Session #121 • Pleiadians

Pleiadians Showed Me A Dream About What's Coming

Summary: The Pleiadians provide a brief history of Earth's happenings, including the creation of hybrid races and conflicts between different factions. They explain the significance of each soul incarnated on Earth and the importance of conscious awareness in the current ascension period. The Pleiadians emphasize the need for positivity and high vibration thinking.

We are the pleiadians and we connect with you today in the hope that your minds are clear and silent in order to receive the vibrations from the coming of the new earth. However, you still have your free will to accept or reject these messages that we are here to give through this instrument. Today, we come to tell you all a brief history of the happenings on earth from our vantage points so that you may understand the importance of each soul incarnated on earth at this time and the sacrifice made by your ancestors.

Roughly five million years ago, human evolution had been halted and had stopped progressing until Sirius B came into the spotlight. An artificial bridge portal was constructed that joined the earth’s core with the spear of Amenti and the core of Sirius B. Many of the souls that had graduated into the second seeding merged with Sirius B and a cross-breed strain of consciousness got created. This was named the Kantarians. The portal bridge that had been used in the second seeding was known as the Halls of Amoria in your language terms.

During the Atlantean times when the third seeding occurred, it was known as the Third Eye of Horus by the Atlanteans. Approximately four million years ago, the human hybrids were separated and taken to the Pleiadian star system, which is our star system, and were named the Europhites. They again interbred with the Kantarians and were named the Dagos. The Dagos were then brought to earth for reseeding of the planet.

The second seeding of the Atlantean kind was heavily influenced by the negatively oriented Anunnaki. The Anunnaki were negatively oriented and employed sexist corruption, wherein the women were forced to become sub-servants and breeding slaves. These Anunnaki were worshiped as the gods. Approximately 900,000 years ago, the Anunnaki, via interbreeding, created a new race called the Nephilim, who were the children of Anunnaki. These Nephilim were advanced and they dominated the humans that were on earth at that period of time.

The cultures of Lemuria were not affected or infiltrated by the Nephilims, and they retreated and lived mainly underground. Seeing the torture of the planet Earth, the Ra Confederation disabled certain gene courts so that they could put things back in order again and restore balance on earth. At this period of time, the Sirius interbred with members of the Alanian and Sirian races, which led to the creation of a superior human race known today as the Ceres or the Egyptians by your kind. The Egyptians held the most diverse genetic codes at the time.

Around 800,000 years ago, the Ra Confederation re-entered the Amenti spear and into the earth’s core. The so-called Anunnaki became upset with the Ra Confederation for interfering with the progress of their Nephilim race and decided to attempt to destroy the Amenti spear and utilize humans as slaves to harvest coal. A thousand-year war occurred between the Ra Confederation and the Anunnaki. In order to survive the war, many earth races were transferred to other planets and most Nephilim races shifted to Sirius A and then Nibiru. A treaty was made that led to the conclusion of the thousand-year-long war. This treaty was named the Treaty of El Anu.

According to it, the Nephilim would not return to Earth and another Anunnaki or human hybrid race was allowed to be created, called the Anu. This treaty created a separation within the Anunnaki. On one side, the Law of One followers (Sirian Sirius A and the Kantarian Sirius B) and the Syrian High Council were present, whereas on the other side, the followers of Anunnaki resistance comprising of the Dracos and the Dracon who had the agenda to destroy the spear of Amenti. The Ra Confederation, along with the support of the Syrian High Council, came in and applied the 666 Templar exci on unbreakable seal on the Dracos as well as the Anunnaki followers. This prevented them from interbreeding with another species other than their own.

The only way forward for the Anunnaki resistance was to hope to get back into Earth by using the new Anunnaki hybrid program named the Children of Anu, which was allowed by the treaty that had been signed earlier. At around 750,000 years ago, the third seeding of Earth’s human race began. The spear of Amenti was separated from the Earth’s core and placed into a secure location that would be protected by the Arcturians and the Pleiadians. The spear of Amenti was hidden in the Andromeda star system.

The Andromedans thankfully did not support the Anunnaki in their military involvement and they rejected the Treaty of El Anu. A connecting portal bridge was constructed that connected the Earth’s core and the spear of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy in order to assist in the re-seeding of Earth. This portal bridge was known as the Ark of the Covenant of Palaiodor and was also named the Arco of the Covenant. A fourth density seal was put on the Ark of Covenant, which made it into a one-way door whereby only souls could descend to Earth but could not return unless they had the fourth density gene coding ready for ascension. This one-way seal was named the Seal of the Ark.

700,000 years ago, the Ceres or the Egyptians interbred with the Lamanians, thereby giving rise to a new race known as the Uttar Tites, and they were termed the Priesthood of Utah Tides. The Oneness and only a small faction was left who resisted the Law of Unity. These were the Anunnaki resistance, the rebels who were the troublemakers. Many gifts were allowed by the other stellar races, including the crystalline power generators. During that period of time, the Ark of the Covenant was stored within the Atlantean landmass.

The Anunnaki resistance nearly destroyed the Atlantean culture during their infiltration with the help of the Dracons and Dracos. The Anu were infiltrated and interbreeding between the two occurred. A Templar exiled seal was created by the Anunnaki resistance and it was mixed in with the Anujins. The forbidden Dracos were allowed entry into Earth by the Templar Anu resistance infiltration. The humans at the time used the crystal generators in an attempt to get rid of the underground Dracos. However, this plan eventually backfired on the humans. The Ark of Covenant was breached and it had to be moved to the Egyptian lands. The Ceres or the Egyptians were then made the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ra Confederation builds the pyramid structures across the Egyptian lands and directly over the portal regions. Forty thousand years ago, the pyramid structures were a Ra or Sirian trademark. The Giza pyramid was built directly above the Ark of the Covenant to protect it from rebellious forces. The Sphinx was built directly on top of an inner Earth portal library as a symbolic tribute. Its main purpose at that time was to protect the fourth density ultra high frequency energy devices that are anti-gravity and were used to help in the building of the pyramids. The great pyramids main function was to act as an interstellar teleportation station from the time of their construction the pyramids during their most used period dating 46 500 bc 228 000 bc or also as an ascension chamber for the selected few who possessed the required dna encoding to ascend at that time. The Great Pyramid was used as a training school for initiates to the Ra Confederation ascension program and were also used for healing, generating genetic assembly, and for passage into the inner Earth portals beneath the Sphinx.

The Anu became more hostile under the protection of the Sirian High Council and many relocated to the Atlantean lands that were becoming the Anu stronghold. The Anu, on being angered by not being allowed to enter into the inner Earth or use the Ark of Covenant, devised a plan to conquer the inner Earth by using the Atlantean crystal generators to break down the electromagnetic barriers that had been used to secure the inner Earth portals. The Templar or Anu in 28,000 BC forced excessive power through one of the main generator crystals and the crystal exploded with the force of at least 10 atomic bombs at the time. This explosion in Atlantis caused the Earth to tilt slightly on its axis, knocking the pyramids vortex with the Earth’s heart chakra out of its previous alignment with the vortex system of Sirius B and several other planetary systems to which it had been originally aligned.

The Earth was now closely in alignment with the interstellar spirals that ran through the Pleiadian system, and so the new pyramid was now oriented to an energetic alignment with Al Sayon, the central sun of the Pleiades. The Ark of the Covenant and inner Earth realm remained safe under the protection provided by the Sirian High Council as the next natural 26,500-year cycle of Earth began through the inter-density time spirals. The Guardian races and the Ra Confederation knew it would be a real challenge to prepare the human races for the completion of the first ascension cycle, which culminated in a morphogenetic wave in the year 2018 or 2020 of your time scale.

The Guardian races had planned a different kind of awakening for the year 2018 or 2020. However, they had not realized the manipulations that had been done to distort the ascension in the evolution of humanity. Now, we the Pleiadians are here to tell you that the ascension period has entered into the second phase and the battle is now going to be purely psychological for your kind. In this phase of ascension into the fourth density, you should focus on conscious awareness and recreate an authentic lineage using the power of positivity and high vibration thinking. This instrument is in need of fluid nutrition; hence, we cannot continue the session further. Until next time, we love you and leave you in peace.