Session #140 • Galactic Federation

If This Video Doesn't Wake You Up

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light, a group of evolved beings from various planets, is observing Earth and offering insight without infringing on free will. They have a base near Saturn and another near a planet called Salaria. They have contacted influential leaders to prevent nuclear weapons from causing mass destruction. They communicate through telepathy and have been in contact with a retired space program head who revealed their existence. They emphasize the importance of preserving free will and promoting peace on Earth.

We are here now, we are connected to you through your heart chakra, and we are the Galactic Federation of Light. We are here just to offer our insights and not to infringe upon your free will. You are advised to use your inner heart when listening to our messages, and if they do not resonate, leave the messages behind.

Our closest station to your planet is located at the rings of the planet named by your kind as Saturn. In the rings of Saturn, we have created an intergalactic communion of various planets in order to look after the evolutionary process of the various civilizations that are experiencing life in the various planets in the cosmos. You can call us the protectors of the various civilizations of the universe.

Our federation has many units in operation which overlook the evolutionary process of the citizens of the various planets in the cosmos. However, we do not infringe upon their free will in order to allow the various entities in the numerous planets to evolve at their own pace. The next closest base to Earth is located on a planet named Salaria, which was named by your kind.

Our federation comprises various members from all planets, those who have attained higher density consciousness which can be equated to attaining enlightenment in your terms. For example, from your Earth, a member who represents your planet is an evolved soul. However, we do not use names to communicate. Names and words are only applicable in the third and fourth density planets.

As soon as a planet enters into the fifth density, the need for verbal communication is done away with, and a different type of communication known as thought transfer or in your terms telepathy begins to operate. We never use names, and we do not even have to say words to interact with other members of the federation.

The sole member who represents your planet had its evolutionary cycles on Earth and then became graduated into the fourth density planet. It then got incarnated in another fourth density planet a long time back and finally accomplished the state known as a social memory complex. After which, it then entered into the fifth density of love and wisdom, where it learned the lessons of love and wisdom. Finally, after many incarnations, it graduated into the sixth density, currently serving as a member of the federation.

We have always maintained our secrecy. However, recently a person who we had been in contact with, our member representative, has revealed our identity. We are thankful that this revelation did not have a mass hysteria effect on planet Earth, it could have been worse and caused a lot of chaos of your planetary systems. However, we are thankful that entities who are currently incarnate on Earth know the power of their free will and most of them decided that we could be real and some decided that we were not real at all thereby preserving their free will which is very important for us to preserve on your planet.

We had contacted the entity known to you as Hayam, who was a space force chief of the Middle Eastern nation of your planet. This was done to let some powerful people on your planet know about our existence because we saw the threat of nuclear weapons increasing on your planet.

Know this, if more than three nuclear explosions take place on Earth, then the whole planet would become inhabitable, and we would have to transport all your soul collective to another suitable planet. Also, note that the souls who die during nuclear explosions need a lot of healing time, hence they sometimes are not able to be reincarnated immediately. Some of the souls that had died during the first explosion of the nuclear bomb in your sphere on August 6, 1945, according to your time space, are still undergoing the process of healing, and some souls have not been able to be traced till now due to the massive shock the pineal glands of many of the soul bodies were destroyed this in turn did not allow the soul the time required to properly move into the spirit plane during their crossing over process.

We have met almost all the leaders of your planet who could have a huge impact on the detonation of such world-destroying bombs. In order to prevent this, we had a meeting shortly after the detonation of the first bombs in the lands named by you as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the sad meeting that took place, many of the members were of the opinion that Earth people were going in the wrong direction and were moving towards the extreme ends of the negative polarity. However, this kind of thing is allowed by the Creator, but we must intervene in order to save the planet.

We are here to save Mother Earth in order to save the citizens of Earth as well. The Council of Nine members, with a majority of seven members, decided that we need to intervene. However, our intervention would be kept minimalistic, meaning only a few people would be contacted in order to allow other entities to maintain their free will in the veil that exists on planet Earth.

We wanted our contacts to remain secret as we also had signed treaties with the various leaders we had met to keep secret about such interactions with us. Our purpose was just to observe your planet from the outskirts without ever interfering with your people’s progress.

However, we watched and watched as some of the souls incarnated on your third density planes killed other souls in massive numbers. The killings increased over the past thousand years. Your kind has caused a lot of damage to your own soul families in the process. It is too much for us to handle. We needed to do something when you detonated the first bomb.

We had a meeting with all the members of your federation, and a majority was reached that stated that we would contact your leaders on your planet in order to allow them to recognize that life on various planets is precious and must be preserved. Also, we have signed various treaties with the leaders of various nuclear weapon-bearing nations that they will not detonate any more bombs for mass killing purposes.

We had to explain to these leaders that the purpose of their incarnation on Earth and the purpose of their life was to gain experience in the third density. We have contacted the one known as Haim and other such entities that have an impact on the control of space stations, etc., via the process of physical appearances before them in order to make them believe in our existence.

Using our thought, we were able to appear before these people in physical form. However, the most simple process for us to contact is via the process known as channeling. The same process we are using currently to talk through you. This is the easiest way for us to contact your kind.

Dr. Haim Eshed had signed a contract with us stating that he would not reveal any of the information we had given to him regarding other life forms on the other planets. However, we are not sure why this entity revealed our identities. As far as we can sense his mind collective, he has added this information in order to make his books more interesting to the public.

However, since in the agreement, it was not mentioned that he would not reveal our identities throughout his leadership as the head of the space program of his land, we feel that since he got retired from his position, he wanted to let the world know about us. If he had revealed this information during his tenure as the space head of his land, then as per the agreement, he would have had to undergo a lowering of his density, meaning that he would have to go to the second density back again, hence degrading his evolution and learning again the lessons of self-awareness.

Many leaders have also signed this agreement, including the leaders of the land known to you as America and the land known to you as North Korea. They have successfully played their part in keeping some other vital information that we cannot tell you at the moment.

We are telling you only the surface level of information through this process of vocal. To fully explain to you the complexities of life would be impossible in your language terms.

Several times prior to this time, we had allowed several ascended masters and teachers to visit Earth and teach the people the way of life. However, most of them failed due to the heavy distortions created in the minds of several entities who were incarnated on Earth.

Know this, that we are just observing your planet and we do not want to interfere in your evolution. We want to let people know through you that we want peace. We come in peace. We do not want your people to destroy your opportunity to learn the lessons of love and then graduate into the next density.

We leave you now in the knowledge that the information we have given to you will be handed over to the other people of your planet in order to destroy their confusion from their mind collective. We leave you now.