Session #125 • Galactic Federation

Big Energy Shifts Are Beginning Worldwide | ET Seeders

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through vibrations to spread love and assist entities. Energy shifts and genetic composition checks will occur in April. To prepare, individuals should protect themselves with love energy to maintain a high vibration. Open contact with other beings is only possible when the planet enters fourth density and learns lessons of love. To access infinite intelligence, one can dislocate consciousness from the physical body through meditation and imagination. This allows connection with the One Infinite Creator and access to infinite possibilities.

We are the galactic federation now communicating through the vibrations of this instrument from our location in the saturn council and before we begin this communication we would recommend each entity who shall come in contact with this information to use it wisely for the dissemination of this information may lead to an expansion of love amongst the planetary sphere therefore it is the choice of each entity to serve the one infinite creator in all its ways and we as the galactic federation are providing you all with one more way of serving the one infinite creator. All of you must remember that each one of you is the objectification of the experiences in different modes shapes and forms of the one infinite creator.

There may be many moments wherein many of you forget your true purpose of incarnation in this timeline however the various messages we have transmitted using the vibratory patterns of your planets through this instrument may assist each one of you to fully understand your true purpose of incarnation at this time. We as the galactic federation social memory complex comprising of various beings from different galaxies and various beings who have come together for the purpose of spreading the messages required to assist those who shall need it at this time are now relaying this information for those who shall accept it with their own free will.

The first query which is in the mind space of this instrument pertains to the current energy update of the planetary sphere. In this regard, we as the galactic federation would like to now state that there are going to be huge energy shifts occurring across your planetary sphere in the coming week of the month of April. As known by your people, during that time period the elohim collective as well as the beings who were responsible for seeding the human collective consciousness around a period of 75,000 years ago shall appear amongst the so-called earth planetary vibration in light form. These beings shall appear in order to check for the type of growth that has been made since they are the original seeders of humanity. They are going to appear in the next week of the month of April for the purpose of checking upon the type of progress made by the seeds they have planted in the garden of consciousness.

Much like the garden of your mind, each one of you has each one of you can plant the seeds of love and light or the seeds of negativity and soon you will find a harvest or a growth of the same type of thought forms which you have planted inside your mind. This is the reason why the so-called seeders are going to check upon the planetary vibration to find out the types of changes which need to be made in the future regarding the genetic composition of all the beings of your planetary sphere and also to check upon the progress made by each one of you. Even though you may not realize but the seeders are the ones who created you and each one of you is like a seed in the garden of consciousness which is composed of the earth planet as well as all other plant life, animal life, etc. However, the primary vibration that they are coming to judge is the vibration of third density sub-octave in order to understand if the earth planet is fully capable of entering the fourth density completely or not. Therefore, we the galactic federation would like to state that there will be massive energy shifts appearing in the month ahead and in the weeks of the month known as April.

Therefore, one of the best exercises that people of your planet can do is to perform the activity known as protecting your bodily complex using the vibration of love. The process is simply to initiate a process of entry into the silence of the mind followed by the creation of love energy around each of your organs and each of your body part of your mind, body, and spirit complex totality. This will allow you a shield of protection of love and light from any negative sources and also will keep your vibration at high all times which will allow the keepers of the so-called seeders of your planetary sphere to find favorable situations for further progress of the planetary vibration. This may lead to several symptoms and changes occurring upon your vibration since the seeders are now going to appear in form of light before your people, they may have to decide change the genetic composition of people completely towards the fourth density. Hence, many of you may be feeling symptoms of ascension such as the symptoms of changes happening in your bodily complex, the changes which appear when you are ascending such as ringing of the ears, etc. They accompany many of your experiences at this time.

The other query pertains to why the human collective consciousness is not ready for full open contact with the other beings from other planets. In this regard, we the galactic federation must clearly state that this is not possible unless the planet enters fourth density middle sub-octave vibration wherein all the entities learn the lessons of love and once they are able to learn the lessons of love completely then such an open contact of nature which may be not disturbed by the so-called influences of your mind and the third density eco itself will allow the open context to occur upon scanning the mind complex and the vibration of the earth planet. We are of the opinion that there are many people upon your planetary sphere who are waiting for such an open contact and many people have already been visited by some of the beings. However, such visits are not in open nature.

Therefore, for such open contacts to occur in the future, each one of you must remember to learn the lessons of fourth density vibration and to retain the vibration of love and light throughout your incarnation which will further allow you to progress into the vibration of higher consciousness and give you the ability of retaining the ability to openly accept other beings upon your planetary sphere because otherwise the contacts with other mind body and spirit complexes from other galaxies will be incomplete.

Now we shall address the final query which pertains to how beings upon your planet can access infinite intelligence. In this regard, we shall share with you a story of an individualized portion of consciousness which had incarnated in the lands of Egypt at the time of 11,000 years ago. This entity was known by the name of Kimra and this entity was an avid worshipper of the sun. In that timeline, it wanted to understand how it can access infinite intelligence and had tried many ways. It was in contact with the entity known as Hermes Tris Magustas and the teachings of Thoth. This entity then started to learn the teachings of the entity known as Thoth and slowly it began to delve into a pattern of experience of trying to create reality using the experiences of meditation and internal work. One of the processes which allowed it to directly access infinite intelligence was the process of realizing that the only way to access infinite intelligence, which is the unity consciousness, is by firstly dislocating the consciousness from the current physical vehicle and entering into a time space realm by leaving the body much like the occurrence of death.

However, this is a semi crossing over process as the ability to return back is maintained because the silver cord is still present in the vibration of such entities. The process is simply to meditate, close your eyes, sit in the void, and using your so-called imagination, you can imagine yourself from the first person perspective as you are the observer moving out of your body, leaving out of your body, and then rising up and up as you begin to distance yourself from your bodily complex. Soon, you will find yourself outside the planetary sphere as well and soon you will find yourself outside your galactic system and finally merging with the one infinite creator. This is the pathway to access the energies of the one infinite creator and the intelligent energy will then be accessed which will provide you infinite possibilities. From this space of variation of all possibilities, of all power, you can create what you desire and you can experience any timeline. This is the time space realm and the best way for you to access infinite energy is via this process wherein all healings can occur and you will feel the energy of the one infinite creator’s love in the eternal void. However, after performing this process, remember to return back slowly by traveling in space time and entering back into your body. This will allow you to return back to your body after the accessing of the infinite intelligence and we, as the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.