Session #124 • Pleiadians

Looking Glass (2030) Two Timelines & Spiritual Freedom

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through an instrument, urging humans to use discernment in choosing positive thought forms. They discuss two possible timelines for Earth in 2030: a positive one if certain events are prevented, leading to awakening and freedom, and a negative one if events are not prevented, resulting in control by negative forces and a galactic war. The Pleiadians advise people to find inner satisfaction by creating gifts in their minds, using imagination and symbolism. They emphasize the importance of self-love and positive emotions for overall well-being.

We are the Pleiadians, now communicating through the vibrations offered by this instrument. We are now communicating from our location in the Pleiadian star system, from our social memory complex. We are transmitting our thought forms to this instrument, and we would recommend each one of the human collective consciousness who shall receive the message to use discernment and only choose the type of thought form which resonates deeply with your inner heart. As each of you is a divine creator’s aspect who is learning the lessons of choosing the pathway of entry into a vibration of positive or negative timeline, and this is also the reason why many of you find yourself bombarded with positive and also negative information. Both types of information are bombarded towards your people for the purpose of providing the choice to be of a free will nature. Therefore, we are doing our work of sharing the message of love, light, and each of you who vibrates in the positive vibration of love and light shall find our message resonating with your inner heart. However, those who shall not resonate may leave our messages behind without any second thought.

Today, this instrument has placed many queries before our social memory complex, of which we are now going to address one after the other. Upon scanning the first query, which pertains to a continuation of the understanding of the events or the outcomes which have been discovered via the artifact known as the looking glass project, we, as the Pleiadians, would like to share with you the two convergent timelines which will occur in the year 2030.

Firstly, we shall share with you the positive timeline, followed by the negative timeline, as both timelines are possible depending upon the choices made by each one of you in this planetary experience. If the multiple events ranging from the number of 72 to 74 are prevented in the coming future days, then the so-called Earth planets will enter a positive timeline, meaning that all the planetary people of your planet will awaken to the truth of being a cosmic entity. And upon reaching a polarity or vibration of the beginning sub-octave of fourth density, many of the people on your planet will be imbued with the positive vibration of love and light, and will fully understand what it truly means to love and respect other entities.

This will also mean the ending of the old systems of governmental control, and each entity in such a system will be free to make choices. This will happen if all the events of around 74 in number are prevented by becoming consciously aware. Then, after the people of your planet reach enough positive vibration, your hearts will begin to beat in a rhythm, and the magnetic forces around your bodily complex will begin to intermingle with each other, thereby creating a link of consciousness within each one of you. This link of consciousness will then allow each one of you to communicate with other beings in the galaxy, and you will have free communication with us as well as other members of the galactic system.

This will then provide you with a high number of lessons or knowledge to impart to the people of your planet. And at the period of around 2030, around the month of 21st December 2013, the sun will have reached the vibration of positive vibrational equivalent system in its logos, and will vibrate and spend out enormous amounts of energy, which will lead to the creation of light, which will reach not only your planet, but to the end of the galaxy. This positive light vibration will then completely wipe out all the negative forces or the entities of negative polarity, forcing your planetary system to enter into a complete graduation cycle. This type of energy explosion from the sun will only happen when each entity upon its solar system is ready to be of a positive nature. This will be a change in the planetary vibration and the dawning of the completion of new earth inside the planetary system will begin, and the explanations of the new earth as we have covered in the previous sessions can be followed, as the systems which will be prevalent at that time in the positive timeline will be of such a new earth-type nature.

Furthermore, we are now going to share with you the possibility if the events are not prevented based upon your awareness. If the events are lightly taken by the people of your planet, as per the information received through the looking glass artifact, the Earth will, if the events are not prevented, spiral into a negative polarity. As stated previously in the previous session, wherein the negative forces such as the Orions and the Reptilians will soon begin to infringe completely inside the planetary sphere, and they will also create an Orion hybridization program, creating artificial intelligence extraterrestrial and Orion life forms combined together, creating an artificial so-called extraterrestrial hybrid known as the R Codes. And if the R Codes are created, there will be a large number of people who will be put under their control by the Orions, who will be using them as their way of providing control to the planetary sphere. And the Orions will be launched in the Martian planet.

Furthermore, there will be many others who are going to be involved in such a creation of hybridization programs, especially the people of your planet known by the individualized complex entities, such as Elon Musk and other entities, such as Bill Gates. In your language vibration, hoshal, find it easy to provide a greater and greater opportunity to use such hybridization programs for the benefit of creating more wealth, which will, in turn, be of no use since the wealth will be later on be of no use in such a society where there is only negativity. And if the hybridization program continues, the creation of the R Codes will lead to the spreading of negative polarization upon the Earth planet more faster. This will lead to the creation of a portal in the laboratories known as the CERN laboratories, which will then allow the so-called Luciferian beings to completely enter the solar system, and this will create havoc upon your planetary sphere. This will lead the negative entities to win upon the Earth planets, thereby leading to a galactic war. In order to restore peace, there will be a galactic war between all the positive forces who will try to stop the infiltration completely, and the ending of the era of Ashtar Sheran, as the entities known as Ashraf Sheran will be consumed and decimated in an energetic way by the Luciferian beings. Thereby, this would lead to the spreading of negative vibration not only upon your planetary sphere, but also the Sun body will be captured by the negative entities, and its energy will be harnessed completely.

Therefore, there will be three days of darkness emergent upon your planetary cycle in the year 2030. If this happens, in the third day, there will be a cosmic blast from the inner core of the central Sun, which will lead to the destruction of not only the Sun body, but also the destruction of the galactic system and the solar system upon which you find yourself in. And this will force all the seeders of your soul bodies to come and rescue those entities who are of a positive vibration in mother ships, which will be activated by the arcs embedded inside various places in your planetary system. This is a negative timeline, as we have suggested. However, we can scan that the positive beings upon your planet are becoming more aware, and the prevention of these events amounting to 74 in number can be stopped by your people by just being aware. This message must be remembered, that awareness can allow you to prevent over-indulgence in such an aspect.

Therefore, we shall now address the final query, which pertains to any suggestions we have for the people of your planet at this time. We, as the Pleiadians, have sensed that many people upon your planetary sphere are still looking outside themselves for inner satisfaction. They are still depending upon other people, situations, and objects for inner satisfaction. Hence, we, the Pleiadians, would like to suggest that the best way for such entities to become free once again and to obtain their divine power is via the creation of the so-called gifts inside their mind complex, using the facilities of imagination and symbolism. We shall explain how the entities upon the so-called Earth planet have been using this aspect. Many are those of wanderer’s nature. Once, there was an entity known as Amir, who wanted to feel and who wanted to experience what it felt like to climb in top of a mountain.

However, since it lived in a low altitude area, it had no possibility of climbing a mountain. Therefore, instead of feeling the dissatisfaction inside its bodily complex, which is an emotional sponge, as your body absorbs all the emotions which generate from your thoughts, it is an emotional sponge. And this entity, once in a dream state, realized that it was doing damage to its bodily complex since it was feeling dissatisfied because of not being able to achieve its goal of climbing a mountain. This entity known as Amir then followed a procedure of meditation and using the first person perspective to imagine itself climbing a mountain already and to feel the thrill. This entity gave its body, which is an emotional sponge, the thrill of having already accomplished its objective.

Furthermore, this entity then created a letter inside its mind complex, such as the letter “M,” which signified the feeling of thrill. And once it was able to link the feeling of thrill with the letter “M” during its visualization process, it was able to then conjure up the feeling on demand whenever it desired. By just closing its eyes for a few seconds and imagining the letter “M,” it would feel the same thrill of having accomplished climbing the mountains. In the same manner, this process can be used by your people as gifts to your own self. If you truly love yourself, you will give these gifts of satisfaction and accomplishments to your body, because your body is an emotional filter. And many of you are using it for negative purposes, providing it with dissatisfaction, hurt, sadness, etc., which leads to diseases and imbalances upon your planetary sphere. Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, now disconnect. Bye.