Session #130 • Galactic Federation

Soul Division, Manifestation, Soul Type Test

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through a channel and warns readers to use their inner judgment. They explain that higher density beings manifest their reality by focusing on desired thoughts, words, and images, which creates a timeline and attracts the desired vibration. They also discuss three types of souls on Earth: young souls, middle developed souls, and old souls. Young souls struggle with staying in the present moment and are easily drawn into negative thought forms. Middle developed souls are interested in learning how to create their reality and stay in the present moment. Old souls are experienced and can manipulate energy and creation, influencing others with their knowledge. The text ends with a suggestion for readers to observe their thought forms to regain control and stay in the present moment.

We are the galactic federation now in communication through this channel’s vibration. We are communicating through the silence within the mind space of this channel who has allowed this communication to occur in the form of internal communication of thought forms. As such, the thought forms are being transmitted from our location in the Saturn planets to the location of the instrument in the Earth planets.

We, as the galactic federation, before our communication proceeds any further, we would like to warn each entry who shall come in contact through our message today to use internal judgment of your inner heart. Only judge and accept those thought forms which provide you with resonance, since there is resonance within the truth that you hear. Only the facts which you resonate with may be accepted to be factual.

Today’s query, which are in the mind space of this instrument, pertains to how the higher density beings are capable of manifesting or creating their reality. In this regard, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state that there are several processes which can be used by beings of fourth density, fifth density, and sixth density to create and manifest the types of desires they have in their mind complex.

The process is simple – to just allow, firstly, the types of thought forms and the energetic vibrations of the desire to fully engulf the mind complex. Allow this vibration to transport to a bodily complex, which will then allow it to transport such a vibration and energetic signature to the soul complex, leading to the creation of a timeline and attraction towards such a vibration in that timeline. As all manifestations are the nature of energy and vibration, therefore all such manifestations performed by higher density beings derive an understanding of the silence of the mind as well as the power of each thought form.

Higher density beings above the fourth density are conscious enough to fully realize the impact of a single thought form inside their minds. Even a single word or an image has a certain energetic signature which, if focused upon by the awareness of the self, will allow such vibrations to be transported to the bodily and the soul complex, leading to the creation of such a timeline.

As such, the higher density beings, as referred to by this instrument and by your people, are masters of their own thought forms. They are able to enter into the depths of silence and choose the types of thoughts, words, and images which allow such entities to experience the energy of the future which they want to manifest in this timeline. This is the best way for such entities to select the energy which they want to create. Focusing their complete awareness or their beingness on that energy will recreate such an energy vibration upon the illusion complex upon which they reside.

This is the only way used by beings of a higher density to manifest or create what they want in the illusion complex. By focusing their attention completely on the energy of the thing desired or manifested, it will allow such a manifestation to occur. As it is the law of the logos upon which you find yourself in the universal sub complex, which created this galaxy, has created this law of energy for manifestation purposes in order to allow the people of your planet, as well as other entities who were residents of this galaxy and who are residing in this galaxy, to learn such a process of energy manipulation for the creation of their desires.

The other query which this instrument has placed pertains to the types of souls who have incarnated on the Earth planet. In this regard, today we, as the galactic federation, would like to share information pertaining to a deeper understanding of the nature of the soul, as well as the greater understanding of the types of souls who may find this information to be of it and this transition to the fourth density vibration of love and compassion.

There are three types of souls from our vantage point as can be seen upon the Earth planet. The young souls, who are the souls who are firstly incarnated on the Earth planet without having much experience. These souls are here in order to learn how to stay in the present moments without entering into timelines in their minds. The other aspect is to learn how to manipulate energy for the purpose of creation and manifestation as a creator or sub-creator in the illusion complex.

These young souls may incarnate on the Earth planets and find themselves in situations which may be hostile for their experience as they become imbalanced very fast based upon the catalysts they are also reacting constantly to the outside worlds. Because of their reactions, they face a large number of catalysts emerging not only from their bodily reactions but also from other entities who are surrounding them and also from the emotional states of consciousness which they are not able to balance.

These entities struggle the most with the purpose of staying in one timeline, especially that of the present moment, as their mind is completely imbalanced. Their consciousness projects into their thought forms and they are easily drawn by thought forms of negativity, fear, problems, etc. Thereby, even during their waking day time, they are dwelling inside another thought forms energetic patterns as the energy has dragged them towards such a timeline.

Furthermore, these young souls find it hard to stay in the present moment in the timeline they find themselves in, without dwelling into them other timelines in their mind complex.

There are the second types of souls who are known as the middle developed souls. These souls primarily are found upon the Earth planet who are those souls who are trying to learn how to create their reality, how to stay in the present moment, and how to manipulate energy. These are the souls who are in a large number on the Earth planet at the current time, and these are the souls who are highly interested in such messages which will help them to understand their purpose in this timeline.

These souls are always trying to meditate and enter into a space experience of one timeline. This means that such souls are trying to remain in a timeline without accessing the energies of other timelines in their mind complex. These souls usually meditate and try to improve their inner environment instead of the outside environments because they understand on an unconscious level that the connection of the internal is greater than the connection of the outer world. As only when the internal world is fixed will the outside world reflect the same signature of vibration.

The other types of souls are known as the old souls or the experienced souls. These souls usually appear in the form of wanderers and teachers upon the Earth planets. However, in the beginning portion of their incarnation, they are also not able to fully learn their lessons and they are in the process of remembering. Hence, they may seek guidance from other teachers or other entities for remembering who they truly are.

And once they remember who they truly are, they are able to fully stay in the present moment without entering into any timelines in their minds. The other aspect is they become masters of manipulating energy and creation. And because of the emotional control they have learned, they are also able to balance their reactions to the outside world. This creates a type of distortion of energy vibrations that they are manipulating using their imagination as well as other energetic signatures to create the type of timeline.

These souls, if they are able to use the silence of the mind with the energy of the future or an imagination sequence, can influence all other entities of middle and young developed souls. Since these entities have a large number of experience in other timelines, they are able to control themselves far obtaining a greater understanding of the nature of reality.

Therefore, we can suggest one exercise for the purpose of finding and training your consciousness to realize whether you are a young soul, a developed soul, or an old experienced soul. The process is simply to take a pen and paper and for a portion of your space-time, just give complete attention to your inner state, to your internal thought forms, and to your inner voices. Become conscious of the types of images, the words, and the thought forms which take you into a spiral of their energetic timeline.

Write down the first thought form which emerges in your mind as you observe your thought forms. You will find out which thought form is capable of dragging you into the energy vortex of their timeline. And when you are able to become conscious, you will then begin to regain the power from your thought forms, from your obsessive-compulsive entry into different timelines in your consciousness. You will then become conscious and you will have the choice to choose to stay in the present moment.

This exercise is highly aided in the process of allowing you to access the energies of infinite intelligence. It allows you to access the present moment and allows you to remember and to awaken fully. Those entities of an old soul nature will find it very easy to accomplish this aspect as they are in control of the mind. However, the entities of the young soul will find it very hard to stay in the present moment as they will be dragged by every single thought form into their timeline spiral. The same can be said for the middle experienced souls.

Therefore, we, as the galactic federation, are now going to disconnect in love lives of the one creator. Bye.