Session #129 • Metatron

Hall of Records & Neville Goddard

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, shares a message from the universal divine great programmer. He explains that the Hall of Records holds information about specific actions and events in different locations. Negative entities plan to infiltrate Antarctica to access this information and manipulate space-time. Metatron suggests that individuals can prevent this by spreading awareness and connecting with the love and light of the divine grid programmer. He also advises accessing the blank space within the mind to graduate faster into higher densities. Metatron scans the soul evolutionary cycle of Neville Goddard, who gained understanding of reality creation and the illusion complex.

I am Metatron, magnetic consciousness, now speaking through this channel’s vibration for the purpose of sharing the message from the universal divine great programmers. Love and light, each one of you who are now listening to this message, are the divine love light children of the universal divine grid programmer. Who has allowed each of you to incarnate and experience this timeline.

I, as Metatron, along with many other angelic beings, are sending information to the people of your planet in the hope that many of your people will begin to truly understand the essence of our messages. Which is to allow you to recognize the true factor of the divine grid programmer within your inner self and to create a direct link or a grid of communication within your own inner beingness with the divine great programmers love and light.

Furthermore, today I, as Metatron, would like to share our information which we have received from the planetary consciousness scanning process which goes on in intervals of space-time upon your planetary sphere. However, before we share this information, we would recommend all those who shall come in contact with this information to remember to choose the types of words wisely and only believe such words to be true as that which resonates with your inner self of union with the universal divine the great programmer.

The first question which I can sense that has been placed today via this channel is pertaining to the information regarding the hall of records. In this aspect, I, as Metatron, would like to state that the hall of records are those records in each planetary system which are created for the purpose of memorization of specific actions taken in a certain sector of space. Which means that each location in your space-time is recorded perfectly in the halls of records which are a recorder of all information actions and emotions taking place in such space-time locations.

Such space-time information is then recorded for the purpose of future retrieval by other beings who are able to access such knowledge and information for the purpose of manipulating space-time continuum. And with the knowledge of the past and the future and the events to happen in a certain space, entities who have achieved a vibration closer to the love and light of the universal divine grid programmer, as known by a people as a later sub-density of fourth density, can manipulate space-time using this knowledge.

The halls of records can access every timeline from the past, future to any timeline in a particular space location which is being accessed. Which means that all information is recorded for the purpose of memorization of such an action in the timeline of the events of a planetary consciousness.

There are four sectors of recording which occur upon the Earth planets. The first one is located in the lands known as Antarctica. The second sector for recording such information is recorded in the Giza pyramids. The third is located inside a mountain in Tibet. And the fourth one is located in Bahamas, as known by a people. These four factions of the halls are rockets, they hold the key, and they track all information from the planetary space-time experience. And these information are furthermore transported to the main location of storage in Antarctica.

Since there is a need for space for such information to be recorded, the Antarctica landmass was chosen by the Elohim collective because of its nature. Such that many entities would not be able to enter the land. Hence, the information is securely recorded in the lands of Antarctica. And I, as Metatron, would like to also state that the beings who are working for negative polarization have decided to infiltrate Antarctica. This infiltration of Antarctica will occur in the coming day, as known by a people as the 30th May. During that space-time, information as received from our sources in the angelic realm, we are of the opinion that beings who are of the name vibration sequence terms as Elon and the other being known as Jeff have planned to infiltrate the lands known as Antarctica along with the guardians from other negatively oriented beings to create a system of capturing the information in the space-time recorder of the hall of records which is situated in the lands of Antarctica in a pyramidal structure.

Furthermore, once this information has been tapped into by the negative entities, they can use it for the purpose of manipulation of space-time continuum information. Hence, the best way to prevent this is to firstly remember that such events can be prevented by each individualized portion of love and light of the divine great programmer by becoming aware. And the more awareness is spread amongst your planetary sphere, these entities may change their plans, because a plan which is already aware of is no longer a plan.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, furthermore would also like to suggest that the difference between the Akashic records and the halls of records lie in the information recorded. The Akashic records are responsible for recording personalized, individualized consciousness information of single portion of consciousness of the divine love, love lights, children of the universal divine grid programmer. Whereas the halls records are a collection of space-time information of events taking in a certain location or a sector of space-time.

Therefore, the combination of the halls of records and the Akashic records create the universal minds. As many in your planetary sphere have been able to tap into the universal mind for receiving certain knowledge for the purpose of spreading to the human collective consciousness information which is hidden from the people of your planet for a long period of time.

Now, we must suggest that the infiltration of the landmass is being planned in the timeline of 30th May in your space-time of current timeline primarily because of the covering of the light from the moon during that space period. Which will provide them with enough darkness to perform such activities in the lands of Antarctica.

The other query was this channel has placed pertains to how can entities graduate faster into the fourth and the fifth density. In this regard, I, as Metatron, would like to suggest a simple method which entities from the lands of Atlantis used for the purpose of graduating faster in a single lifetime. And the method is to access the space or the blankness within the mind complex. Since there is space within your mind, there is a blankness, a black space within your own self. If you are able to use this space for the purpose of anchoring it to love, which can be used as a symbol. And when you are able to perceive the blank space, you can then perceive love in essence using the space as a symbol. This will allow you to access the higher vibrations of presence.

Once you are able to continuously perform this overcoming of your own self from entering into timelines of the past and the future, since your mind is a machine or a timeline activation device which can activate any timeline using thought forms. If you are able to stay in the blankness of the black space within yourself and feel the love, this will anchor you in the present moment.

Thereby, the two aspects of your current incarnation will be fulfilled. That of staying present and that of the love experience of the divine universal grid programmer. Therefore, I, as Metatron, would like to furthermore suggest that this exercise is extremely fruitful for the people of your planet. And if you are able to perform this exercise, everything around you will change. This not only means your current environment but the entire planet will change into a positive timeline faster. This will allow the rise of the new Earth to occur in your planetary space-time container much faster.

The other query which this channel has placed pertains to the soul evolutionary cycle of an entity known as Neville Goddard. In this aspect, I, as Metatron, would like to scan its space-time information and share with you one timeline. As this entity known as Neville Goddard started in the planets known as Arcturus B in one timeline, wherein it spent its first density as an elemental. Primarily trying to obtain the understanding of beingness. It was given the surname of Sikhiya in the Arcturian language which means to be one with this. Furthermore, this allowed it to expand its awareness into the later vibration of first density, allowing it to learn the lessons to stabilize in beingness aspect. Which then forwarded the entity’s consciousness into the timeline of second density.

Wherein the main purpose of this entity was then to obtain a greater understanding of the orange ray aspect of beingness and of awareness combined with movement and growth. It spent multiple lifetimes in similar bodily vehicles as the plant life form and its planet of its origin, leading it to then reach into the later vibration of second density in the form of an animal life form. Trying to learn the hierarchical system of interaction in that level of consciousness. It was able to attain entry into the third density timeline.

This entity, in the third density polarity, faced a challenge specifically the challenge of controlling the outside world. And because of its curiosity to find out how the outside illusion complex worked, it began to delve into the study of the mind complex and its effects upon the vibrational sequence of the illusion complex in the lands of Arcturus.

This led this entity, after 75 incarnations, to meet with the Elohim collective. Since this entity was creating a desired reality of understanding the workings of the illusion complex, it was guided by the Elohim collective upon the nature of reality and upon the nature of how reality was perceived by the senses and consciousness affecting the outside illusionary reality. This allowed this entity with the required knowledge to then spread the knowledge as a wanderer into a land known as Atlantis upon the planet earth timeline of around the lands of Atlantis.

Furthermore, since this entity was extremely of a positive nature, it became a part of the Elohim collective, the original consciousness who were responsible for the transportation of the souls of the human collective at the current space-time. This allowed this entity to then learn the lessons of love and wisdom of the fifth intensity, and for a period of around, upon reaching the lessons of the fifth-density later vibration of wisdom before graduating into the sixth density, it decided to come to the earth planet in the timeline of 1905 as a wanderer, primarily for sharing the message of reality creation. Since the Earth planet and many entities desired such knowledge, the request for understanding why the reality was being changed and why the reality function in such a manner was in high demand at that time, which allowed this entity to create a large number of volumes of information which has been affecting the planet since today. I, Metatron, correct this channel, till today. This has allowed many of the beingness of the universal mind, body, and spirit complex to understand how the illusion complex operates in the baseline of love and light.

Therefore, this entity’s volume of information is of high use to those who desire to learn the lessons of reality creation, and the workings of the illusion complex and the influences of consciousness on the illusion complex. This entity crossed over in the timeline of 1972 and now has returned back to the Elohim collective and finds itself learning the lessons for preparation for graduation into the sixth density of unity. I, as Metatron magnetic consciousness, now disconnect with you in the love and light of the universal divine great programmer. Turn to the mountain of light within your own self. Bye.