Session #123 • Pleiadians

Guardians Of Looking Glass - This Goes Deeper Than You Thought

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through this instrument to guide human consciousness towards a positive timeline. They warn to use caution and not infringe on free will. They provide historical background on the Guardians of the Looking Glass, a group formed by former military members. They discuss a device created by the Andromedans to predict future events, including positive and negative timelines. They warn of potential negative events in April 18-29, involving reptilians and potential nuclear detonations. They emphasize the importance of becoming aware and aligning with the inner creator.

We are the Pleiadian, now communicating through this instrument’s vibration for the purpose of sharing our thoughts and insights using the vibration patterns of your planetary sphere. In order to guide the human collective consciousness towards a more positive timeline of the fourth density consciousness vibration, we, the Pleiadians, are now communicating from our location in the El Salon planetary sphere in the Pleiadian star system. We can sense that the human memory complex is slowly changing and awakening fully to the hidden powers that each entity has, and this has caused a rise in the number of people who are awakening to the truth within their own self.

However, prior to addressing the queries which are in the mind space of this instrument, we would like to warn each one of you to remember to use extreme caution because our thought forms are intended only as a means of inspiration and guidance, not as a means of infringement, which is the primary distortion of the law of free will, which we have to maintain as per the instructions received from the council. Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians residing in the sixth density consciousness, have knowledge of a limited number of aspects similar to your kind. Above our densities, there are many other beings whose knowledge is far more superior, and the depth of explanations will be of a greater degree. However, this does not mean that your mind is capable of understanding these higher information, which cannot be expressed in the form of words and sounds. However, there is a knowingness that these abilities and insights are real, which can be sensed by judging each material with your inner heart.

Today, this instrument has placed a query pertaining to the groups known as the Guardians of the Looking Glass, which have come out into the spotlight at the current time of your planetary space-time nexus. Upon scanning the information which is allowed to be shared to your people, we are now going to give you a historical background of how this group was created. Upon scanning the vibrational entities present in this group, there are a member of 145 entities who worked in the so-called United States military prior to the period in question. These entities, most of them were entities from the fourth density consciousness, and some of them had recent soul swaps with fourth density wandering souls, which has caused them to come together as a group of lightworkers and wanderers in order to warn and to provide awareness to the human collective consciousness with regards to the events that they have noticed.

Upon using a technological device which was created by the Andromedans and had been handed over to the so-called people of Sumer around the period of 1745 BC, as known by your people, in that time in the lands of Sumer, there was an opportunity for many entities to enter into the positive timeline, and many of those were being influenced and guided by the Andromedans’ positive council. Since the Andromedans did not want the negative entities to completely wipe out the progress of positive teachings that they had transferred to the Sumerians, in the hope of allowing the Sumerians a type of prediction tool, this device was constructed using the transmission of a sixth density consciousness into a glass plate-like substance which is crystalline in nature, and each crystal has the ability to showcase a different timeline. These crystals can be replaced by the substance known as dolomite as the so-called battery for the use of this substance and device.

This device then was used by the Sumerian population to prevent themselves from complete annihilation from the so-called influences from negative extraterrestrials, as known by your people, such as the Orions and the Reptilians, who wanted to destroy the positive work that had been done by the Andromedans. Because of this device, they were able to project outwards into the future timeline and to observe the possibilities of all the events would lead up to. This device was used by the high priestess of the Sumerian lands. However, because of not being able to disseminate the information, there was many times infringement by the negative sources leading ultimately to the end of the original Sumerians.

This device was then taken to the lands known as Iraq and was hidden inside a so-called monastery, as known by a people, and was found by the United States military groups during their infiltration around the period of the time-space nexus of 1981. In that timeline, this so-called device was then secretly transmitted and transferred to a secret society of members of high-level entities upon your planetary sphere who started to perform magnetic tests upon the device and who started to figure out how the workings of this device were created. There were entities upon the planet who were highly advanced and knowledgeable, and there was an entity known as Peter who was able to use its fourth density vibration to activate the device.

This device then was able to use the consciousness being projected from the observer or the entities who would observe into it. Based upon the events which were set in motion, it was able to predict a timeline in the future based upon the native vibration of the observer. However, there were many differences available as the vibrations of the observer changed. The events had a slight change in the occurrence. However, in the timeline of 2030, as for the so-called Looking Glass created by the Andromedans, the possible future events were projected to be of dual in nature. One event would lead to the combination of the Earth’s planetary vibration completely into the positive timeline, leading to a graduation of souls into the positive space-time and the ending of all negative totalitarian societies and other influences, which is the coming of the new Earth.

There is a cosmic event in the year 2030 which leads to a cascading effect of graduation of the Earth planet. If queried in the future about this event, we shall go into more details as it is a detailed event which needs more explanation than required at this time by this instrument’s bodily complex to handle. The other event which this Looking Glass has predicted and projected outwards, leading to different vibrations being used, is the vibration of them coming off complete negative polarity upon the Earth planets. If the events come on the days known by your people as April 18 to April 29th, there is a heavy chance of infringement by the negative forces. The Looking Glass has predicted and has created information that the Reptilians who are currently lodged inside the Mars planet would try to use the human counterparts or their human allies to directly infringe the quarantine which has been set forth by the Galactic Federation, and the protection shields which have been created by Asher Sharan will be dissipated and destroyed, leading to infringement of negative sources directly into the lands known as the United States.

On the day of April 18, as for the Looking Glass information we can access, there will be infringement from negative sources inside the Earth planet in the lands known as the United States, and there will be entities who will be merged and changed because the genetic composition of the Reptilians allows them to soul swap. These soul-swapped entities can replace the so-called leaders, and we have sensed that the main leader of the United States will be replaced by one such negative entity. We will then cascade the negative spiraling talking points of attack upon another nation upon your planetary sphere known as China and Russia, which leads to a cascading of spiraling effects. And the events in the future will be of a negative nature leading to a so-called detonation of nuclear bombs in the future if this timeline is not prevented.

Therefore, we, as the Pleiadians, as per the information we have and can provide, each entity upon the planetary sphere must become aware. And once awareness is spread about the events happening between April 18 to April 29th, as the timeline distortion is provided, there may be time-space occurring before or prior or later in the experiences of a space-time because of the variable nature of reality. Each entity, in order to prevent such things, must remember to just become conscious. And by becoming aware, there may be entities who are working and who will directly interact unconsciously with these Reptilians, unbeknownst to them. They will be unaware that they are aiding negative entities. And because of this aiding and because they will be aiding negative entities, they will, if they become aware of this information, try to stop such happenings in the coming days of April.

There are many other events of which we will, if required, request the council to provide information with the human collective consciousness. Furthermore, at this time, the one thing that the human collective consciousness must remember is to focus and to allow the creator within yourself to express. The creator within yourself can express its qualities by firstly remembering that the creator is residing within each entity upon the planet. However, many of you are unconscious to this fact, and many of you are awakening to the realization that the creator is within yourself.

Once you become actively aware of the creator, you can then allow the creator to express through you. This can be done by aligning with the will of the creator, which means to firstly enter into the state of detachment and enter into the state of complete silence of the mind. And once you are able to access the entry into the complete silence of the mind as an entity, you will then have the opportunity and the capability of realizing that the creator who lies within yourself will have other abilities as well. These other abilities will be expressed through you and not because you want to express it, but the creator’s will will be the greatest possible service to the One Infinite Creator.

The best way to accomplish this would be to access the silence of the mind and allow the silence to permeate to such an extent that your egoic self will be disabled, and the creator will then be able to use your creative faculty of imagination and the other creative abilities of energy creation to create what it desires through you. This is the greatest service to the One Infinite Creator at this time, to align with silence.

Therefore, we, as the Pleiadians, will request each one of you to use your free will. We’ll leave you now in love light of the One Creator. Bye.