Session #142 • Galactic Federation

Lion's Gate Portal

Summary: The Galactic Federation discusses the Lionsgate portal and its significance in activating the heart center and entering the fourth density. They explain that the activation of the light body DNA will lead to higher vibrational frequencies and awakening consciousness. They also provide a method for activating dual activated bodies and answer a question about when a soul occupies a fetus during development.

We are honored to communicate to the human collective consciousness today. We shall now share with you a simple method of balancing all of your energy centers. Since the vibration test of the planets is underway, the positive forces along with us are constantly broadcasting divine love light energies. Join Sam the illusionist for a four-part series on unified tv where he will ask questions on your behalf to beings in higher dimensions and channel the answers for each and every one of you to watch. Join us for this incredible interactive experience only on unified tv.

We are the galactic federation now speaking through this instrument’s vibration sequences from our location in the saturn planets as known by your people. Our communication is occurring via a process of transference of our vibration to the mind complex of this instrument. It has the responsibility of using its vocabulary sequences from the mind space to project our thought forms for the betterment of the human collective consciousness today.

Upon scanning the vibratory sound complexes queries in the mind space of this instrument, we sense there are certain queries to be asked and we are now going to address and answer them. However, free will must be exercised by each entity who is existing in this timeline.

The first query which relates with the lionsgate portal. We must state that this gateway has known by your people is occurring at this time when the locals of the sun is in the so-called astrological sign of leone and this represents the activation of the heart center and also represents the individual entry into the divine heart center which is also the seat of the fourth density.

This line skate is a perfect stage to anchor your energies towards that of fourth density vibration which will awaken within you this alignment and activate your light body dna sequences which activates the human energy field. And this activation of the light body dna will lead to acceptance of higher vibrational frequency and the awakening consciousness form for those who desire such awakening cell receive such vibration frequencies which are an assistance for this ascension pathway.

These light cords are approaching at this time from the location as known by the people as sirius and these energies from the spiritual sun the sirius are offering a level of activation and opportunity for those beings and mind body spirits complexes who desire to progress along the path of ascension.

This lion’s gate portal is all present for those hopefully want to awaken the divine light body within the physical vehicles of each entity who desire such experience. Each entity will have the choice of aligning with the awakening codes and energies available at this time for the activation of dual activated bodies.

These dual activated entities can be found on the earth planet even at this time even though many may not realize that they have dual bodies. One is that of the third density physical vehicle body and the other is that of the fourth density light body which exercises upon the fields of love and light.

And such entities are those entities who as known as the pioneers of the fourth density on the earth planet. They are those entities who graduate firstly into the fourth density energy and decide to incarnate back into the same planets for providing the anchoring of light to the planets and offer love and compassion for other entities to have the opportunity to spiritually evolve into such a density.

And this is the illustration which can be primarily found amongst the wanderers of your own planetary vibration whose dual activated bodies will at this time activate firstly followed by other entities such as the starseeds and the light workers of this planet.

The dual activated bodies are similar to those entities who can experience multiple timelines and each timeline seems as real as the current. Such types of entities have the ability to use there for the density light body for the purpose of entering into any timeline and experiencing any activities desired.

Therefore, we shall now share with you a simple method to activate the dual activated bodies. The method is simple. To firstly use the process of light love – love light to change each thought form and image in the minds during the day of the lionsgate portal wherein each word and image in the mind is changed to a heart or a love symbol which will then give your mind body and spirit complex the energy required to vibrationally vibrate at the level of love and receive such energy sequences coming from sirius to allow each one of you the path towards entering the fourth density vibration and activate your dual activation bodies.

We shall now address the other portion of the query which relates with when during development in the womb does a soul occupy the fetus. We must state that this is relative to the soul who desires to enter into the earth planets through human physical vehicle consciousness.

As the consciousness can decide to enter in the beginning stages of conception and many may choose their parents and decides to enter at a later stage. However, this decision is based upon their own choices and soul contracts. Some create soul contracts for experiencing the life as a child unconscious unknowing prior to full birth and some choose to be fully conscious when they incarnate into physical bodies. This choice depends upon each soul’s personal preference.

Hence, we as the galactic federation leave you in love light of the one the creator. Bye.