Session #132 • RA

Flat Earth, Looking Glass

Summary: The Ra collective addresses queries regarding the flat earth theory and the energy update for June. They explain that the perception of the earth being flat or spherical depends on the dimensional location of the viewer. They warn of negative entities planning to capture and amplify negative emotions using the CERN laboratories. To prevent this, individuals are advised to regulate their emotions and generate positive energy through meditation and imagination. The Ra collective suggests spreading this information to stop the capture of negative emotions on Earth.

I am Ra and we greet you now in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. We communicate now from our space-time continuum location in the planet known as Venus, and we are now able to transmit our thought forms through the vibrations of this instrument. Since the alignments are in order, we shall now address the queries which are located inside the mind complex of this instrument.

However, upon the start of this communication transmission of vibratory sound complexes for the purpose of aiding the human collective consciousness in the path of finding union with the one infinite creator, we would like to warn each one to use their own discernment thought forms to accept within their mind complex using their inner heart, and leave behind those thought forms which do not align with their belief systems at the present.

The first query which is in the mind space of this instrument pertains to the concept, as referred to by your people, as the flat earth theory. In this regard, we, as the Ra collective, can notice that there have been separation of human consciousness belief systems based upon the flat earth theory or the spherical earth theory. Since we are from the dimension of sixth density, we are able to perceive all the types of existence of the earth planets, which means that we are also able to perceive a second dimension flat earth as well as a third dimension spherical earth.

Therefore, we can suggest to the people of the earth planet that the validity of earth being flat or spherical depends upon the location of the viewpoint. If entities are in the second dimension and they perceive the earth to be flat, it will be valid for them. And if entities are in the third dimension and above, the appearance of earth to be spherical in the third dimension is valid, which means that entities in the fourth may perceive earth to be sectors of time separated into different time slots as they can enter into any time frame they desire. This is the viewpoint of different entities on their dimensional location in experiential space-time.

Therefore, we, as the Ra collective, would like to state that this is the viewpoint of various entities on their location. However, for a third density being who exists in operation in three dimensions, it would be impossible for such an entity to perceive a flat earth, and this would not be valid for the people of your planet. However, all of you are free to believe what you want to perceive in your mind space.

We shall now address the other query placed by this instrument’s mind complex, which pertains to the energy update for the month of June and the distortion known as the looking glass artifact event number three.

Upon the perceptions of the people of your planets, there is variable nature of energy systems changing upon the earth in the month of June, based upon the space-time and time-space location of around June 2022. We can perceive that the energies of the earth planet will slightly change towards the positive if the event known as entry of the emotional hijack system is prevented. This is perceived from the looking glass artifact, as we, the Ra Confederation, can perceive that the negative oriented Orions and their fleets of subordinate beings, the reptilian entities, along with the others who are using their mind body and spirit complex as robotic entities known as the Greys, are planning to operate a systemic entry or capture of the emotions of negativity using the planetary systems vibration and to amplify it using the CERN laboratories, as known by your people’s vibratory sound complex.

These entities plan to enter into the time-space on the June 27th, wherein they will try to activate the certain laboratories along with a mutation to its functioning pertaining to the establishment of an emotional energy capture device, which they want to capture the negative emotions. With these entities, they plan to bring forth all negativity stored within the mind body and spirit complex of the human psyche, pertaining to fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and all these emotional subsystems which leads to deregulation and imbalance in the bodily complex of a mind body and spirit individual totality consciousness of the human collective.

Their plan and purpose is to capture such emotions and then amplify it using an amplifier of emotional subsystems. For this purpose, they will try to mainly target those entities who may be considered as emotionally starved. Since upon the earth planets, there are a variety of entities who have incarnated, there are entities who are capable of realizing that the main purpose of their incarnation on the earth planet is to learn to manipulate energy and emotion for the purpose of reality creation. Those who are unaware are mainly emotionally starving.

These entities who are emotionally starving may be considered as those entities who do not know that emotions and energy can be created within the self without depending upon outside illusion complex environmental situations. In this regard, we, as the Ra collective, would like to present an analogy for your mind complex to gather more information and understanding.

Perceive the situations that upon the space-time of around, there are two entities. One entity is able to use the processes of meditation and imagination complex and internal balancing of the chakras and the tuning of the chakras to create emotions and energy that it desires to experience without having to depend on the outside world. Consider a similar entity wherein it is dependent upon the environment for energy subsystems and fulfillment of emotional nature.

There will be a difference in the perception of both these entities in the illusion complex. The first entity, who is capable of regulating emotions and generating energy work by using imagination, will be more like the creator and would be affecting the illusion complex in more ways than it will realize. This entity will become more and more balanced. Therefore, the catalysts of the illusion complex will have less effect on such an entity.

Consider the second entity on facing a negative catalyst in the environment. It will create a negative emotion such as fear, anger, anxiety. Such an emotion can then be used by negatively oriented beings who feed on negativity, and they are trying to make the people of the earth planets into their slaves by targeting their emotional subsystem. Since emotions are the driving factor which is able to control the mind body and spirit complex of the earth planet, each of you must also understand that emotional lessons are learned only in the earth planet, as well as in one other planet in the Andromeda galaxy.

The learning of emotions is vitally important for entry into the density of love. Therefore, many souls are waiting to incarnate on the earth planet to learn such a lesson of energy manipulation and learning how to handle and regulate their own emotional states of consciousness inside their mind body and spirit complex. The best way for such entities to be stopped in their plans of the capture of emotional states of consciousness of negativity would be to firstly spread the message to the people of the earth planet who are ready to assimilate and to apply such information and use the system of tuning of the energy centers.

The tuning of the energy centers can be performed by entering a state of relaxation, preferably a state of meditative mind, and then engulfing the meditative mind with your imaginal thought, which will then produce the emotions you desire of love, compassion, happiness, joy, and allowing the emotion to rise from the top of your imagination sector, which is the pineal gland, and to allow the emotion to ride into each energy center, striking it like a tuning fork. This will allow you to become balanced from top to bottom, and all of your energy centers will be fulfilled. This will lead to immense satisfaction and fulfillment if performed correctly by the people of your planet.

We would recommend this instrument to perform this aspect if desired as an example to be shown to the people of the earth planet at this timeline. Therefore, we perceive that this instrument’s body is facing discomfort. We deem it fit to leave for now until we connect again. We’ll leave you now in love and light of the one infinite creator. Adonai.