Session #120 • Pleiadians

Universe School & How To Pass It | Extraterrestrial Monoliths & Vibration

Summary: The Pleiadians offer guidance to the human collective consciousness, explaining the evolutionary cycle after merging with the one infinite creator. They discuss the purpose of monoliths, some created by human consciousness and others by negatively oriented beings. The Pleiadians also explain how people can prepare for the new earth by tuning into the positive energy emanating from within the earth's crust and choosing a thought form, such as the word "new earth," to raise their vibration. They emphasize the importance of discernment and the infinite nature of consciousness evolution.

We are the pleiadians now communicating from our seat in the planetary sphere in the pleiadian star system as referred to by many of your people as the taigata sphere. We, as the collective of pleiadian beings, would like to offer our guidance to the human collective consciousness by providing our thoughts today through this instrument who has placed many queries for the proper understanding of the lessons required for this functioning of the planetary sphere. Hence, before we start to address any of the queries which are in the mind space of these instruments, we would like to warn each one of you who shall offer the hearing of our thought forms to use discernment as it is vitally important for each one of you to choose only those types of thought forms which provide you with deeper resonance of your mind, body, and spirit complex.

However, there are many people upon the planet who are well aware of these aspects and are not yet ready for many of the information may seem not for their particular vibration as everything operates in terms of vibration. The first query which is in the mind space of this instrument pertains to what is the evolutionary cycle after the merger with the one infinite creator in the eighth density consciousness.

Wherein each entity, once merging with the one infinite creator in the eighth density consciousness, has the ability to firstly fully understand the lessons of one point of consciousness. Since each one of you, as you are aware of your own existence in this earth planet, each one of you may realize that you are only capable of becoming conscious of a single point of consciousness, whether it be within your inner self, within your thought forms, or within any portion of your physical bodily complex. Since you are capable of only becoming aware of one point of consciousness, as you begin to merge into the eighth density consciousness after learning all the lessons of the one pointed consciousness lessons required during the lower levels of your existence in the lower densities, you then merge into the one infinite creator and then enter into the second cycle of the game of the universal lessons of consciousness.

Wherein you begin to master the ability of learning the lessons of two points of consciousness. For example, many of the people upon the planet who experience near-death experiences have felt this aspect to be true, wherein some entities are able to become aware of other points of consciousness simultaneously at the same time, which leads to the understanding that once you are able to enter into the higher sub-octaves of consciousness, you are capable enough to become aware of different points of consciousness which will allow you a greater clarity of your mind, body, and spirit complex totality. And as you begin to become aware of different points of consciousness at the same time, you also have a great opportunity that you will evolve faster in spiritual essence. However, as you begin to enter higher and higher into the various levels of understanding in the game of universal understanding of consciousness, you begin to realize that there is an infinite number of levels or infinite number of densities in which you can enter into, which leads to the understanding that the universal complex is infinite in number. And as you begin to progress from the second cycle of the learning in the densities and as you again merge into the one infinite creator, then begins the third cycle wherein you are capable enough to become aware of three points of consciousness at the same time leading you to understand the lessons of that level of the universal game of consciousness.

And finally, after multiple incarnations, as far as we are capable of realizing from the teachings we have received from other density beings and as far as we are permitted to share with you by the guidance of the galactic federation and the council of planets, we can only state that this is an infinite level wherein there is no end to your evolutionary cycle, there is no end to the growth of your consciousness level. You become planets, you become universes, and it continues on and on until you find for your own self the true reality of evolution. For we, as the pleiadians, also have to experience those realities. Furthermore, we are now going to address the second query which pertains to what is the purpose of the monoliths which are appearing in your planetary sphere at various locations which are strategically placed by the extraterrestrials as many of your people perceive it to be.

We, as the pleiadians, would like to state that there are different types of monoliths which have been spotted upon your planet as per the scanning as we have performed. The first type of monolith is created by human consciousness, which means that people of your kind who are either working for the entities of the negative or positive nature are trying to create monoliths around the earth’s crust in order to create grids of consciousness to allow the planets to enter into a certain trajectory. However, recently over the past few years, we have seen an active increase in the number of monoliths which were created by negatively oriented beings who have worked for the creation of monoliths primarily for the purpose of creating a portal around the earth’s crust in order to allow the entity known as the luciferian beings to enter into the cycle of this density since they are outside the galaxy trapped and unable to access any of the portals which have been closed.

There have been many monoliths which have been spotted around the space-time crust of the earth planet and this current timeline, and these were strategically placed by the negatively oriented beings in coordination with some of the human consciousness who are assisting them. This was done for the purpose of activating the grid of consciousness and creating a portal to allow the negatively oriented beings to have a faster travel time towards and inside your planetary sphere. However, there have also been many other monoliths which were created by the inner earth beings as a symbol or a sign of communication. These monoliths were created by the inner earth beings, such as the agartens and the demorians, who are in the form of a social memory complex of the fourth density consciousness. They were created in order to allow the people of your planet the ability to communicate with them using thought forms and telepathic communication in a similar manner as which is occurring currently, which is known by your people as the process of tuning into telepathic vibrational thought forms. However, because of the lack of understanding of many of your people, these were demolished and taken down.

Their form, we as the pleiadians, are now going to address the other query which this entity has placed, which pertains to how can the people of the planets become ready for the new earth at this current time. In this regard, we, the pleiadians, would like to state that the planet of your current earth space-time is having a surge in the vibration into the positive cycle since the last month of March as per year space-time measurement terms. There has been a high influx of positive energy upon a planetary sphere, and now in the month of April, there will be an even larger influx of positive energy. However, this influx of positive energy will arise from within your inner earth as the inner earth beings, such as the lemurians, the agartans, and many of the remnants of the atlanteans, are now working together to assist the human collective.

They shall be providing you with the necessary vibration equivalent of new earth. However, this shall come from within your earth’s crust. Hence, it is vitally important for the people of your planet to feel the warmth and the love which emanates from within the earth’s planetary sphere. This can be felt by being in communication with the earth’s crust and feeling the energies of love and light which shall begin to emerge from the later portion of the month of April. Hence, we can also suggest that the people of your planet who want to tune into the new vibration must firstly remember to tune their mind complex, which will then automatically tune their body and their spirit complex towards the higher vibration.

The process is simply to choose a thought form such as a word in your current time. For example, we shall share with you an example of an entity who used this experience to enter into the new earth. There was an entity who was performing many other methods of meditation and other aspects as this entity was a monk in one of yarm stations of learning the knowledge as a monk and this entity, however, despite several tries, was unable to stay at a higher vibration even though it was meditating on a daily basis. The main problem arised when this entity was outside of the meditation room wherein its thought forms were rampant.

Hence, this entity was suggested by a being which it had met during the sleep state to repeat the word new earth or to repeat the word love within the mind complex continuously. This monk then took on the challenge of repeating the word new earth continuously which allowed the vibration of this new earth to enter into the bodily complex from the mind which then eventually made its way to the spirit. This allowed this entity to have an instant graduation after a certain period of time. Therefore, the people of your planet can also use this method of tuning into the vibration of a certain thought form continuously. And once the bodily complex has been pre-programmed with the new choice of thought form and the vibration of the new thought form will allow the entity to then have a greater opportunity to enter into the later vibration of the so-called fourth density consciousness of the new earth, thereby becoming ready for such receivership of the energies which shall come from within the inner earth.

We, as the pleiadians, would like to state that it was a pleasure connecting today and go forth rejoicing in the power and peace of the one supreme creator until we meet again. Bye.