Session #127 • Pleiadians

Prepare For Changing World Order & Higher Self

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate their thought forms to the human collective consciousness through channeling. They explain that the higher self exists in the sixth density and is aware of all timelines and parallel realities. The higher self guides individuals towards experiences that contribute to their growth and development. They also mention the existence of a light system created by various intergalactic beings for the purpose of disclosing the existence of other interplanetary beings to the people of Agartha. Discernment is advised when receiving messages from these entities.

We are Pleiadians now in communication through the vibrations of this instrument for the purpose of providing our thought forms to the human collective consciousness. We are now communicating using the vibratory sounds of your planetary sphere, which can be accessed via this instrument’s channeling system. Before we continue today’s session, we would recommend each one of you who shall listen to our thought forms to judge our words wisely and only to listen to those thought forms which provide you with inner satisfaction and the resources of your internal heart aligned with ours. Therefore, we shall now address the queries which are in the mind of the complex of this instrument, which pertains to the details about your higher self.

In this regard, we must state that your higher self is all-knowing and is in the sixth density middle sub-octave. Your higher self can be considered as a collection of all timelines and parallel realities in which you currently experience and exist. Since the higher self exists in the space wherein there is no time, it can exist in all times at once and is able to become aware of all timelines and possibilities in the now moment.

Consider yourself to be a mind, body, and spirit complex at this time who is capable enough to become aware of only one timeline. You have the ability to become aware of one system or timeline at this current space, and because of your lack of ability to become aware of other timelines and other probabilities, many of you do not yet consider that you are existing in other space-time variations at this same time, and you have experienced multiple other timelines as well.

Since the timelines are as numerous as required for your general growth and soul evolution, each one of you will decide what types of experiences you want to incarnate into at the current timeline. Based upon the experiences you want to experience, your higher self will provide you with certain guidance and certain sets of mechanisms which will allow you to learn the lessons required for your growth and development.

Your higher self may be considered as your social memory complex of your own self, which merges with all other timelines in the vibration, becoming all-knowing and understanding about the nature of reality in the later sub-octave of sixth density. Since the higher self is in the positive timeline, it also extends its hand outwards towards the negative polarity of your own self. In many other probable timelines, you are experiencing the negative polarity of service to self. And as you find yourself in this timeline, you made the choice in this timeline to experience the positive aspects of service to others and the vibrations of the heart center, which you are now aligning towards.

This will begin to objectify the nature of reality, and the purpose of your incarnation will become clear. Many times, your higher self will place obstacles within your timeline experience in order to allow you the opportunity to assume the solution of the obstacle. For example, many entities upon your planetary sphere find themselves in obstacles such as health conditions upon their bodily complex, which cannot be easily healed by the so-called doctors of your planetary. In such cases, your higher self is signaling to you via the process of such obstacles that you must assume health and you must assume yourself above such situations, already healed.

However, many entities upon the planet, disregarding such signaling mechanism, submit in front of such an obstacle, thereby not learning the required lessons to be learned. And many times, the higher self will have to realign your timeline for the next incarnation if you are unable to learn such a lesson. There are also other opportunities in such a similar manner, wherein you will be given a challenging task or a new task, which may be considered above your current level of handling such situations. This will allow you to then assume a reality wherein you are already able to handle such a catalyst or such a new opportunity, which may allow you to expand yourself higher into levels of consciousness.

Which may not have been possible by your previous self. Therefore, your higher self is always in communication with all of your timelines. It may be considered as a social memory complex or a coming together of the various timelines into one. The only difference between other social memory complexes and your higher self is that in the higher self, only your various timelines come together to create a larger social memory complex. And in other social memory complexes, such as our social memory complex, we have different beings of consciousness coming together creating our collective social memory. This is the only difference between each entity’s higher self, which is a collection of its own self in various timelines and forms.

The higher self is concurrently providing service to those who need it in the various timelines by providing guidance in the form of inner hunches and also in the form of challenges and situations, which will allow such entities to expand. The communication with the higher self can be performed using the processes of your inner self during the sleep state and also during the deep states of imaginations wherein you are experiencing a certain timeline becomes a request to your higher self or will then align you towards such a timeline in the future.

Therefore, the people of your planet must realize every moment what they are assuming, and it would be beneficial for the people of your planet to ask yourself the question, “What am I assuming at this moment?” For the assumption of a timeline can be a thought, a feeling, or an imagination sequence, or a word thought form, as all of these will allow you to select a timeline. You must be very cautious of the types of feelings, the thought forms, and the words and imaginations you are entertaining inside your mind. And upon asking the question, “What are you assuming at this present moment?” If you are assuming something which you do not want to experience in a coming timeline, then you must prepare yourself for by changing your assumption is to change your thought forms, imaginations, and emotions and feelings, which will then signal your higher self to allow you to experience a different timeline than that selected by yourself.

This is the main process of how the communication with the higher self occurs. Now, the other query which pertains to the entity known as Rey and the light system. In this regard, we must state that since it concerns with a different group of entities, we would like to state that those people who are listening to the messages from these entities must also use discernment when consuming their thought forms, as it may be an infringement upon some people’s vibrations.

However, upon scanning the vibrations and the purpose of these entities, it is of a positive nature, as we can sense. Which is to slowly allow the disclosure upon your Earth planetary sphere. The light system, as stated by your people, was firstly formed in the Agarthan system around a period of five thousand years ago. During that period, there was a need for the exposure of the Agarthans towards higher knowledge and towards the existence of other beings in the cosmos. And because of this, the light system was created by the mingling of various other intergalactic beings during that time period. Especially the creation of the Andromeda Council and the Pleiadian Council and the Sirian Council, which led to the creation of the light system, which would overlook the exposure of the accordance to the knowledge of other beings in that timeline.

This light system grid was created upon the principles of the Law of One. Therefore, many of the disclosures and the exposure to the intergalactic beings was successful in providing information to the people of Agartha at that time. In a similar manner, it is working at this timeline with many people upon the planetary sphere. Some of the entities are aware; however, there are many others who are unaware and are working for this system to provide slow disclosure to the Earth’s population about the existence of other interplanetary beings. This is happening at a rapid pace upon the planet, as we can sense. Furthermore, we would like to state that there is only positive vibrations we can sense from these entities. However, discernment is advised. Therefore, we, as the Pleiadians, leave you now.