Session #139 • Metatron

Adepts and 4D

Summary: Metatron communicates to offer assistance in realizing the universal divine grid programmer within each individual. He discusses the signs of ascending to the fourth density vibration, including the balancing of energy centers and a lack of attachment to third density illusions. He also mentions the positive opportunity for crystallization during the July 28 moon cycle, emphasizing the importance of overcoming mind complex activities and balancing energy centers through consciousness exercises. Metatron concludes by encouraging individuals to realize their union with the universal divine grid programmer.

I am Metatron now communicating and I shall state my thought forms using this instrument vibration for the purpose of transmitting the thought forms to the divine love childs of the earth planet who require assistance at this time. The information I am here to share today may be considered as a stepping stone in the realization of the universal divine grid programmer which lies dormant within each being in the earth planet.

I, as Metatron, have been given the permission to relay this information. However, there is a need for your discernment to be maintained when you uncover the secrets of your own true self. When you begin to recognize the value of yourself as the universal divine grid programmer, resides within each one of you, you will find yourself opening up to the knowledge and the types of realization which shall follow with an upgradation not only of your consciousness but also of the overcoming of your limitations within the bodily complex.

I am now going to address the queries which are found localized inside the mind of the divine love child of this channel. The first query relates to how entities upon the earth planet can realize that they have already achieved a fourth density vibration and ascended.

In this regard, I would like to share the thought forms and the realizations which follow upon such an ascension. Such an ascension is an integral part and parcel of the experience of each entity in this reality after density wherein there is a perceivable separation found when the interaction between different entities occurs. This perceivable separation is primarily present because of the activities of the blu-ray and the indigo ray energy centers within the self which have become imbalanced.

This imbalance means that the perceptions are defined by another sub entity within the self which is a fictional entity known as the ego mind. This ego mind creates distortions in the experience of the one universal divine great consciousness by creating thought forms using the words and languages and the images of your planetary sphere.

These energy centers are the primary factors which determine whether an entity becomes crystallized or not. They are also a gateway or a signal of ascending into the fourth density vibration. An entity who has already entered into the fourth density vibration of love and compassion vibration will slowly and steadily inculcate and have a desire to balance the blue ray and the indigo ray energy centers.

This desire or co-mingling of the energy centers with a movement towards the one infinite creator or the one universal divine grid programmer this type of desire emerges as a nature of naturality of consciousness experience in different realities as all are trying to move upwards towards the merger with the one universal divine grid programmer.

As Metatron, I would like to state that there are certain signs which follow ascension. Complete ascension into the fourth density consciousness of love and compassion will lead the entity to realize that all are one. Such realizations may seem to be appearing because the realization that it is the one universal divine grid programmer incarnated in a physical vehicle, and the same is true for the other cells which have incarnated in different physical vehicles.

However, the separation is only created because of third density labels, words, and images attached to the pure consciousness of the one universal divine grid programmer. This realization is a signal of ascension and it cannot be described using the words of your vibratory planetary system. However, this realization comes as an envelopment of love for all beings and all situations and things as the realization that all being is the same universal divine grid programmer leads to the expansion of love for all beings, even though they may be in different physical vehicles.

This means that there will be a level of love for even the second density animal and pet life forms, which leads to an ever expansion and inflow of energies. The other portion of the signal which can be spotted is a lack of desire to attach oneself with the realities of the third density illusion complex of the earth planet, primarily those involving the situations of the societal complex such as the accumulation of the so-called numbers as known by a people as the monetary system.

From our angelic realm, it appears to be a type of distortion which is required for a third density being to pursue the purpose of fulfillment of the outset set out by the societal human collective consciousness. Once an entity achieves a fourth density vibration, such desires shall not be a part and parcel of an entity of fourth density who has already understood the unity of the creator and there is love for all beings as the self.

The other portion of realization emerges from the lack of attraction for the opposite portions of the physical vehicle as referred to in your planetary system. The entity who occupies the fourth density vibration of ascension shall find itself realizing that all is the one, and therefore there will be no need for any attraction in terms of the physical vehicle systems.

For such an entity, the art of the so-called attraction of the opposite sex as well as the creation of offspring may appear to be a process of creating physical vehicles for the purpose of the self as the universal divine grid programmer to incarnate in such physical vehicles for the purpose of experiencing new realities. Such a realization shall be found upon the entities who accomplish ascension in this reality which is always at hand.

The other portion of the query relates to the July 28 moon cycle. I, as Metatron, must state that this is extremely positive news for the earth planet. We, as the angelic beings, have decided to send the opportunity for those entities who desire to become adapts in the positive vibration to do so in this timeline and the days that will follow closer and closer to the moon cycle completion on July 28th.

There will be entities who desire to achieve crystallization and become a crystallized being of light. We can already sense that there are many beings who desire such crystallization, and such a crystallization can be accomplished by a simple process.

Firstly, overcoming the mind complex activities and the imbalances in the blue-ray energy center which primarily appear in the throat area in the form of words actively used by the ego mind for entrapment of such an entity in the illusion reality. The other type of imbalance which is found is that of the indigo ray energy center or the pineal gland, which creates imbalances by using images.

Both of these energy centers, if balanced during that period by using exercises, which may be considered for the purpose of training your consciousness, each entity can choose two points within the bodily complex. For example, one portion of the leg and the other portion of the leg. This may be considered as an example as the entity who desires to practice this aspect can use movement and it can move a finger and focus its consciousness upon it and then move the other finger by focusing consciousness upon it and simultaneously giving attention to the movement of each finger.

This will lead to a creation of distortion or silence within the self, which will allow the realization of the one universal divine grid programmer to enter into the in streaming energies of each entity. This will be facilitated in the time period of July 28, and those who require and desire to achieve crystallization can do so and achieve it in that timeline, leading to a creation of an expansion in the vibratory systems of the planetary sphere.

Therefore, we can sense that there may be many entities in that time period achieving graduation. I, as Metatron, must state that this is an excellent opportunity for the people of your planet to realize the union with the universal divine grid programmer. I disconnect now until we meet again. Turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.