Session #118 • Galactic Federation

Signs of Ascension

Summary: The galactic federation communicates through the pineal gland, stating that the planet is ready for a significant shift in consciousness. They explain that signs of ascending into the new earth include a desire to love others unconditionally, a decreased interest in lower energy centers, and the ability to create emotions independently. They also mention unidentified flying objects observed in the Kremlin and Pentagon, noting that these are signs from the Orion entities to showcase their advanced technology and to manipulate human consciousness through soul-swapping.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through this instrument’s vibration today through the pineal gland of this instrument which has communicated with us. Now we, as the galactic federation, will take the liberty of using the consciousness stream within the mind, body, and spirit complex totality of this instrument for the purpose of answering the queries which are in the mind. The space projection of this channel, before we begin, the human collective consciousness who shall receive this message must remember to exercise complete control of the type of information which shall be entertained inside the mind, that the body and the spirit totality of their own individualized portion of consciousness. As each individualized portion of consciousness has the right to choose the type of thought form they will entertain.

We, as the galactic federation, the collective consciousness who have gathered together for the betterment of the human collective by sharing our message for the purpose of allowing ascension upon your planet, are now going to state that your planetary sphere is now ready for the third shaking of the earth, which as we can sense, will occur in the coming days. This third shaking of the earth will occur when each individualized portion of consciousness upon your planetary sphere begins to activate their internal rhythms of heart-centeredness by activating love and compassion and by staying in the rhythms of love. This can be accomplished by many of the people upon your planet by using the word known as love and repeating the word love inside their consciousness so that it becomes the only word that resonates within the stream of consciousness inside the mind, the body, and the spirit.

This will allow each entity who desires to experience the love of the one creator to experience more love in their life and the heart center will also be activated, which will soon allow the beating of the heart like the beating of the drums. The heartbeat of each individualized portion of consciousness will beat together in rhythms with another individualized portion of consciousness with a similar intention. Those who desire to align with a higher vibration of the fourth density will have greater chances of aligning themselves more and more towards the universal experience of reality, and this will allow the universal experience of reality to flower, giving each entity a greater opportunity within the mind space projection to allow and to activate the internal activations of the heart which shall lead each entity to understand that the rhythms of reality upon which they find themselves in is composed mainly of love. As without love of the one creator, even the negative aspects cannot exist. This is also the reason why many upon your planetary sphere already believe and know that love is the greatest form of magic upon your third density illusion reality.

We, the galactic federation, now upon scanning the queries inside the mind space of this instrument, would like to answer the query which pertains to what are the signs that will be perceived when one is ascending into the new earth. In this regard, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state that our perspective would be biased towards your experience on the earth planet since each planetary system and each locus has a different subset of signs and rules. The first sign which each individualized portion of consciousness will feel within their own bodily complex is the desire to love each being as the self, and the desire to love each being as the self, once it is activated, will allow all other negative emotions to be done away with. As this kind of love, which is the love of unconditional one creator, will allow the entity to love even its enemy.

Therefore, the love will expand even greater and greater towards higher rhythms of the beating of the self. And once the entity is able to recognize the unity within the self, such an entity who will then begin to operate from the heart center will find it less interested in the activities of the lower energy centers, especially the red ray, which is a sign of less interest in the sexual aspects of your survival bodily complex. And the other aspect of the egoic self will soon subside down because such an entity will vibrate at a higher level of love, and all the other lower chakras will be automatically balanced, and it will feel complete and whole from within. Therefore, it will not require and not depend on any other exterior stimulus for the purpose of feeling happiness or other emotions. Such an entity, once it becomes fully independent and becomes able to create the emotions it desires without depending on the outside world, then begins to gain extreme power and begins to realize that it is the creator of its own reality. And once it is able to gain control of its mind, body, and spirit consciousness, it will then be able to create the type of reality, and soon the effects will be seen on the outside world.

This is a sign to the entity that it is awakening and is now in the new earth vibration. If this is continued by this entity for an extended period of time in your space-time without going back to the previous vibration by becoming conscious of the subtle changes in vibration in its bodily complex, which occurs during its daytime or during its sleep time with every thought, with every image, and every sound it entertains inside its mind, body, and spirit’s totality, it begins to create a type of rhythm and a vibration shift occurs within itself. And once it is able to become conscious of the vibrational shift which occurs within its own inner self, this consciousness will drive it to then maintain the vibration of higher love. And once this entity is able to stay in such a vibration of higher love, it will then begin to regulate itself independent of the third density illusory reality. Therefore, many upon the planet will soon see changes upon the system of your third density reality, which will be reflected in the form of changes that people will no longer be controlled by other entities. And the people of your planet will be conscious of the types of information they listen to and the types of information they give their attention to because attention is your consciousness and your consciousness is the greatest power in the universe.

This is how the people upon your planet are being manipulated because they are not yet aware of what their consciousness is aware of. The greatest exercise for your people at this time of the great awakening would be to become conscious of your own consciousness, which may be considered as an awareness of your own awareness, which will provide you with the necessary stimulus for understanding that your consciousness is directed towards certain aspects. This has fairly remained unconscious upon your planetary sphere system for eons and eons. The people of your planet, they were unaware of their consciousness, even though many upon your planet took the effort to be aware of the internal streams of thought forms or emotions, but many upon the planet did not focus on the awareness of the awareness of consciousness. This will be the next step for humanity, for those who desire entry into a higher vibration must become aware of their own awareness.

Furthermore, we, as the galactic federation, would like to now answer the other query which this instrument has placed before our consciousness, which pertains to a black tetrahedron, the so-called unidentified flying objects by your people, which have been spotted many times in the locations as described by this instrument’s mind complex as Kremlin in your language terms and the Pentagon as stated in your vibratory sound sequence. We would like to answer the query and the answer to this query pertains to the entities who are using such a vehicle are the entities from the Orion constellation. These entities directly infringe upon the planetary orbiting sphere of consciousness as their quarantine does not allow direct infringement upon the planetary sphere.

However, there are certain flaps of consciousness stream of the quarantine which has been created for not allowing other entities to directly infringe upon the planetary sphere. In these gaps or windows or flaps of consciousness stream of protection around the planets, these UFOs as noted by people which are consciousness driven by the Orion entities appear above such places which are regarded as highly protected by people. This is occurring as a sign from the Orion entities to the people of your human collective consciousness that the powers and the technology which your kind has mastered is in no way matched to the type of technology which is currently under the prowess of the Orion entities who are masters also of technology. And these events which are in the mind space of this instrument occurred primarily during the event of soul swapping, where many entities in those places were swapped by the Orion entities using their own free will. This occurred specifically during major events which were to occur upon your planet, and the soul-swapping or the cloning of powerful people upon your planet happened in order to manipulate your human collective consciousness. This is the fact of the matter that we have noticed. However, the people of your planet have now become aware of this aspect also, and we, as the galactic federation, take the liberty now to leave you all as we found you in love and light. Bye.