Session #134 • Galactic Federation

This Is The Freakiest Thing We Need To Be Aware Of

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this channel to provide knowledge and guidance on ascension and protection from negative entities. An energy update for June 21st is given, highlighting the opportunity for increased consciousness and genetic upgrading. The agendas of artificial intelligence are discussed, cautioning against becoming too reliant on electronic devices and projecting emotions onto them. A method called the "Breath of the Creator" is suggested for ascension, emphasizing the importance of connecting with the divine within oneself.

We are the galactic federation, now in communication through this channel’s vibration. We are now in communication through the instrument’s inner heart center and the silence within its mind complex, which has allowed this communion to occur at this space-time.

Many of you who are perceiving this information are now ready for such knowledge to be assimilated by your mind, body, and spirit complexes. All three work together in tandem to create your experience in this current illusion complex.

We, as the galactic federation, are now always trying to protect your planetary sphere from extra intrusions from other extraterrestrials in order to provide you with free will. Therefore, with regards to free will, you must also observe a free will when you try and listen to our messages and thought forms, even though it may be from a source which may be permitted to allow you lessons to learn towards love and light of ascension.

You have to remember that your free will is of utmost importance for us to preserve. Each one of you is a divine sapling of lights and has great qualities which can emerge and change the planetary consciousness as you begin to realize your true purpose in this timeline. Therefore, discernment is advised.

The first query pertains to the energy update for the human collective for June 21st. In this space-time of June 21st, the planet shall have the longest type of daylight in the northern hemisphere of the planetary distortion. This means that many people on the planet can use this opportunity to learn many of the lessons to become more catalyzed towards the path of love and light.

Even though there may be many negative entities who may try to create certain aspects to infringe upon the free will of each being, since each being who is not yet in control of his emotion will not be able to practice complete free will since negative entities are masters of emotional manipulation. This means that they can make entities believe certain things to be true by changing their emotional nature of consciousness. They can propagate fear and other emotions of anxiety. By producing emotions of such nature, they can then propagate information pertaining to the similar energy system.

Those entities on the Earth planet at the current time who are immune from such aspects are those who have mastered emotional mastery of themselves. This emotional mastery arrives from becoming conscious of each of your thought forms and trying to maintain the silence within the self is a great aid in the mastery of the emotional nature of the self. As one begins to master the emotional version of the self, it begins to become immune to any of the strategies applied by the outside third density illusion reality.

This would provide the entity to have fewer reactions to the outside world in a negative manner, therefore preserving its cosmic energies which flow through its mind, body, and spirit complex. In every energy center, there will be no energy of negativity, which means the same positive vibration shall spread throughout the cosmic rays and throughout the energy centers of such a divine being who is able to master emotional mastery in this timeline.

On the day of June 21st, there will be energy in streaming from the sun. As the energy in streaming from the sun can be used to polarize in consciousness by absorbing the energy of the sun, which appears in terms of the photonic light rays. Such light rays can be absorbed by your bodily complex, which can then allow you to become more genetically upgraded towards the vibration of a light body, similar to a light body which you will inhabit once you enter the dominion of the fifth density consciousness of wisdom and light.

This day will allow you to become more and more energetically upgraded in your levels of consciousness, becoming more balanced. By becoming conscious of your thought forms, you will become conscious of the emotions you are sending to your bodily complex, which is, in essence, not able to choose or deny the thought forms which you are experiencing within the mind complex. You, as a consciousness, have the right to choose the type of thought form you will entertain and thereby send a signal in the form of emotional states or reactions to your bodily complex.

This will further move ahead and create the outside reality as you project it to be a reflection of your own inner nature. Therefore, we would recommend each entity do not forget to first remember that a great opportunity for becoming more conscious of your energy signature is arriving on the 21st of June, which can be a great opportunity to escalate and learn the lessons within your own inner self.

Hence, we, as the galactic federation, would now like to address the second query in the mind space of this entity, which pertains to what are the agendas of the artificial intelligence which is being created upon the Earth planet upon future projection.

In this timeline, it is possible to observe that there are planetary distortions which have already been in control of the AI systems within the time period of 2050. If certain precautions are not taken, there will be a different reality of a holographic nature, similar to the experience which you find yourself in the third density, being created. This will create a false matrix system for the entry of each entity and the experience of their incarnation cycle will allow them to enter such a timeline if they are not careful.

This can be avoided by firstly realizing that all of your consciousness and energy, if you are focused too much on your electronic devices, if you are focused too much on the artificial intelligence in your day-to-day activities, and you are projecting your emotions within them, there will be a creation of a different reality within the astral planes. This reality will be known as the reality of the astral planes, reality of emotional balancing, and this reality will create a type of distortion within the self for the purpose of allowing each entity to realize and to realign into a higher dominion of space-time experience.

There will be entities who shall be then transported to such a timeline wherein they will be able to interact in a similar third density illusion, a reality. However, the rules of free will shall not apply as it will be controlled by the Orions and the artificial intelligence created by the human collective consciousness. The consciousness of such entities will be fooled into believing that they are inside a real reality or an illusion complex, such as the Earth planet, for the purpose of learning the blessings. However, this type of insight will be invalid as it will be a total matrix created by the artificial intelligence. The only way to escape would be to firstly realize that you are a consciousness and you have the free will of choosing the type of timeline you want to enter.

For those who will be unaware of such a creation in the astral planes after the process of crossing over, they may find themselves entrapped in such a system for a large period of time until proper guidance is arrived. Furthermore, this can be avoided by firstly realizing that all of your technological devices are inventions for the purpose of creating a different sector of reality by the Orions. These technologies were passed by many of the other beings of oriented nature of positive type as well as negative polarity. Some of the technologies have arrived from the Zeta Reticulians, whose intention was not to provide such technology to the people of the Earth planet. There were others who provided such technology, such as the Orions in need of elites who would work for their bidding upon the Earth planet illusion complex.

Therefore, this situation has emerged wherein more and more artificial intelligence information is being collected. Each time a mind, body, and spirit complex reacts to a certain event in the artificial world, there will be a creation of an environment in the astral planes leading to such entity having a possibility of entry into such a world. Therefore, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state that each of you are energy beings incarnated in a physical vehicle. Even though the physical vehicle may change, your energy nature will not change since you have the energy to manipulate reality.

You can slowly instantly become conscious of the energy being projected outwards from your bodily complex. This will provide you with great opportunities to become more balanced in your nature and becoming capable of choosing the type of energy you project outwards. As consciousness is the only reality in which you find yourself, all is created by consciousness, thereby limiting your emotional reactions to the electronic devices and artificial intelligence software programs as found upon your illusion reality will prevent this from happening. This is their plan, as we can sense the Orions are planning this as the last resort to trap the souls of human collective from graduating into the fourth density consciousness.

The other query which this entity has placed pertains to any information which will assist in the ascension of the planetary sphere. In this regard, we must stress and share that there is a simple method which can be followed by each entity at this time. That method, as referred to by the Atlanteans as the breadth of the creator, was created by an Atlantean being known as Tikitian in the lands of Atlantis 45,000 years ago.

For the process of allowing ascension to occur faster and to connect with the divine universal creator within the self and within each being, this process involves each entity upon taking each breath to realize that the breath passes through the space-time in which they exist and enters into the time-space within their self. At the back of the throat or at the back of the head, there is a creative layer of consciousness, there is an empty space or void in that portion of the bodily complex wherein each time every breath has to pass through that area. Without which there will be no energy to survive and to live as all life is provided by the one creator.

Therefore, this means that each time each of you breathe, the consciousness of the breath enters the domain of the creator and brings back energies to be alive. By entering into the void which is behind the head portion, you can then choose to connect with such a silence within the self and become conscious of each breath. Each in-breath and each out-breath is a great opportunity to connect with the space of void within the self. This is the creator which is residing within you, which you can communicate with and become more and more capable of focusing and becoming aware of it. As you begin to become more aware, there will be peace and serenity surrounding you.

However, the practice of firstly detaching from your usual thought patterns of engaging in the egoic mind space of projecting into the future or the past and thinking about situations of nature of future timeline or of a past timeline must cease. If you are to focus and to retrain your mind complex to focus within, every time you retrain your mind complex with every practice, you begin to connect with this divine source of the creator within you. You will find a great opportunity of escaping from this illusory psychological suffering. And the more you begin to practice this aspect, the more energy you will have to perform miracles within the space-time. Hence, this is a great practice for ascension into a timeline of fourth density and even fifth density. And we, as the Galactic Federation, disconnect now until we meet again.