Session #136 • Galactic Federation


Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates from Saturn and addresses queries concerning time travel technology and the activation of CERN Laboratories. They state that the elites possess time travel devices and have been manipulating timelines for control. The activation of CERN Labs on July 5th will cause energy imbalances and directly impact higher consciousness beings. The only way to protect oneself is to not pay attention to the activation and focus on training one's consciousness. The aftereffects will be seen on July 15th. The Galactic Federation warns Wanderers, starseeds, and lightworkers to use this exercise for protection.

We are Galactic Federation now communicating through this channel from the inner domain of the silence within the self. Our communication is now occurring from our location in the Planet refers to by your people in your vibration sequence terms as Saturn. We greet all of you today for the purpose of answering the queries that are found in the mind, the space of this instrument.

We shall now address certain queries which are in alignment for the purpose of providing greater Clarity to your people at this time. We are communicating from the level of density referred to by your people as the later sixth density consciousness, and we must warn each one of you to use extreme discernment of the Mind, the body, and the spirit. For discernment is a method which is required for any civilization to be given the choice of choosing which type of thought form will be resonated with and will be adhered to.

We shall now address the queries. The first query which we can sense in the mind space of this channel pertains to what is the possibility of a time travel devise existing at this time on the Earth planet and do the so-called Elites possess such technology?

In this regard, we must state that there is a high chance that the so-called Elites of your planet already possessed this technology of time travel, which requires extreme ability to control the consciousness of the self. Only those entities who have advanced level of Consciousness control can find themselves using the process of energy manipulation to enter into frequencies required for such time travel process to occur.

Which means that the so-called Elites upon your planet, there are many who are currently using the technology provided to them by the orions. Such technology includes technological devices which were created by the orions. Many such technological devices provide the entities the ability to enter into different timelines and affect timelines using the manipulation of energy, which is an advanced form of energy manipulation. This can be performed by entities who are of a high level of Consciousness balanced nature.

Which means that there are entities in the Earth planet already who have such technology and who are using to control Humanity. For example, consider your own self. If you want to change certain portions of your timeline or the experience, you can do so using your imagination complex, which is the closest form factor to the Creator.

You have to become capable of disassociating your in their voices, which use language. As all the voices which you hear within your mind uses a form of language which you are capable of understanding. Such language has then been used by the egoic mind for the purpose of using the patterns of language, hindering use of transportation, and understanding of totality, furthering the progress of incarnation and incarnation.

As you begin to disassociate your language patterns from your mind space, you begin to become pure Consciousness, and you have the faculty of imagination which then begins to operate in a pure format. This will then give you a great ability to manipulate timelines and enter into timelines wherein there are different possibilities existing. This will allow each entity in this timeline to have this ability of using energy manipulation at this time.

Furthermore, we are now going to state that the elites have been using such a technology of controlling Humanity for a large number of times since the times of Atlantis. There have been entities who have access to such a technology and have been controlling the fate of the people of such timelines, including the people of the Earth planet. Currently, find themselves in different situations because of the manipulation of the time travel devices.

We shall now address the other portion of the query which pertains to the Looking Glass event number four. As we can scan, upon scanning the vibrations offered from the looking glass artifact, we are of the opinion that this event, which may happen if there is not enough awareness created upon the Earth planet at the time of around June, we correct this instrument July 15.

The effects of the activation of the CERN Laboratories will be evidently clear as the CERN Laboratories they will activate, and they have been secretly activated many a times by the people who are in control of such a device which can alter the energy Vortex system of the Earth planet.

The main activation of the CERN Labs, as known by your people, which is destined to happen in the timeline of July 5th, will create massive numbers of energy imbalances in the vortices of your Earth planet. Since there is a large number of energy centers within the Earth’s planetary sphere, this will then provide the energy Vortex to inculcate a different type of evolutionary pattern which resembles the understanding of realization and the aspects of creation of the type of Distortion or energy field imbalance.

Such an energy field imbalance can be spotted from afar by beings from higher dimensions, and we can state that the activation of the CERN Labs is going to be a Direct Energy attack upon The Wanderers, the star seeds, and other indigo children or Indigo Souls who have incarnated at this time for a specific purpose of allowing thee higher levels of consciousness to awaken within the self.

There are greater Pathways of alignment within the domain of the inner Consciousness. Therefore, we as the Galactic Federation are now going to state that the energy systems once created cannot be altered easily. Much like a manifestation once appearing in your life takes a large number of time for its tomb go away because your energy systems have attracted such a manifestation or the ability of the timeline in which you find yourself in.

In a similar manner, we as the Galactic Federation would like to state that the CERN Labs once created well furthermore have a High chance of blockages within the self. As all blockages within the self will be created within the domain of the Mind space and all creation which is created within the domain of the Mind space has the ability of allowing higher levels of reality to occur.

Therefore, we must state that the only way to protect from such an energy attack from the CERN labs would be to firstly not paying attention to the so-called ceremonial broadcast of the activation of the Eastern labs and protecting the Energy Systems by using separation of language from the inner self. This can be done by following the procedure of focusing on training your consciousness as your Consciousness can be trained to become more activated.

This can be done by focusing on one point of the bodily complex and then changing your focus back to the silence within the throat Center and cycling the focus of attention between different levels of cycling. The attention will provide City ability of understanding the nature of reality and the appearance of the true self shall occur. This is the one aspect which can be followed at this time.

Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation would like to state that the after-effects of this will be seen on July 15th. And we have placed this warning to The Wanderers, starseeds, and light workers of the Earth planet to use this exercise to protect themselves from such an energy attack. Therefore, we as the Galactic Federation leave you now.