Session #131 • Pleiadians

4th Density & Open Alien Contact

Summary: The Pleiadians explain how a fourth density planet operates and how beings function on such planets. They describe the transition of Earth from the third density to the fourth density, which is characterized by love and unity. They outline the various sections of the fourth density, including the development of telepathic communication and increased spirituality. The ultimate goal is to reach the fifth density, where telepathic abilities are enhanced and the ego mind is transcended. The transition to the fourth density may take between 100 to 1000 years.

We, the Pleiadians, connect with your calling of service to the one, the supreme creator, and for the service of all beings in your plane at this time. Today, as per your mind collective, we are going to tell you how a fourth density planet operates and how beings operate on such planets. We will do this as much as is possible using your language because some of the concepts that are active on a fourth density planet cannot be explained using your language terms. Also, know this, that the instrument known as Sam is just a channel and, as per our agreement, he has agreed to step aside when we speak through him and transfer the messages through the veil. This might be relevant information for your planet at this time because your planet is moving into the fourth density. All of you who are alive today on Earth are witnessing and will witness a pivotal event in Earth’s history, that is, the graduation of your planet from the third density vibration into the fourth density vibration.

Firstly, let us tell you what exactly does the word “intensity” refer to. Density means the amount of light that can be contained within any particular dimension. The amount of information depends on the amount of light. More light means more information. With more light, consciousness can express itself in more diverse ways. As your planet continues to transition out of a third density vibration type into the fourth, the entire planet and all the entities living in it, including the plant and animal life forms as well as humans, will start to resonate a fourth density vibration. We are going to try to tell you exactly what that will look like and feel like in your language terms. As many of your beings already are aware, the fourth density corresponds to the so-called green ray chakra of the heart. It is the density of love, which literally means a feeling of oneness. In simple terms, a fourth density planet is one wherein all the beings that are on the planet come together and work as one group. This may be easier for your kind to understand from our vantage point.

Let’s, for a moment, imagine if the council allowed us to directly appear on Earth to meet the people on your planet. Then, at that time, we would not be concerned about the third density particulars such as those that your people indulge in at the moment, such as one human belongs to one race and the other belongs to the other race, and so on. This is the last thing that you will find in a fourth density planet. We refer to the residents of a planet as the same, no matter even if there may be some differences in their diet, speech, culture, or otherwise. Since they belong to the same planet, for us, they will be thought of as one. In a fourth density planet, such separation between entities of the same planet does not exist. Therefore, until your kind achieves this level of self-realization, no insights will be truly genuine. Yet, when you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the same life that flows through you flows through everything, then the love for yourself becomes the love for all naturally and effortlessly. This is fourth density consciousness.

Let us tell you that the green ray chakra of the heart, as you know it, is the gateway that leads to the upper three chakras and acts as a bridge between the upper and lower chakras. Without activating the green ray, it is almost impossible to activate the abilities of the blue, indigo, or violet ray chakras and to access the powers vested within each of these chakras.

Therefore, we must say that at this point, for all the beings on Earth, an openness of heart is the key that will lead you to get access to all the abilities in consciousness. And there is a very good reason for this. This is due to the simple fact that all of creation is one, and one is in all of creation. This is due to the fact that in fourth density consciousness, the awareness of perfect oneness is required to see all others as yourself and to love and treat them exactly as you would treat yourselves. In the fourth density, let us give you a brief outline of the various sections in the fourth density that you will progress through in your time. It may be considered as a future projection or a future prediction for your kind. There are eight sections to this density into which you are now heading towards.

In the first section, your beings will become more unified, and channels of communication between separate parts of the planet will begin to happen at the speed of light. In this first section, all the corruptions and all the negative-oriented events will be exposed much faster. Then, after a certain time, you will enter into the second section, which is the most vital for any beings on any fourth density planet to pass through. That is the creation of simple telepathic communication mechanisms. This will not be an advanced form of telepathy that you will see on a fifth density planet.

However, it will be of a basic type. Since your brains begin to change in its molecular density as the planet progresses, you will begin to understand much more about how the other being is feeling, and you will start to talk with them in your dreams or while you are thinking about them. The information sometimes gets transferred directly without ever having to talk with the other beings. However, this will be refined in the later phases of the fifth density.

This leads to the third section of the fourth density, in which people begin to become more oriented towards spirituality and meditation. This section will have most of the beings performing daily meditations for hours and hours. Above the third section of the fourth density, other planetary entities will start to show themselves more and more to people of your planet. This will lead to the creation of communication channels between various planetary entities in the cosmos. After the fourth section, it is the most important section, that is, the fifth section, in which the veil of forgetting completely gets lifted from your life, and all the beings on Earth begin to understand a life that they had lived before. They understand that they had been a man and a woman in the prior life, a plant, a stone, and many other things in the process of evolution. This section will lead your peoples to become more unified. The number of families that you know of now will be multiplied by ten thousand times in this section of the fourth density. After successfully reaching this fifth section, the next sixth section begins to emerge, which is a section wherein your kind will leave behind the ability of using verbal communication.

This section will lead to the enhancement of your telepathic abilities. It will be enhanced enough to allow humans to communicate telepathically. This will be the ending of the so-called ego mind by your kind. Your ego is made up of words. However, most do not realize that once there are no words in your mind, the ego is gone, and you will see your true self, the source of oneness with all. Late fourth density leads to the later sections, that of the seventh and eighth sections, in which your bodies will become more light-like, and your imaginations will immediately start to manifest whatever you desire. It will start to happen faster and faster. After the ending of the eighth section, your kind will graduate into the fifth density. The transition from the third to the fourth density may take between 100 to 1000 years, depending on the progress made by your kind. This session was energy-depleting for the instruments. We would request the instruments to kindly sleep for two hours more than it does to restore its vital energy. Until we meet again, bye.