Session #12 • Asthar Sheran

What Actions Will be Taken if Situation between USA & Syria Worsen?

Summary: Ashtar, leader of an intergalactic alliance, warns that if the current situation on Earth worsens, they will have to protect the planet from destruction caused by weapons of mass destruction. They have surrounded the planet with millions of ships and are assisting in the ascension process and evolution of human consciousness. Ashtar opposes the recent airstrikes in Syria and emphasizes the need for a political solution and peace. He urges leaders to forgive and move on, as continued attacks will hamper the ascension process. The message calls for peace and unity.

Good morning my dear friend, this is Ashtar. I am very happy to be here with you, beloved, to share love and information that should be freely shared in the world.

The plan of ascension is ours. I am Ashtar Command, leader of a group of entities who are directly observing your planet at this time. The Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the cosmos. As the creator made man in his image and gave him this vessel that you are living your life on to learn and experience the reality that surrounds you.

We are an intergalactic alliance of etheric ships and angelic and higher dimensional beings. We are here on a mission and we have been here on a mission for many thousands of years. We have been monitoring and assisting in the evolution of this planet and the evolution of human consciousness.

We have manifested physically and appeared before your kinds many times before and now have taken a spiritual role in order to guide your kind into the coming of the new Earth. There will come a time if the current situation in your planet worsens when you will see our ships and this is a message of warning to all your human races to now listen to our message and be warned that if you create any more chaos using weapons of mass destruction, we will have to infiltrate and protect the sanctity of the planet Earth.

We are at present in the fifth dimension that is outside your time space and dimension space. However, we have now started to surround your planet with millions of ships and many millions of ascended masters are now noticing the recent activities going on in your planet. In fact, at this time, our effort has redoubled and we have a great number of fleets surrounding your planets, doing much work from the fifth dimension itself.

Our work primarily consists of many different areas. Largely, we are assisting in the ascension process that is happening on your planet at this time. As we speak, we are delivering this message via vocal channeling from the fifth dimension through this instrument. Many communication links are opening every day in order to connect with us.

We are a very organized group of beings. I, Ashtar Command, know that there is free will on your planet and that you have free will. However, we cannot let your kind use your free will and destroy your planet. I, Ashtar Command, deeply oppose the open-ended military commitments, the actions that happen in Syria, which could lead to the destruction of mankind.

Humanitarian relief is necessary to prevent genocide and provide food and water to meet an emergency that is emerging. But I am deeply concerned that these actions could lead to a prolonged direct military involvement, which I and other ascended masters do not want to happen on planet Earth. And we strongly oppose these events that have occurred in the last few days on your planet.

Both sides who are currently engaged in this airstrike battle of sorts must know that there is another way that must be found. It is also a consequence of the failure of the international community, as this instrument calls it, to contain the ongoing civil war in Syria. The airstrikes are not the solution to eradicate negative-oriented entities from a military point of view. The airstrikes only cause harm to other human beings, and other human beings, like we have said before, are just like your own self, your own soul.

This is not going to solve the problem. Instead, it is going to add to the problem. Many souls may be on their own journey through this lifetime of learning and evolution. They may be on their own process of learning and growing spiritually. However, many of these beings may have made an error during their learning process and chosen the negative pathway. This is totally allowed by the creator, as the creator has granted free will to every soul who incarnates on Earth to choose either the positive or the negative pathway.

However, we cannot allow the destruction of planet Earth. We have worked very hard to help this planet ascend in the last 100 years, and we have made huge progress in this regard. We cannot allow this to happen. It is like adding fuel to fire, and when this fire burns, there is a high chance of large-scale war to happen if this continues. We must warn the human beings and especially the leaders of these nations to use their own free will and judgment and stop this killing of other human beings who are, in essence, their own selves. This must stop, or else we will have to get involved with the permission of the Confederation of Planets.

We cannot let another planet destroy itself, just like Mars destroyed itself. We cannot allow this to happen again. Airstrikes alone will not end the crisis in Syria. The long-term solution must be a political solution that can be done using negotiations in a peaceful manner, not a military one.

I encourage both the leaders of these nations to begin the discussion of the steps needed to stabilize the situation that is rapidly escalating in Syria. I know that the airstrikes that happened in Syria on Thursday, as known by these instruments, were targeting facilities near the Iraqi border used by the militia groups. It was a form of retaliation airstrike, a tit-for-tat kind of airstrike.

This kind of mindset will lead to the destruction of humanity. If this continues, we need your kind to focus on peace and not on war. Your kind was moving in the right direction until this moment. Again, a threat to all of humanity and all of Earth has started with this one action.

Two nuclear weapon-bearing countries can wipe out the entire Earth. You must understand that, my beloveds. Till this moment, we had been busy with our technology to assist the rotation of Earth and control the wobble that will inevitably result in a new polar shift. We have been doing our best to focus the light of the creator into the planet Earth to help during the ascension period.

Even though we are trying our best, your kind is taking things into your own hands and creating war instead of peace. My beloveds, know this, that with war, you will reach nowhere, but with peace and love, you will reach everywhere.

I, Ashtar Command, feel that there is a need to forgive when there have been mistakes made by one side or the other. Please forgive and move on. If your kind continues these kinds of attacks on each of your own selves, we will not help your kind further in the ascension process and the assisting light codes coming into Earth will stop immediately. This is going to hamper the rapid pace of ascension that is happening on the planet at the moment.

At the present moments, we are working with the energy grids of your planets. These grids are the various vortex points that surround your planets, and we use these grids to assist in balancing and controlling the rate and nature of the spiritual ray that is emanating to your planets at this time. We are doing everything we can, and we hope that your kind will get this message and do what they can to maintain peace and not allow this situation to escalate further.

Choose peace and not war, beloveds. This is the simple message I have to share today through these instruments. I hope that this message will reach your so-called leaders so that they may make appropriate choices in the path of peace and unity.

I, Ashtar, leave you now in the I AM presence of the creator. Bye.