing to listen to our message, however, with discernment in the mind to listen to our thought forms and only accept those which resonates deeply with the inner heart.

We, as the galactic federation, are now being queried by this instrument’s mind complex for certain understandings of the aspects that are prevalent upon your planetary sphere. These understandings are primitive upon your planet and many of those entities who are upon your planet learning the lessons of love and compassion of the fourth density find it necessary to learn the teachings which we shall today share using the free will which has been vested within each mind body and spirit upon your planetary sphere to choose the type of lessons learned and the type of information that will be accepted.

The first query we can scan upon the mind of this channel pertains to the understanding of how many lives can a soul have at the same time. In this regard, we shall now address the query which pertains to the timeline of a soul as well as the incarnations which occur at the same time. Since many upon your planet are already aware of the various densities of consciousness which exist in parallel, there are densities even higher above those which now you currently find yourself in, which means that each of you exists in all densities at the same time, however separated by the distortion of love known as time.

This distortion of love has created a separation of experience for each one of you in the various densities each one of you find yourself in, learning the various lessons required to sharpen your souls and purify your spiritual essence in order to unify once again as the pure consciousness of the unity and the one infinite creator. Therefore, we as the galactic federation would like to state that there are souls upon your planets who exist concurrently in the same lifetime.

These souls, who occur in twice rhythms upon your planet, are known as the twin flames who are the same souls existing and separated as two individualized portions of consciousness upon your planet. However, the essence of the soul is the same. Hence, there are those beings upon the planet who are separated by distance and experience, but the sole signature and the lessons to be learned are similar. And sometimes these entities, they find themselves and they meet such entities using the synchronous moments of connection with the divine essence of the one infinite creator. And also, certain synchronous moments lead these entities to find each other’s twin flame.

There are also those entities upon your planet who have not yet activated and opened the heart energy center, which allows for such union to occur. The union of such souls who are existing in the same timeline at the same time primarily firstly requires the recognition of the inner love within the heart center by each entity, which will then allow the cosmic rays of love to interconnect such entities together. And once they connect with each other, they will find themselves similar in more ways than one. Even the vibrations of such entities will be similar, which signifies that they are the same soul living the same life in concurrent situations simultaneously. This is possible upon the planetary sphere and there are many beings upon the planet who already have this type of experience.

For each one of you, there is a twin flame who is your own soul separated and divided into another counterparts. Most of these situations are divided into the opposite sexes as known by your people, for a male will find a female counterpart as a twin flame who is existing at the same time upon your planet and so on. There may be situations also upon your planet wherein one soul may find its own lower density version at the same time, which means that some of your pets may be your own soul existing together at the same time trying to learn the lesson after density. However, this recognition is very hard to recognize for many entities. Hence, we must suggest that each individual finds such beings of love and compassion must look at each other as the self and serve the one creator as serving the self with the love of the one creator. And the service to others shall be the greatest service for the service to oneself if it is done in a manner as it can be equated to service to others can be considered the greatest service.

Because once each entity is able to recognize the other being as the self and the service done is given as 100% service to others, this will be the greatest service to others and the greatest potential accelerator for such souls to enter into a higher vibration of love and compassion. We shall now address the other query which this entity has placed before us. The other query pertains to the object known as the ark of the covenant.

As we, the galactic federation, scan this arc of the covenant object which was provided to an entity known as Moses upon the planetary distortion vibration of language by certain oriented entities of negative polarity, these information contained in the ark of the covenant which included the two tablets and the ten commandments were handed over by a negatively oriented entity in the form of an Orion being which disguised itself as the one infinite creator and thereby created certain rules which were in essence a distortion of the negative polarity because all the rules of control are laid down by the negative. These rules were handed down in positive framework and the entity known as Moses receiving such information felt it was doing a great service to the unity consciousness by spreading this knowledge of the ten commandments. Therefore, this entity’s service was untainted because it was not aware that the negative polarized entities had switched such information, in essence creating negative distortions hidden beneath the positive.

This information was handed over by fifth density Orions at the time space continuum of the existence of this entry known as Moses. Furthermore, the instructions for the creation of the ark of the covenant, which acts as a channeling device of electromagnetics for channeling the in-streaming energies from the Orion star system and for the purpose of spreading the electromagnetics of synchronicities which pull negative polarity and negative situations towards such a location wherein the device is activated.

With the galactic federation now take the liberty at this time to share with you that the location of the ark of the covenant previously was in the lands known as Ethiopia, as per your language vibration terms, and now it has been shifted by some of the negative polarized entities who primarily worked as the bidding or the bidders for the Orion entities in the form of human consciousness. These entities have taken the Orion device known as the ark of the covenant to the location known as Kiev in the lands known as Ukraine, as per your language vibration.

This is the reason why there is an activation of the ark of the covenant in this land which has created the attraction of negative energy towards it. This arc of the covenant feeds upon negative forces and more fear, anger, and hatred, the more powerful it becomes. The ark of the covenant has been activated currently upon your planetary sphere, which is creating a large number of distortions of negative polarity in the lands known as Ukraine.

Hence, we as the galactic federation would like to suggest those entities who shall, in essence, if by chance come in contact with the device, to take the device and then bury it inside a chamber of love and light of water which can be exposed with love light. And once this device is stored in a chamber of love light exposed water, this will neutralize the energies in streaming from the electromagnetics of this device, which is causing the negative synchronicities to be attracted to it.

Furthermore, there are many people upon your planet who do not realize how the synchronicities work upon your planet. Hence, as the topic may be related to your people, we shall now address this query. Each of you is an electromagnetic being, which means that each one of you also has a portion of consciousness of the positive and the negative charge upon your bodily complex.

Many are those upon your planet who have not yet realized that each of your positive and the negative charges can be used to influence your bodily complex to create synchronous moments which can be tapped once you are able to access intelligent infinity. The process is simply to firstly take a thought, whether it be a positive or a negative thought, and then take the emotion behind the thought. And once the emotion has been programmed inside your bodily complex, which is the subconscious portion of your mind, once your body remembers the emotions, the subconscious portion of the mind then communicates with your spirit, which in essence is in contact with intelligent infinity, and the synchronicities begin to arise.

This is also the reason why there are many people upon your planet, when feeling a positive emotion and when their bodily complex has been programmed to the positive, find themselves receiving positive synchronicities. They meet people of positive nature, find gifts of positive nature, and so on. The similarities between positive and negative synchronicities are the same, as the programming can be done either in the positive or the negative; however, the choice of each entity is respected. This is the same way the Ark of the Covenant has been created. However, once activated, the Ark of the Covenant uses the Orion energy system to create synchronicities of a negative nature, thereby pulling negative situations towards it.

This arises out of the one infinite intelligence, which creates the power of creation of situations and objects without any need for such creation to occur through the means of the laws of space and time. Since the infinite intelligence, once activated, is in contact with time-space, it can bridge forth the gap between time-space and space-time, thereby creating such synchronicities upon your planetary sphere. This leads those entities who want to experience such synchronicities to find themselves in situations of either positive or negative nature.

Hence, we, as the Galactic Federation, would like to state that each entity must be conscious of the types of thought forms and emotions they are entertaining because each emotion and thought form creates a synchronicity, and once the bodily complex has been programmed, the subconscious portion of the mind begins to tap into the infinite intelligence to create synchronicities of a positive or negative nature. Hence we, as the Galactic Federation, would like to suggest a simple method of tapping into the positive synchronicities in your life.

The process is simple: firstly, use a symbol which you want to experience. For example, if an entity upon your planetary sphere wanted to experience health, then such entities can create an image or a symbol which would signify complete health within its bodily complex. This symbol could be represented by any image in the mind. Once the image has been associated with health, this entity can then use such an image during its meditative state, wherein the disconnection from the egoic self is present, and wherein it becomes pure consciousness. Focusing on such an image will give it the emotion of already becoming that which it wants to be. Such symbolism will allow its bodily complex to be programmed towards the positive health situation in such a manner to attract the synchronicities which will allow it to regain the type of emotion it has programmed inside its bodily complex. Therefore, this is an example of how such a situation can be used. We, as the Galactic Federation, disconnect now in love and light of the one creator. Bye.