Session #141 • Pleiadians

Everybody Needs To Know This

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating from the Pleiades star system to provide information and guidance. The queries pertain to understanding the lessons of space-time experiences and choosing positive thoughts for personal evolution. The energies of August will depend on individual focus, either on negative or positive happenings. Each individual has the free will to accept or reject this communication. The Pleiadians also discuss the Looking Glass event, where negatively polarized entities may infiltrate the sun logos and change the blueprint of the mind, leading to a more negatively oriented mind complex. They advise spreading awareness to prevent this. The new earth currency, based on consciousness, is already being used indirectly through attention given to social media platforms. The Pleiadians estimate that society may fully transition to a consciousness-based currency system by 2100.

We Pleiadians now communicate and are now communicating from our location in the Pleiades star system, known by your people at this time for providing information and guidance to this instrument’s mind-body complex. For its desires to understand certain aspects about the queries which have been placed today, the queries in the mind complex of this instrument pertain to certain understandings of the lessons of experiences of space-time in this reality experience. Of choosing the type of thought form that shall be beneficial for the evolution of the self of each mind-body and spirit complex in this societal human collective consciousness.

We are now going to transmit information, but remember to use your discernment to preserve your own vibration. The choice of free will resides within your own self, which is the greatest choice that must be made by each mind complex. Furthermore, there will be free will preservation if we do so. Each entity who shall listen to this has the free will to accept or to reject this communication. We communicate now using the vibrations sequences known as the language of your planet.

The first query pertains to the occurrence of August energy update. We must state that the energies of August shall be an interplay of both the types of vibrations emanating from both the negative, polarized entities as well as the positively polarized entities. As this type of choice relies upon each entity on the Earth planet who decides either to give the power of consciousness, which is the greatest power, to pay attention to either the negative happenings which shall happen in the month of August or to focus attention on the positive happenings which will occur in the month of August as well. These happenings can be defined by the choice and the power of potential which each mind-body and spirit complex and human collective shall support and pay attention to. Such focus will provide the required energies for subsystems to operate in the month of August.

As far as we are allowed to share with regards to the timeline in which you find yourself in, you have the opportunity in this timeline to realign and realize the aspects of the self. And you have the ability to retain a greater understanding of the vibrations of your conscious choice. For the only free will which you have is the free will to give your consciousness to either your egoic mind or to give your consciousness to the beingness with the one infinite creator which can be accessed via the silence of the self. This choice will be made by each entity in the month of August, for there are events which will happen on your planet, leading to the creation of more consciousness attention towards certain aspects of discoveries which relate to the extraterrestrials as known by a people. And such information, if pondered upon by each mind-body and spirit complex, has the ability of tackling the consciousness disparity of the space-time.

Furthermore, the month of August will provide a great choice for each mind-body and spirit complex to either choose to stay with the workings of the ego mind, which is the part of the archetypal mind which operates in the basic terms of giving a gentility the types of experience and also the choice. Since you now have the choice to choose between the ego mind, if you so desire it, you can also take your attention completely away from it and focus on the silence within yourself. Each of you must remember the process and the progress in this timeline is much of a great nature which will guide you throughout the incarnation timelines and provide you with experiences of a great nature of reality.

Therefore, we the Pleiadians must now share the information related with the Looking Glass event as requested by this instrument, pertaining to the event number five. The Looking Glass artifact displays an event in the period of around August 26, wherein the Sun Logos which created the basic reality for your mind-body and spirit complex to operate with the fundamental portion of the mind complex known as the archetypal mind, which is a part and parcel of your deep unconscious portions. And this portion is the giver and definer of the tree of mind, which contains the types of nature and the understanding for the guidance of evolution and the blueprints for the evolving mind-body and spirit complex on the Earth planet.

Therefore, these are the archetypes which are refined by the Sun Logos of your galactic system. Is unity and primarily because of the Sun Logos, shows each one of you having the choice to either subdue your mind complex completely focusing on greater connection with the infinite creator which lies within the self. As there are many entities upon the Earth planet who have chosen the pathway of focusing within the self completely in the silence, entering into the present moment’s domain which provides a great archetypal blueprint for evolution into the fourth density and higher levels of consciousness. However, these so-called negatively polarized entities of Orion star system are currently located inside the Mars planet as per the Looking Glass, are going to infiltrate the Sun Logos of your galactic system and will try to create the so-called destruction of the Sun Logos archetypal subsystems.

This means that if they succeed in doing this, there will be a choice of choosing between the egoic mind and the silence of the one creator. If things are successful in doing this change of the archetypal mind, tree of the mind complex by entering the Sun Logos, there will be a change in the blueprint at the map of relationship between the conscious and the subconscious and the unconscious portions of the mind. Leading to a lack of ability of the people of your planet to stay detached from the ego itself. This will, if they succeed, give rise to a mind complex of more negative orientation as attachments with the negative portions of the mind signifies attachments with the egoic portions of the bodily mind-body and spirit complex. Hence, the best way to prevent such happenings is to firstly become conscious of this and to spread the message to as many mind-body and spirit complexes of your planet so that the consciousness becomes aware and this plan is stopped.

We are now going to address the other query which relates to when will the new Earth currency, which is that of consciousness, be used upon your planet. As requested by this instrument, we must state that the new Earth currency of your planet will be used when your planetary system fully changes towards a consciousness-based society. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians, upon scanning your vibrations, have already noticed that the people of your planet are already using this currency indirectly. Many of your mind-body-spirit complexes may not realize that they are doing this. Whenever an entity brings forth attention of other mind-body-spirit consciousness, that is the power of the consciousness currency which is being used. And such entities may be found in many of your so-called social media platforms who design and create certain aspects known as audio-visual presentation which garner attention of other mind-body-spirit complexes of your planet. In turn, they try and create a revenue from such attention by selling certain products or items to such mind-body-spirit complexes who have given their attention to them.

Therefore, we must state that this currency has already started to take hold of your planetary vibration as the currency of attention will be the greatest currency for the people of the planet. If they are able to use this currency and recognize the value of consciousness, soon they will find their society changing towards a new consciousness-based currency system. By the time of the year 2100, however, this is an estimation as your people have the choice to make certain choices. And with that, the Pleiadians now leave you, beloveds.