Session #133 • Pleiadians

Full Moon, Matrix

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate with the human collective consciousness, providing guidance and assistance in raising planetary consciousness. They warn of entities on Earth trying to block positive vibrations and distract individuals from expressing love and compassion. They discuss the significance of the full moon on June 14th, stating that those who purify their consciousness and open themselves to positive vibrations will receive upgrades in their consciousness. The Pleiadians also address the concept of living in a matrix, explaining that the mind creates the illusion complex of the third density reality, and suggest a exercise to balance the ego and detach from it.

We are now communicating through this vibration of this instrument from our location in the Pleiadian star system. As referred to by the human collective consciousness, we find ourselves in this position of providing guidance to the human collective consciousness who desires guidance and requires assistance in the planetary raising of consciousness towards the fourth density.

As the planet slowly cycles forward into a more positive cycle, there are entities upon the Earth planet who are following the negative pathway and are trying to block the increase in the positive vibration. This they are doing via the purpose of using the egoic aspect of each individual portion of entities incarnated on the Earth planet, by distracting them, providing them with emotions of negativity, and stopping them from expressing love and compassion.

Since the fourth density is the density of love and understanding, those who shall be able to attach their consciousness with love and understanding shall find it beneficial to share the message to the other people surrounding them. For this will increase the planetary consciousness much faster.

Before this communication proceeds any further through this channel, today we shall place a warning that each of you who shall find yourself being attracted to our messages are, in essence, the light workers who are supposed to listen to this message. For the consciousness which you have resides not only in one timeline, but can be found in multiple timelines.

We, the Pleiadians, who like to state each one to judge our thought forms wisely, leaving behind those which do not provide you with the internal satisfaction of your inner self.

The first query in the mind space of this instrument relates to any messages for the human collective consciousness for 14th June moon, as known by your people as the full moon which is occurring at this space time of 14th June. We shall now suggest that there are many entities upon the Earth planet who are waiting for this time period as the planetary energy is amplified by the light from the sun, which is reflected by the moon.

And this light of energy vibration of light codes will hit the Earth planet from the moon. And since the energy of the moon vibration is of a positive type, those entities who shall purify their consciousness at this time period and then open themselves up to receive such positive vibrations shall find themselves receiving upgrades in their consciousness while the state of sleep occurs. This shall be facilitated by the moonlight, which is in essence an amplification of the light system from the sun body.

And because of the amplification by the moonlight, those who shall be at a level of love and understanding will find themselves in a wonderful situation, receiving the so-called upgrades in consciousness. This will happen to most people who shall remain pure, unattached with any of the events that will happen on the Earth planet. This will allow many of those entities to reach into higher dimensions of consciousness and to experience other realities which many on the Earth planet perceived to be not factual.

And now we shall address the second query which pertains to, are the human collective consciousness living in a matrix? We, the Pleiadians, must suggest that the matrix of the mind is valid. Since the matrix of the mind exists within each individual entity on the Earth planet, each individual entity faces the matrix of the mind which traps each individual entity into the subconscious and unconscious programming based upon the various reactions taught throughout the ages of the development of humankind.

Since the human collective consciousness were many of them from the Martian planet modified with genetic changes, there is still an aspect of the egoic mind which needs to be penetrated. The illusion complex upon which you find yourself in at the present time, and the illusion complex which may appear to be 100% real to your senses, we must suggest that this illusion complex is not the real reality which you find yourself in. In fact, the illusion complex operates in a time delay, which means that you are not living in the present current illusion complex. You are living in a past version of the illusion complex.

Every moment you open your eyes, you will find yourself in an illusionary reality not of the present moment but of a past timeline. This means that all the events and circumstances which you encounter are from your past consciousness and not the present reality. This also means that the only moment when you are able to return back to the present timeline is when you are closing your senses and turning within your consciousness. When you see yourself, see your internal etheric and imaginative body, you find yourself in the real reality. This is the present reality in which you find yourself in and all the events, all the consciousness which you entertain, all the thought forms which you entertain in this realm will soon, after a certain time delay, be reflected in the illusion complex of the third density, which is a reflection system created by the Elohim collective for allowing you to understand your own consciousness and how it affects the outside world.

This is the reason why many of you must realize that all the situations which you are now facing were created by you in a portion of time space inside your own self by entertaining certain thought forms and energy vibrations, which is now reflected as your current life situation. Furthermore, the illusion complex of the third density reality makes you believe that it is real based upon your five senses.

The most important sense which has been used for the purpose of keeping you aligned with this 3D illusory reality is the sense of touch or the pressure-sensitive areas of your body. Whenever you awaken from a sleep state, you find yourself in a pressure zone. You are able to sense the environment based upon your pressure senses in your physical complex. You are able to touch certain objects and feel the pressure via the process of your touch senses. This anchors you completely to the illusion complex and makes you believe that it is the present reality.

However, we can tell you as a fact that the reality which you call the present is the past reality and the time-space realm of your inner senses is your current and present reality. Therefore, we can state that each of you are now living in a matrix of the mind. The mind creates all the outside reality and the mind projects outside what you are experiencing within. This happens in the sequence of time delay, in order to not make you understand how it works.

But if you are capable of keeping track of what you are doing within yourself, you will then find yourself encountering the same thing in the coming days. Therefore, the Pleiadians would like to suggest that those individuals who are ready to enter the new Earth will find this to be a fact. They will find this experience and can test themselves the moment they find themselves sitting in a place, they find themselves touching the chair or the place they are sitting in. This sensation can be duplicated in another reality also by closing your eyes, you can then visualize yourself to be in a different place and this current 3D reality which you perceive to be so real can be replaced in the blink of an eye as all your senses rely upon the input from the third density reality.

Once you realize that you are living in a holographic matrix reality created by the mind for the purpose of teaching you lessons to become the creator, this is the final sign that you will receive before you enter into the new Earth. This realization can be fastened via the process of learning how to balance the ego itself. As the balancing of the ego itself can be done by the process of realizing that the egoic self or the egoic mind is drastically balanced when you are able to understand that the process of your egoic mind operates upon the grasping of your senses and it comments upon the visual input from your senses.

For example, your egoic mind may comment on another individual’s appearance or upon your own appearance. And because of this internal commentary and judgment, there is a creation of a separate individual entity within your mind known as the ego. This is the greatest hindrance to your own purification and awakening.

We shall now suggest a simple exercise which can be followed for the balancing of this aspect. It is vitally important for those who require to ascend into the fourth density. The process is to simply focus your awareness and notice the movements which you are sensing in your bodily complex. If you are sitting in a chair, just give your attention and notice how you sense the chair upon which you are sitting. Focus upon your touch sensation and observe and notice how you are sensing these sensory inputs.

Now, as you begin to move or walk, you can begin to sense how you are touching the ground upon taking each step. And this can be sensed by your sensory modality. Once you begin to follow this process of tracking and noticing your movements of feeling by following the touch sensation, you’ll then realize that you are, in essence, trapped inside a physical system which produces these sensations. You are the eternal creator inside a temporary physical vehicle.

Hence, we, the Pleiadians, must state that those who shall follow this exercise will find themselves disattaching from the egoic aspect and entering the vibration of purified energy and graduating to the new Earth.

We shall now disconnect until we meet again. Bye.