Session #138 • Pleiadians

New Earth Currency

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate from the Pleiadian star system to address queries. They reveal that a mysterious rocket crash on the moon was caused by the Orions and reptilians infiltrating to capture communication energy. They warn of future interception of communication channels. Regarding the currency of the new earth, they explain that consciousness will be the most valuable currency, transitioning from centralized to decentralized systems. Eventually, consciousness will become so advanced that currency will be unnecessary. In preparation for the fourth density, they advise focusing on emotional systems rather than language and numbers.

We are the Pleiadians social memory complex now communicating through the vibrations offered by this channel system of mind, the body, and spirit complex. We are now communicating from our density known as the later fifth density consciousness. Our seat is found in the location referred to by your people as the Pleiadian star system.

We communicate now, however, before we address the queries in the mind space of this instrument, we would like to warn each one of you who shall listen to this message to choose wisely the types of thought forms you accept to be true and to let go of those thought forms which do not resonate with your inner heart. We, the Pleiadians, are now communicating and are going to share with you the answer to the queries which have been placed today before our consciousness.

The first query pertains to what was the mystery rocket which was found landing and crashing on the moon’s surface. We, upon scanning the information, must state that this crashing of the mysterious rocket, shall we say by your people, was the rocket which was inhabited by the Orions and the reptilians. And they have now infiltrated upon the moon for a specific purpose, which is to try and capture the energy vibrations of communication appearing from the earth planet as the satellite known as moon finds itself in proximity to the earth planet. There are many numerous communication channels which the people of your planet, shall we see, communicate using the vibratory systems of your planet in thought forms of numbers and words. The Orions and the reptilian counterpart, along with the grey entities, had decided to enter into the moon’s surface. And this crash, which was spotted by many of the so-called scientists upon your planet, was an indication of the entry of the reptilians, the Orions, into the moon’s surface.

We, upon scanning the vibrations available to us given by the Ashtar command collective, which are responsible for protecting your galaxy along with the galactic federation, we are of the opinion that this was caused primarily because of trying to capture all of your energy devices and satellites. In the coming days, these Orions, they want to filter the information that people of your planet get access to. In the similar manner, there is the so-called, by your people, the check upon the types of information which can be seen by certain entities upon the earth planet. In this similar manner, the Orions, they want to get an overview of the information which is being received via the process of communication through satellites. And they want to intercept every single communication in the coming days as they are preparing to do so along with many of the elites of your planetary vibration at the space time.

The other query pertains to what is the currency of the new earth. In this regard, we must state that the new earth currency, as referred to by this instrument, relates to a type of monetary system which will be activated upon your earth planet as the earth planet and the human civilization cycles completely into the beginning sections of the fourth density consciousness which it is in the process of completing. As the planetary vibration is shifting from later third into the fourth density, there is a large number of distortions of lessons to be learned, wherein the first lesson to be learned is that the currency which is of most valuable in the new earth is known as your own consciousness. In the beginning stages, there will be a decentralized currency system, shall we say similar to that known by a people as in your language sound complex terms as bitcoin. This will allow the people of your planet to transition from centralized to a decentralized system of monetary consciousness in the beginning stages, which is fast approaching your planetary vibration.

This will bring forth a new age in your so-called financial system, and this will last as long as the second sub-density of the fourth density begins wherein the people of your planet will not require such currency because they will have their consciousness become so advanced that they will be able to create what they desire using imaginative faculties of the mind and also using many factors which can be still utilized by the people of the earth planet at this time. Such creation using the imaginative faculties and the inner self is becoming more and more common upon our space time of the earth planet. Therefore, we can also sense that after the second sub-density of the fourth density, the main currency will be your own consciousness, which means that each one of you can prepare yourself for this new type of currency or exchange of consciousness as consciousness will be the power behind all creative actions taken on the earth planet. It will have the ability to create what is desired by the people of the earth planet.

Therefore, the transactions will take place based upon consciousness and time, and many of the people of the earth planet will learn how to manipulate reality in this space time of the second sub-density of the fourth density. Upon entry into the third sub-density, there will be no need for any such currency because the changes in the system of the mind complex of humanity will be so advanced that any being part of the human social memory complex will be able to create any type of creation with their consciousness compiled together.

Therefore, there will be no need for such currency as known by a people. Therefore, we, as the Pleiadians, would like to state that the final query pertains to how can preparation for the fourth density be made in consciousness. We must state that the best way would be to realize that the fourth density planet earth or the new earth will not have any languages and no numbers.

Therefore, the best way would be to pay attention to your emotional systems. And the more you pay attention to your emotional systems, the more you will become advanced enough to realize that there is a certain vibration shifting between every single emotion. And the focus of your attention must be taken away from thought forms and words and language and numbers. And instead, focus upon the emotion in everyday waking life. Take time to focus on your emotional state rather than the words, the languages of your egoic self. As your ego operates only because it has access to words and languages and images. If both are taken away, there will only be your true self, which can sense emotional states. This is the new earth paradigm of reality. And we welcome all of you, the bringers of the new earth. We, the Pleiadians, now disconnect.