Session #137 • Metatron

Georgia Guidestones & Alan Watts

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, communicates from the angelic realms to provide guidance for the ascension of humanity. He advises aligning with the inner self and practicing love and emotional balance. He explains that the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed by an Orion entity due to their programming for population control. Finally, he discusses the soul evolution of Alan Watts, who started in the Zeta Reticuli star system and eventually taught about love and compassion on Earth.

I am Metatron, magnetic consciousness, now in communication through this channel’s vibratory systems. I am now communicating from the realms as known by your people as the angelic realms wherein along with many other helpers of the Earth’s planet exist in this reality for providing guidance to the people of the earth planet at this time in order to assist in the ascension pathway towards higher vibrational alignment of space and time experience. I greet you in the love and the light of the universal divine great programmer, who is always connected with all of you. You are the divine love children of the universal divine great programmer. Therefore, there are methods within yourself to commune with the divine great programmer.

I, as Metatron, before perceiving this communication and sharing the full information form the evolution of human consciousness, would like to warn each of you who shall come in contact with our information to perceive it from the eyes of your inner self and only remember to choose those thought forms which resonate deeply with the inner self thereby you must let go of those which do not resonate with your inner heart. There is a divine helping hand which each one of you has. Each one of you, being the divine sapling of the universal divine great programmer, has the power to connect with the unity consciousness by using the energy vertices of the heart center.

As the explosion of love and light occurs, each one of you will find yourself in a higher dominion of the self. Now, I self-scan this channel’s vibration for the first query, which relates to the information pertaining to the July moon. As known by a people, the experience of the planetary cycle shall now enter into the cycle of balancing of the emotional as well as the spiritual side as many of the interdimensional beings and other intergalactic beings, such as other extraterrestrial beings, are always trying to share information and guide the human collective consciousness throughout the timelines in which each finds themselves.

There is a great understanding in the union of the soul, which provides higher levels of understanding of the divine within the self. The provision of the understanding of unity within each entity shall be the expression of the coming of assistance from other sources. Each entity has the power to commune with oneself and with others using the mind complex and the emotional nature. Therefore, I, as Metatron, would like to suggest that the information which is requested pertains to the spiritual practice required for this period. The best spiritual practice for this period is to align with the domain of the inner self. Once aligned with the domain of the inner self, it shall provide the entity with higher dominion of space and time vibration and the unity consciousness of the self. This shall provide the entity with a great level of realization that each one of you, using your inner vibrations, can remain in the vibratory patterns of the heart center. By choosing to balance yourself emotionally, you will also balance yourself spiritually. A simple practical exercise can be followed by those divine great programmers’ love children who want to experience this union. This process is via a process of aligning oneself with the emotion of love and understanding. This understanding can be achieved via the process of consciousness tracing, as known by your people. This simple method will allow each one of you to slowly take your consciousness or awareness from the lower portions of your body and then, as you begin to move upwards in your physical vehicle, you can then slowly and steadily begin to realize that your consciousness is detaching from your egoic mind.

As the detachment from the egoic mind is vitally important before the full opening of the balanced nature occurs, and once the consciousness is able to reach the top of your so-called head portion, then the entity can bring forth a symbol which the entity can use for the production of the emotions such as happiness, joy, satisfaction, and any other emotion which this entity wants to experience. Then, the consciousness must be detached from the mind again and taken back into the bodily complex, slowly and steadily moving it from the top crown center to the lower red ray and then to the lower portions of the physical vehicle. This shall provide the continuation of consciousness and awareness to exist within the self, and the realization that all are one shall begin to explore within the mind of such entities who shall perform this exercise during this period of July 13th.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, am now going to address the second query which relates to the Georgia Guide Stones, as referred to by you. These guide stones primarily were created by entities who were influenced by the Orions. The information which was entered in the tablets were of a mixed nature, providing certain rules therefore the so-called Georgia Guide Stones were primarily destroyed by an Orion entity who, in the form of a human bodily complex, had taken form by using the consciousness method of entering into a bodily complex of similar vibration. Since the entry was vibrating in the vibration of fear, anger, jealousy, etc., the Georgia Guide Stones primarily were destroyed by an entity who was trapped and controlled by the Orions. This caused the explosion of the Georgia Guide Stones, thereby leading to an evolution of understanding in the timeline distortion of reality.

Furthermore, I, as Metatron, magnetic consciousness, am now going to address the other portion of the query which relates to the understanding of why the Georgia Guide Stones were destroyed. The reason was because the Georgia Guide Stones primarily were a type of code of conduct which was created by the Orions in order to inculcate the programming system of human population control, as well as other aspects. This was entangled with certain positive thought forms. However, this information provided a misguided type of analogy which then, in order to be let go of, had to be revealed. The revelation that the information was not adhered to by the people of the Earth planet was ample enough evidence for the Orions to destroy it. Therefore, this destruction happened in the wake after the activation of the CERN laboratories because the CERN laboratories would create a holographic system of experiences for entities who would follow such rules. Therefore, such rules have been abandoned by the Orions, not allowing the human collective consciousness to fully remember and apply the methods and the energy signature which was installed within such Georgia Stones have now been decimated.

Furthermore, as Metatron, I would like to now address the final query which relates to the soul evolutionary cycle of an entity referred to by a people as Alan Watts. The entity known as Alan Watts primarily understood a level of reality creation and also incarnated on the timeline of 1915 for the purpose of providing guidance to the people of the Earth planet. The entity known as Alan Watts, upon incarnation in the timeline of 1915, started to learn the lessons required for understanding how to spread the message for the separation of the egoic mind from the use of language and entry into the silence within the self to allow the divine communion of the self.

Therefore, we, as Metatron magnetic consciousness, shall now state that this entity’s soul evolution began on the star system referred to by a people as Zeta Reticuli Three. Then, the Zeta Reticuli star system, in one timeline after emerging from the divine unity consciousness and this entity was provided a higher level of experience algorithm of understanding the nature of totality. The purpose of this entity was to align together into higher and higher dimensions of space-time, starting with the first density. It incarnated in the form of a physical complex elemental similar to the plant life form. I correct this channel in the form of elementals. After learning the lessons of first density, it was able to merge into the domain of second density wherein the entity known as Alan was given the name of Comedia, which means “of the light”. This perpetuated and allowed the being to further learn the lessons of beingness and awareness. The fulfillment of the understanding of its true nature allowed it to slowly and steadily become aware, however, without any self-awareness. This being was then adopted by third density entities of negative polarity. Because of the entities who had adopted it, this entity then started to slowly enter into the domain of negativity and service to self and slowly and steadily after a certain timeline of lessons and understanding in that level, this entity was provided with a higher vibrational space-time experience, which then led the entity to understand, organize, and realize the aspects of its inner self.

The understanding of the inner aspects provided it with greater and greater timelines of realizing the understanding of the vibratory patterns of its realization of space-time experience. This then gave the entity a greater awakening of the self. As this entity slowly and steadily emerged into the timeline of third density, it chose the pathway of negative polarity. However, after the seventh incarnation, it was guided by a fourth density being. In the presence of this fourth density being, it felt a love of the universal divine great programmer. This being decided to then explore the realms of positivity. It found itself learning the methods of ego detachment and ego death in the Theoreticalized star system.

After a certain timeline of since it chose the positive pathway after experiencing the negative completely, it had complete understanding of how the negative mind operated in the third density. Because of this purpose, it was sent to Earth planet on a special mission. As it was ready to graduate and finally teach the people of the Earth planet with the message of understanding love and compassion. This entity had come to the Earth planet from the vibration of beginning 4th density and created many teachings which have assisted divine love light children of the Earth planet in understanding the nature of the divine love light of the universal divine great programmer. Therefore, I, as Metatron, leave you now to turn to the mountain of light within yourself.