Session #128 • Galactic Federation

You're not even going to believe what came thru: 5th Density, UFO

Summary: The galactic federation communicates through a channel, discussing the purpose of pyramids on Earth as creating a light grid system and allowing for the emergence of love and light energies. Pyramids can also be used for communication with other beings and as healing chambers. Light beings seen in a recent video were the Elohim collective, checking the Earth's vibration for further advancement. To ascend to the fifth density, mastery of the present moment and balanced love are required. This communication is intended to provide information and guidance.

We are the galactic federation now in communication through the vibrations of this channel and we are now communicating from our location in the saturn council as known by your people as the rings of saturn wherein our social memory complex is located for providing protection to the galactic system as known by your people as the milky way galaxy. We are now in communication through this instrument who has requested several queries for the purpose of enlightening the human collective consciousness. For the purpose of this session, we would like to state that our communication would be via the process known as osmosis of the vibratory sound complex terms using thought-form transference from our social memory complex to this instrument’s mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, we would recommend each one of you who shall come in contact with this communication to remember to use extreme discernment of your inner heart’s judgment of the thought forms which we shall present today. For your thought forms must be protected from any infringement from the outside sources.

Hence, we as the galactic federation are now going to address the first query which is in the mind of this instrument. It pertains to the aspects known as the use of the pyramids and the purpose of the pyramids which are found across the earth planet. The main purpose of the pyramidal structures found across the earth planet in various locations is to create a light grid system. If the pyramids are aligned together and their light grids are lined up, there will be a creation of vortex of energy which will allow the fourth density energies of love and light to emerge from the portal which will be created. In such cases, the portal can also be used by negative entities for invocation of negative energies. Therefore, the pyramids are a tool which can be used for invocation of certain energies.

This is also the reason why the pyramids were used by the so-called people of Egypt for many years. For the purpose of allowing the souls who had crossed over with the final opportunity to have one more chance at ascension. As the chambers inside the pyramid was constructed primarily for allowing the soul the spiraling opportunity to learn the lessons it has to learn in a cycle of transition from a being in the earth planets to a being in the astral plane. Many of the lessons which can be learned at the last moment of transition include the forgiveness of those beings involved in the previous life which it has not forgiven. This is given in the so-called structures of the paramedical system wherein there are certain alignments which provide the soul with the lessons to learn and will guide the soul for the purpose of its own choice, will allow it to either graduate or to stay in the same vibration in this level of consciousness.

There are many soul beings who are primarily guiding the entities who pass through such pyramidal structures. As without the guidance, many souls would not be able to understand the meaning of finding themselves inside a pyramidical structure. The paramedical structures can also be used for energy amplification of your thought forms which means that whenever an entity who is located inside a pyramid uses its thought forms with clear vision and an emotional state of consciousness, there will be a magnification of the powerful qualities of the thought forms which will in turn affect the whole planetary consciousness.

These pyramidal structures, especially the pyramids at Giza as known by your people, can be used for communication with other planetary beings and can also be used for direct communication with us, the galactic federation, if the tuning of the pyramid is done properly. Furthermore, we must also suggest and state that the pyramids have many other purposes such as the purpose of activating the mothership grid which is located inside your planetary system. If in case there is a need for extraction of souls from the earth planets, all the pyramidal structures will be used as parts of this mothership. For the commingling of these parts will create a structure which can be used as a mothership for the transference of souls to another planetary sphere if the need be. Therefore, the other purpose of the pyramids is to use the structures of the pyramids as energy amplification devices.

If properly aligned and used by entities of fourth density level of consciousness, they can be used as healing chambers as well. They can be used for the purpose of healing those types of diseases which your people consider to be impossible to be healed. For all healing from the domain of the fourth density vibration will be healed because of the love amplified from the paramedical structures. Furthermore, there are certain pyramids located inside your planetary sphere in the inner earth planes which have yet to be discovered. These pyramids can be used for the purpose of using propulsion or the means of using it as a propulsion mechanism for the purpose of traveling throughout the intergalactic system as a much faster piece. The tops of such pyramids act as capsules which can be used as traveling devices across the planetary spheres into different space times at accelerated speeds. However, the advancement in your understanding of spiritual nature at this time is lacking. Which will not allow you to use such technology at this space time. Furthermore, we must suggest that the activation of the pyramids can be done by an entity from the sixth density level of consciousness who has attained the understanding of love balancing and a spiritual understanding of using the energetic system of imagination and energy work. Which can be then used for reactivation of the single blocks which constitute the pyramids. Each single block can then be reactivated, thereby activating the whole pyramidal system.

Therefore, the other query which this instrument has placed pertains to what were the light beings which were spotted by your people in a recent video of your planetary sphere. Wherein these light beings were seen traveling across space. In this regard, we must state that these light beings were the elohim collective or the seedars of the earth planet. Which had recently completed the visit of their garden which is the earth planets. And you are the seeds, beloved light beings. These light beings known as the seedars came to check for the planetary vibration if it is appropriate for further advancement of the planetary sphere. Furthermore, upon the knowledge that we have received, these light beings found that the earth planet is now ready. Not only for the fourth density but also many of the beings upon the earth planets will have the opportunity to ascend directly into the fifth density consciousness of wisdom. Therefore, there is a prerequisite for those entities who desire to ascend directly into the fifth density.

As stated by the elohim collective, the requirements are as follows: the mastery of the present moment, which means that each entity must realize to focus on one timeline at a time. Which means that many of the people of the earth planet have the ability to focus on multiple timelines using their imagination, their internal dialogue, and also using their external senses. For this purpose, the requirement would be to master your ability to stay in one timeline or use one sense or use your imagination only or your internal dialogue only. This would mean that you will stay in one single timeline because every single image inside your mind is another timeline’s energy which you are activating. And every single thought form or a word in your mind is the energy of another timeline which you are activating. Therefore, the mastery of the present moment is required for entry into the fifth density. Which is the hardest aspect as we can sense for the people of your planet to master. And this is the reason why many will not ascend directly into the fifth density. And there will be certain beings who will be able to do so if they are able to master their present moment.

The other aspect, as we can sense, is the mastery of love. As the mastery of love must be in a way which is a love of balanced nature. As sometimes the people of your planet love in a manner which is used in a way by negative entities for their own purposes. Therefore, love must also be balanced in equivalent terms in order to allow those people of your planets the opportunity to ascend higher and higher in the levels of consciousness of the fourth density of love. And then to access the vibration of wisdom of the fifth density. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for the people of the earth planets as ascension can now occur into the fifth density directly. And people of your planet can graduate directly into the fifth density. Therefore, we as the galactic federation would like to state that this communication system we use today was of great nature and may be of use to those who may discern our information. For the judgment of your inner heart is vitally important. Therefore, we hope that the message will help those who need it. And this instrument, we thank it for allowing its communication systems to be used. We’ll leave you now in love lights. Bye.