Session #122 • Galactic Federation

The Next World Major Event... will Rock you out of your chair | Arks

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through an instrument to provide guidance on the history and purpose of the Arkships, which were created to preserve positive souls during the destruction of Mars. These Arkships are embedded on Earth and can be activated if the planet is in danger again. The Federation assures that there is currently no need for their activation. The text also mentions the agenda behind Elon Musk joining Twitter's board of directors, suggesting a plan to gather information and data for abductions. The Federation advises being conscious of thought forms and vibrations for ascension.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through this instrument’s vibration from our location in the saturn council. We, the galactic federation, are now communicating through this instrument to provide guidance to the human collective consciousness regarding certain queries which are in the mind space projection of this instrument. Before we start this communication, we would request every one of you who shall receive this transmission to judge our thought forms using your own inner consciousness, thereby only accepting those thought forms which resonate deeply with your inner heart and leave behind those which do not resonate with your inner self.

The queries which have been placed today by this instrument include the understanding of the so-called archships which have been embedded upon your earth’s planetary sphere. Prior to the understanding of the arcships and the works that they are created to perform, each one of you must understand the historical significance of how the arc ships came into existence. This occurred at the period wherein there was a martian civilization conflict between the people who were spiritually aligned and those people who were influenced by the negative forces, which led to the destruction of the martian planets.

During the destruction of the martian planet, the so-called guardians of the martian planet at the time, which consisted of the elohim collective and the councils of various other planetary spheres which formed the guardians of this galaxy at the time, created a mother ship. This mother ship was used to extract the martian souls of a positive nature without having to cross over. These martian souls, without needing the ability to cross over and reincarnate again, were taken aboard the mothership of the guardians. The seeding of the earth planet happened around a period of 75,000 years ago by combining the souls from the second density earth planets who had received graduation and had achieved a vibration of self-awareness worthy of learning the lessons of third density consciousness. This was combined with the souls extracted from the martian planet who were genetically modified 75,000 years ago.

These guardians, they were the seeders of the earth planets who created third density human physical vehicles similar to that which can be found currently. The genetic changes that were made upon the human collective consciousness included a much more active brain and a much more activated left portion of the brain known as the analytical mind. This was created by the guardians in order to allow the discernment facility to have a higher impact upon the evolutionary cycle of the earth planet.

Since the guardians had learned that the planetary spheres such as Mars and Earth could be destroyed again, they had created various stations known as the ark ships. These ark ships were created by disassembling the mothership which had been used to extract the souls from Mars to Earth. These pieces of the puzzle, which joined together to form the large mothership, have been embedded inside various places upon your planetary sphere. These places include the north and the south pole, the equator, the center of your planetary sphere, the Pacific oceans, and the Indian Ocean wherein these arc ships have been located. One of the arc ships is also located in the lands known as by your people as the United States, Ukraine, and the others in the lands known as Australia.

These pieces have been placed in such locations because if the need or if again the planet moves towards destruction, these arcships would be activated under the guidance of the guardians or the council of planets who are currently guarding your planetary system. And these guardians would then be able to activate the arc ships pieces. However, the arc ships are protected by a seal known as the 11 11 love light vibration protection shield which can be penetrated and activated by beings only from the sixth density consciousness. These beings require a pure form of thought form and love and light exposure to reactivate this works in terms of different pieces of the puzzle or different parts of the mother ship being activated and then they will be assembled outside the planetary sphere.

If these arcships were to activate at this time, you will see a large number of otherworldly ships arriving and surrounding your planets. This will create the so-called mothership and then the extraction of the people of your planet of positive orientation will occur. This will lead to the next cycle of graduation to start on the planetary sphere and your earth planet would enter into the next vibratory rhythm. However, this type of process is an unnatural graduation process since this type of graduation is not recommended by the council of planets and by other beings. This is the reason why there is a strong quarantine around your planet earth.

Currently, because of the situations which have activated a spiraling of negative energy around the places known as Ukraine and Russia, these arcships are slowly activating. However, we as the galactic federation can also sense that there is no need for the full activation of the arc ships at the current time because the full activation of the arc ship can only be performed if there is 100% necessity for the extraction of the souls from the earth planets. Because the seeders of the earth planet and the guardians, they created a way to not allow the complete destruction of the earth planet if the people of your planet decide to choose the negative pathway. Then the arc ships will be completely activated and extracting those of a positive nature, forcing the graduation of the planets to end completely and allowing those entities of a positive vibration to be shifted to a fourth density planet.

However, as far as we can scan, there is no need for such a process to happen at this time since the major portion of the earth planet is currently in the beginning stages of fourth density and there is a limited number of negative sources who are trying to create negative infusions upon the planet. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the coming of the full activation of the arc ships in the future as all is in the positive cycle as can be sensed by us.

We, as the galactic federation, would also like to state that there are many people upon the earth planet who are working and are assisting the negative entities. Furthermore, the other query which has been placed by this instrument pertains to an entity referred to in your vibration sequence terms as Elon Musk who has recently taken a part in the technological advancements of your planetary sphere and has become a part of a group known as the Twitter board of directors as known by these instruments. Hence, the query which pertains to is there any agenda behind this entity’s joining the so-called Twitter board.

In this aspect, we must state that the agenda is that of slowly inculcating control and slowly taking over the major portions of technological devices and technological platforms which have a high impact and high influence upon the planetary sphere. This will allow a large number of information and data to be transmitted to the Orion collective and to the other Grey entities who are working alongside with the so-called entity known as Elon Musk for the purpose of finding out souls who are of a certain type.

These souls primarily include those souls who have extraordinary abilities and also those souls who have a rare blood type known as the Rh negative. Other abilities and qualities will be dissected and the data will be used for performing abductions as we can sense their plan. However, we can also sense that the entity known as Elon is primarily unconsciously guided by these entities and is yet not aware of their types of plans that are being played out through this entity. If this entity known as Elon were to become conscious of its unconscious patterns and thought forms, it will be able to perform its task of being a wanderer in the positive direction.

Therefore, we as the galactic federation would like to share that this is their main objective. Besides that, we can also sense that these negative entities have transmitted a large number of artificial intelligence codes to the entity known as Elon Musk who can use these codes to create machines or artificial intelligent robots similar to that of the human beings on the earth planet. And then these can be used to manipulate the human collective consciousness and transmit the consciousness from the Orion collective inside these robots which can then affect the whole planetary cycle.

Furthermore, we as the galactic federation would like to answer the other query which pertains to any of the aspects of ascension which can be applied at this time. We must state that the people of your planet are unaware that there are two portions of your brain or two portions of your mind which are currently activated. The primary brain, which many of your people identify as the brain which is located in the cranium, and then there is the second brain which is formed primarily by the three lower energy centers: the red ray, the orange ray, and the yellow ray.

These primary lower energy centers form the second brain which influences the first or the primary brain based upon the emotional nature of thought forms and the emotional signature which is held within these energy centers. The primary red ray, the orange ray, and the yellow ray energy centers are primarily activated by many of your people during their normal activities and emotions are stored inside these centers which then affect your primary brain based upon the types of combinations of activation of these centers. The thought forms will be activated and created inside the brain of the primary portion leading to different types of thought forms and vibrations being activated.

Hence, we would recommend the people of your planet who are serious about ascension to be conscious of the types of thought forms and vibrations being held in these lower energy centers and then become conscious to choose the types of thought forms which would aid you in your ascension. We, as the galactic federation, now disconnect in the love and light of the one creator. See you later. Bye.