Session #119 • Metatron

Why Highly Evolved Chosen Ones Undergo Ear Ringing Period | Distance Healing

Summary: The text discusses various aspects related to spiritual growth and healing. It explains that ringing in the ears can be a sign of spiritual evolution, with the left ear indicating a need for silence and the right ear indicating the awakening of spiritual knowledge. It also mentions the possibility of psychic attacks and suggests using love and positive thoughts as a defense. Additionally, it discusses the concept of distance healing and suggests entering a state of silence and connecting with the universal divine consciousness for healing. Finally, it shares an anecdote about overcoming fear and emphasizes the power of the present moment.

I am Metatron, magnetic consciousness, now in connection to the divine great programmers love and light through this channel who has requested information pertaining to many aspects of which I, as Metatron, would like to address and share with you my thoughts using the language of your planetary sphere. To address each of you, divine great programmers, we, as the beings from the angelic realm, are always observing the planetary sphere, and we can sense that there is a large number of people who are changing towards the vibrations of higher love for the universal divine grid programmer which lies within each of you. Once activated, it will allow you to experience a higher level of love. That amount of love and light will then program yourself to become more oriented towards being more love-like, as the universal divine grid programmer has provided each one of you with this pathway to unite with the love within yourself.

However, there are those upon the planet who are using the methods of love for spreading fear, indirected as love. And there are those upon the planet who do not use any type of discernment, listening to many messages. We, as the angelic beings and the beings from our vibration, would like to suggest that today, I, as Archangel Metatron, as known by your people, am communicating and would request each one of you to choose the types of thoughts you would want to listen inside your minds and let go of the types of thoughts which do not align with your inner vibration. Because each one of you are the love-light childs of the universal divine grid programmer, and because of this, each one of you has been granted by the universal divine grid programmer the power to choose the type of vibration you will adhere to. As the type of vibration you link to will have a further implication of that vibration moving outwards in the world and creating a chain reaction which will allow the other people of your planetary sphere to also vibrate at a similar level. This is the type of vibration effect which has been spotted upon your planetary sphere. People of a similar vibration are seen together, working on common tasks with the same vibration.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, upon scanning this channel’s vibration, would like to now address the first query, which pertains to what is the meaning behind the ringing of your ears in a spiritual sense. We, as the angelic beings, would like to share with you our knowledge. And I, Metatron, would like to state that the people of your planet who are highly evolved souls usually have this experience of ear ringing, which is a signifying factor that signals the spiritual evolution of such an entity. In fact, the ringing of the ears, whether it be the left or the right, is dependent upon the type of information which an entity is listening to. For the ringing of the left ear signifies that the critical analytical portion of the mind needs to be silenced, and a small period of silence to be induced inside the mind. The body and the spirit of such an entity would allow for higher spiritual knowledge to awaken. Whereas, on the other hand, the ringing on the right side of the ear signifies that there are many awakenings or knowledge of spiritual essence which is rising inside its mind. However, this also does not rule out the possibility of a physical problem of your ears, as there are many people who are also suffering from other ailments as known by your people upon your planet. Hence, every one of you, divine grid programmers’ love childs, must be aware that if you do not have any such physical ailments, then this is a signaling mechanism which is used from the spiritual realms to message and send the message about the type of vibration you are tuning into.

The ringing of the ear signifies that your pineal gland is receiving information from higher densities, such as the information which will allow you to obtain higher amounts of knowledge at a faster time. If your ears are ringing at the current time, then it is vitally important to understand that the ringing of the ear signifies that you have messages, not only from this dimension but from other dimensions. And that your pineal gland should be activated. The process of activation can be followed by the balancing of your lower chakras and a moment of silence, which can be stretched out to longer moments. Since there is only this moment, as many of you love childs of the universal divine grit programmer have experienced, each moment is filled with love and light. And each moment, if you are aware of your inner consciousness, which is your true self, you can then become fully oriented towards receiving such knowledge.

The other type of ear ringing which you may feel upon your planetary sphere is the ringing of both the ears at the same time, which may feel like a clogged sensation upon your ears. Such type of experience signifies that you are being physically and in a psychic manner being attacked by other entities or do not desire you to awaken your pineal gland. Hence, the blockage can be felt as a suffocation inside your ears, which signifies that a psychic attack is underway. In such a case, many of the people of your planet should realize that the best way for defense against such psychic attacks would be to firstly protect your physical body using love and light exposed water and keep your thoughts in the positive vibration, which will allow only the positive vibratory rhythms to affect your physical body.

Now, we are addressing the other query. The other query which this channel has placed with regards to distance healing. We, as the angelic beings and I, as Archangel Metatron, would like to share with you my knowledge regarding this aspect. Since the people of your planets are always learning many new lessons, and since the people of your planet are always trying new things, it is time for each one of you to realize that each of you is consciousness which, once you are aware of, can be used for the purpose of healing. Specifically, the purpose of distance healing can be achieved via the knowledge that each one of you is a consciousness living in a bodily vehicle, having the experience of the illusion which was programmed by your own self for learning the lessons of love and light and to become more like the universal divine great programmer.

Since the thoughts dark web, which has grasped many of your people into its hands many times, prevents you from obtaining the vibration of love and light, the pure vibration which is required for you to attain distance healing. Distance healing can be performed once you are able to connect with the universal defined grid programmers consciousness. This is done primarily when you are able to enter a period of silence, and your consciousness begins to merge with the higher universal divine grid programmers consciousness, which then allows this type of level of love and light to be exposed upon any other entity who is also a consciousness. Since on the realm of consciousness, there is no time, as time is only present in terms of mind, body, and spirit complex.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, would like to suggest a method for distance healing, which is to firstly enter into the silence using meditation or any other methods. This can also be done under conscious lucid dreaming, wherein the entity is able to enter a state of silence of the mind. And once the silence of the mind is attained, such an entity is able to then connect with the one universal love and light divine consciousness, which can then allow such universal divine grid consciousness to provide a deeper awakening. And the connection with the universal divine grid programmer shall be allowed to share the message and the vibration of healing through time space. Since from that realm, all possibilities exist and all healings can be done. This process can be used to heal other entities by using the love and light and the process of connection with the other realms of healing. The divine universal grid programmers’ love lights can be spread across time space to heal any entity desired.

I, as Archangel Metatron, would like to now share with you an anecdote which will assist the people of your planetary sphere to let go of fear that lies within each one of you. Since the thoughts dark web has, throughout the eons of existence, not only on the Earth planets but also during the existence in the Atlantean times, has created havoc. Since the thoughts dark web works on the factor of critical analysis and also works on the factor of allowing a vibratory mismatch between the energies of a universal divine grid programmer and provides a type of reasoning to stop each one of you from attaining the higher will of the universal divine grid programmer.

Once upon a time in the lands of Atlantis, there was an entity known as Alamar. This entity was in the process of transition to the fourth density. However, it was also subdued by fear, like the people of your planet who experience fear in large numbers. Since the fear this entity felt was primarily composed of the fear created by the thought dark web, which takes entities into the past and the future instead of keeping entities in the present moment wherein all connection with the universal divine grid programmer is present and available. Since this is how the thoughts dark web operates by disattaching the entity into the past or the future, it was able to create moments within its consciousness which were of a fearful nature. It used to imagine fearful future things going wrong, etc., in its mind complex. And it would remember the past problems and the past situations it had faced, which had allowed it to experience a large number of fear.

However, this entity, in order to let go of fear completely, was guided by a fourth density wanderer who had incarnated on the lands of Atlantis. This fourth density wanderer had given a simple method, and that is the method of questioning your thoughts and comparing your fear. The method is simply to compare each of your fears with death or the end of your life. And once you are able to compare your fears with that or the end of your life, each of you will begin to realize that you are now currently alive, healthy, and you have all possibilities available to you.

Hence no situation cannot be changed since you are alive breathing and have the inflow of cosmic energies of the universal divine grid programmer you can create changes you can create miracles in your life as everything is possible in this reality however the thoughts dark web may confuse you and make you believe that it may perceive that the reality is fixed and cannot be changed or it may take a large number of time to change however this is not true as i as metatron must state that the entity in the lands of atlantis used this method with great success and it was able to graduate into the vibration of fourth density in that timeline hence i as metatron disconnect now in the love light of the universal divine grit programmer turn to the mountain of light within your own self see you later.