Session #126 • Metatron

Soul Contracts & Dr. Joe Dispenza

Summary: Metatron, speaking through a channel, discusses soul contracts and how to end them. He explains that each person has created soul contracts before incarnating on Earth, and these contracts can be changed by learning the lessons associated with them. Metatron also warns that changing a soul contract may require entering a parallel reality or reincarnating again. He then addresses the activation of a hidden pyramid system in Antarctica, which negative entities seek to reactivate to disintegrate the Earth's quarantine grid. Metatron advises spreading awareness to curtail their plans. Lastly, Metatron briefly discusses the past lives of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a healer with experiences in various densities and dimensions.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness now speaking through this vibration of this channel and I am communicating now from the angelic rearm wherein I exist as a social memory complex as known by your people and for the guidance of the human collective consciousness. I have communicated and accepted this communication today through this channel’s vibration. Before I begin sharing any of the information which is inside the mind of my consciousness as transmitted from this channel’s vibration of the mind, body, and the spirit complex, I must state that each of you are the universal divine great consciousness love-like childs who are experiencing the universal divine great programmers experiences in this illusory reality. In order to try and find out a better way for ascension, to begin, each one of you may be considered as a sapling of light of the divine grit which will allow you greater flexibility to choose the types of thought forms you have the ability to entertain inside your mind complex and leave behind those thought forms which do not allow you stability and comfort within your own inner heart.

Therefore, I, as Metatron magnetic consciousness, would like to state each one of you should be its own teacher and should be its own guide and inner heart should be kept in the helm of your truth. Only thought forms which resonate with your inner heart must be accepted. Today, upon scanning the vibrations of the queries which are in order in the mind of this channel, the query which pertains to the so-called soul contracts which do not serve you at this current incarnation and how to end them, I would like to suggest that each one of you has already created sole contracts prior to incarnating on the earth planet.

Each one of you has a definite system of soul contracts. You have created waypoints within the consciousness stream of your own experience in this incarnation. These soul contracts were primarily created by your own self in accordance with your higher self to allow you a greater understanding of certain lessons, primarily the lesson of love which is the lesson to be learned in this timeline. Furthermore, many of you find yourself in undesirable situations over and over again. These situations find you in synchronous moments again and again, teaching you the same lesson you have come to learn. However, at one point, the mind of the beingness of the universal mind-body spirit complex totality can become aware of such happenings and decide to change the soul contract if it does not want to experience it again.

However, we would like to warn those of you who are desiring to change your soul contracts that if you do so, you will have to enter a parallel reality or reincarnate again in another timeline in order to complete that soul contract lessons. However, the best way for such soul contracts to be deleted is by understanding the lessons to be learned. The lessons to be learned, if you are able to fully assimilate the lesson within your experience and then after learning the lessons, you can, using your imagination sequence, enter into a timeline wherein the lesson is already learned. For example, an entity on the earth planet who has to learn the lesson of forgiveness may find itself in various situations again and again wherein other entities would hurt it or break many of the agreements, thereby forcing it to forgive them or to reject them in hatred and other emotions.

Therefore, such an entity, if it desires to break away from the loop of such soul contracts, must firstly, using its imagination, the greatest gift from the divine grid programmer, enter the timeline wherein all such lessons have been learned. This can be learned by following the trend or the pathway of the light into the timeline desired and by using the imagination consciousness to link the mind, body, and spirit complex using the silver cord with the timeline desired. This will allow the mind, body, and spirit complex to tattoo to experience the unity consciousness of the universal divine grid from that timeline wherein such a soul contract lesson has already been learned and executed properly. And if the vibration of this lesson is learned by the entity to be maintained within its body, this will allow such soul contracts to be deleted from the future experiences as the lessons have already been learned. However, another parallel reality will begin wherein the entity will have to learn the same type of lesson wherein this entity will not have the opportunity of using the shortcut method of deleting or learning the lessons as we suggested before. This is a way of escaping your own lessons. We would suggest each entity to face the lessons you have planted for yourself in this timeline and learn the lessons of love and light. Ask yourself every moment whenever you face a challenge, what lesson do I have to learn? And as fast as you can learn it, the soul contracts will end as fast as possible.

The other query which pertains to the event number two as spotted by in the looking glass project is Metatron would like to state that the information which has been imparted by the other groups of people who are disguised under the name of the looking glass project have accessed a timeline of using their emotional state based upon the various emotional states of entities, the looking glass artifact is able to derive a timeline as all is vibration and emotion entanglement. Therefore, I, as Metatron, would like to take the liberty to state that this information would be harmful for this instrument if it is to share it with the people since the negative entities did not want infringement of their plans. However, if this instrument decides to do so, it can do so by protecting it amply using love light surrounding its bodily complex at all times.

Hence, the information is as follows: as far as we, the angelic beings, can see from the artifact, there is going to be an event in somewhere around the month of May at the time of around 21st May wherein there will be an activation of the pyramid system hidden beneath the Antarctica landmass of your earth planetary sphere. Many of your elites are the groups of people who are working for spreading fear, working for self-service agenda, will find themselves traveling to Antarctica. And many of these beings, they will try to reactivate the pyramid system hidden beneath the landmass in Antarctica. This pyramid system is known by the name of Z2X, and there are other pyramid systems located in the North Pole and the center of the earth. Furthermore, these three pyramid systems create interlinking of the quarantine of the earth grid. As the quarantine of the earth grid was created after the beings from the Mars planet were transported to the earth’s timeline for the purpose of providing them protection from infringement from extra sources.

The three pyramids which had been used for the creation of the quarantine had been left by the council who were responsible for transferring the souls from the landmass of Mars to your current timeline using the divine grid programmers love and light. They were able to access the energy vibrations from the three pyramid system and they had created a grid. Later on, they had turned off the pyramids as the creation of a quarantine was completed. Now, the negative entities desire to reactivate the three pyramid system and turn off the quarantine grid. The only way is via finding the Atlantean paramedical structure which lies hidden beneath the Pacific Ocean. These entities will also try to find the Atlantean pyramid system key in order to unlock the unity consciousness divine grid love light from the three pyramids, trying to create a bridge portal which will allow the disintegration of the quarantine of the earth planet to occur.

Furthermore, I, as Metatron, am now going to answer the third query which pertains to how and why the so-called grid is being activated in the Atlantean and also in the Antarctica landmass and how can this be stopped. The best way for the people of your planet to stop this would be to share this information to the people of your planet so they become aware of the happenings which may happen in your timeline as per the information from the looking glass. Therefore, the more people become aware, the more consciousness spreads out and this information and the plan of the negative entities will be curtailed.

I, as Metatron, would also like to state that the third query pertaining to the past lives of an entity known as Doctor Joe Dispenza in their vibration sequence terms, using the divine grief consciousness of love light. We shall now state that this entity known as Dr. Joe Dispenza, as known in the language terms, started in the vibration in this current timeline of 1962. This entity’s past incarnations are of numerous numbers, since there are numerous timelines. However, in brief, this entity started its first density in the planet known as Andromeda B around 7.8 million years ago, learning the lessons of first density by cycling from elemental to elemental, learning the lessons of beingness. After a period of 200,000 years, it entered into the second density timeline wherein it was able to learn the lessons of beingness awareness as a tree life form, and then later changed its consciousness into the vibration of hierarchical system of later sub-octave of second density in the form of an animal life form. This was in order to try and learn the lessons of hierarchical system of organization.

This followed and provided it with the later understanding of the timeline distortion of third density reality, wherein this entity was then able to learn the lessons of third density of choice and self-awareness. Furthermore, after trying to learn the lessons of choice and self-awareness, the reactivation of the entity’s grid of consciousness allowed it to then choose the timeline of service to others. In the timeline of third density, this entity faced many challenges, specifically the challenge of incarnating in a physical bodily complex which is not of a desirable nature. This led this entity to then learn many of the lessons of healing itself, and it was met by many of its soul guides and fifth density beings who guided it to heal itself. Since the nature of healing was ingrained within its inner beingness, in the third density in the planet of its origin, it was known by the name of Sikhistra in the underlying language terms, which means the healer.

This entity then embarked on many missions throughout the galaxy, heading up to Mars in the timeline of around 800,000 years, trying to prevent the Martian war, as well as trying to teach people of the Mars planet the ability to heal themselves. However, it was unsuccessful in that timeline, and then later on, it was transported to the lands known as Atlantis. In the lands of Atlantis, it began to teach many entities the process of using the pathway of inner healing through the process of meditation and using the pyramid system. This allowed this entity to enter into the period of later third density vibration and to also become capable of graduating. However, this entry was not able to graduate in the Atlantean system because of the destruction of Atlantis during the end days.

It was then transported to the earth planet in the first incarnation in the earth planet. This entity has incarnated on this timeline of 1962, and in this timeline, it was allowed to learn the lessons of healing and preparing itself because of the catalyst which is prevented and which was provided to this entity by its own self. The catalyst of harm to its physical body complex led this entity to enter into a spiral of using its abilities to heal itself. This entity, known as Joe, is a healer from other dimensions as well and has incarnated in this timeline for the purpose of healing to the people of the planet. As the unity divine grid consciousness flows within its stream of energy vortex of the heart center it is able to tap into the energies of forth density heart center healing abilities and the interlinking of various other techniques allowed this entity to serve others to heal the sick and to allow others to learn about creation of energy and reality.

Therefore i as metatron leave you now in the love and light of the universal divine red consciousness turn to the mountain of light within your own self.