Session #135 • RA

Moon Landing & Looking Glass

Summary: The Ra Confederation communicates through an instrument to the human collective consciousness, stating that the Earth is experiencing a split between third and fourth density polarities. They advise individuals to balance their energy centers and suggest a method of rewriting past memories to release attachments. The Ra Confederation warns against listening to messages of fear and addresses the issue of moon landings, stating that while they did occur, the evidence presented to the public is a false representation created for visual purposes.

I am Ra and we greet you now in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. We communicate now through this instrument’s vibratory sound, the complex system provided for this session to occur. We are honored to communicate to the human collective consciousness today through the vibrations of this instrument’s channeling system, which have aligned with our vibration. This occurs in a narrow band sequence and is much harder to receive. However, we would like to state that before this communication proceeds any further, discernment is advised. This means that you have the free will and the right to reject any information which does not provide you with inner satisfaction with your true self and leave behind those which feel not right for your mind, body, and spirit complex.

Therefore, today upon scanning the mind complex of this instrument, we are of the opinion that the planetary sphere is now spiraling into a split of third density and fourth density polarities. As well as a split in the energetic vibrations of the people of the Earth planet. This can be spotted from our location. Upon scanning the vibrations of the people of the Earth planet at this time, we can sense that there are two groups of people forming. The one group of people, primarily who are involved with the third density reality, are trapped in the play of the illusion complex. Whereas those who are in the fourth density vibration of love and compassion understand and are able to observe above the third density play of reality.

As the third density can be considered as a play of incarnation, which means that before the incarnation occurs, each soul begins choosing a type of illusion complex in which to incarnate into in order to understand certain aspects about its own self. Depending upon the catalytic nature of understanding required, and for this purpose, it chooses its parents and the so-called environment in which it wants to incarnate and to play in the illusion complex. To try and understand and to learn the lessons required for it to become oriented towards a more balanced nature.

Since the split of the vibration of the Earth planet is now happening at a rapid pace, it will be advised for the people of the Earth planet to realize that the new moon on the so-called 28th of June of your planetary vibratory sound complex identification of space-time terms is a great opportunity to find out that you are able to balance yourself. The more you are able to balance your energy centers, you will be able to enter into the vibration of fourth density of love and compassion.

A simple method of balancing is advised, which we shall now share. The process is simply to realize that any memories or any events that you have encountered in the past, and the memories have energy cords attached to every energy center. If the memory is that of fear, the attachment of the energy cord will be higher towards the red ray energy center. And if the energy is towards the orange ray and the yellow ray energy center, then the events involving conflict of the ego will be apparent. Therefore, you must take some moment within your incarnation cycle at this time and become conscious of the energy cords which are attached to your energy centers based upon the events of your past.

These events are those events which have a huge impact on your energy vibration. And many of the mind, body, and spirit complexes who have incarnated at this time are yet unaware of this fact that the memory sequences attach themselves to the energy cords of your energy center. If they have emotional imbalances, they form.

We shall now share with you a simple method of balancing all of your energy centers and purifying yourself to become more like the one infinite creator. The first step is to identify what kinds of events have occurred in your past or the kinds of impressions or memories which you have in your mind complex. And if there is an event which causes you to become angry, fearful, or other emotions which are not of a higher vibration, then such memories must be rewritten in your minds.

The process is to simply enter a state of meditation by closing your senses from the illusory reality and opening yourselves to the domain of the infinite. Within the infinite, you can then bring forth that memory and rechange it, replay it in your mind’s eye using the first person perspective as you had wanted it to happen. You can also completely undo events from your past which have higher energy cords attached to your energy centers. By doing this, you will free yourself and you will free all of your energy centers from such attachments. This will give you a new fresh energy sequence.

We shall now provide an analogy to help you understand. Once upon a time on the Earth planet around the period of 2000 radio space time, there was an entity who had undergone traumatic events in the past. And this entity had created large energy blocks within its energy centers because of the emotional nature of the memory it had encountered. This was hindering its progress. And therefore, in the dream state, it was advised by its higher self to perform this process of remembering or changing the past in its mind’s eye and from the first person perspective.

This entity then rehearsed a new past, rehearsed a new memory as if it had happened. And the liberation of energy imbalances made it become purified and allowed the energy centers to be balanced once again. This led the entity to become ready for a higher purpose. And the purpose was to share the message to the people of the Earth planet. This entity then went on writing many books for ascension.

Furthermore, this is a great method which can be used at this time and this period of 28th June, as known in your language, vibratory sound complex terms, as the new moon can be the new moon which changes everything. Therefore, we shall now address the other query which pertains to worthy groups known as the guardians of the looking glass. Which had been working for providing information of space-time continuum on the Earth planet in order to warn humanity of the plans which had been planned by the negative polarized entities in order to stop them.

We can sense, upon scanning the information requested upon your planetary sphere, that there has been a dichotomy or a bias within the guardians of the looking glass. There are many entities in the guardians of the looking class who desired to use such a technology for their own personal gain. And there were certain entities who did not want this to happen. Because of this dichotomy, they were split into two groups. And they were forced to battle amongst themselves using their technological devices. This caused the so-called guardians group to disassemble. And there are only few mind, body, and spirit complexes in the positive polarity as many of them have chosen now to enter the negative self-service pathway. Because they found that even by providing information to save humanity, these entities could not find enough satisfaction.

Therefore, this has occurred at this time. And we, as the Ra Confederation, can state that there will be many entities in the future trying to create messages of fear, anger, hatred, etc. Therefore, we would recommend each entity to use extreme caution when listening to information from such groups.

Furthermore, we shall now address the final query which is in the mind space of this instrument. Which relates to the so-called moon landings and the so-called pictures of the moon landings, the videos as known by your people. Of the moon landing. And the desire in this query is to understand whether the evidence provided in the form of the so-called videos and audios and the so-called pictures is a real representation of the moon landing or a fake representation of the moon landings that took place.

Furthermore, we, as the Ra Confederation, are of the opinion that there had been moon landings which had taken place. However, the evidence which is floating in your space-time experience amongst the people of the Earth planet are a false representation. Which means that they were recreated by entities who make the so-called movies for the purpose of providing a much clearer representation of video and audio. As known by your people, to allow your people to visualize properly the events that took place.

Since the purpose of the lunar landings or the moon landings was to primarily find out what types of civilizations existed on the back of the so-called moon. At the time, there were many bases of the Galactic Federation which now have been removed. Furthermore, we, as the Ra Collective, can also share that the videos and the audios which are the evidence stated by the people of the Earth planet of the moon landings are, as known by people, not real. They are only meant for visible representation and were created outside of the real events which took place since the so-called photographic and the camera system of the planetary sphere were inaccurate to work in such an environment at that space time.

Therefore, we leave you now in the love and light of the one infinite creator. Go forth rejoicing in power and peace.