Session #143 • Pleiadians

CERN, Solar Flash, Maldek, Layers of Mind

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating to provide guidance on experiencing a higher level of awakening during the supermoon on August 11th. They explain the layers of the mind and offer an exercise to penetrate these layers. They also state that the solar flash, which will lead to the transition to the fourth density, will be sudden when the planet is ready to release negative energies. They warn of a negative solar flash that could be generated by negative entities. The Pleiadians mention a previous artificial solar flash on the planet Maldek.

We the Pleiadians communicate now, and we are now communicating for transferring our thoughts to the people of the Earth societal complex for providing information as guidance. Requested by this instrument, today we must state that our thought forms must be put under the scrutiny by each of the mind, body, and spirit entities in the Earth planet to fully understand the experience of free will distortion in this timeline.

We, as the Pleiadians, shall now bring forth the vibrations of the queries which can be sensed in the mind complex of this instrument. This instrument desires to understand the practices for experiencing a higher level of awakening during the so-called supermoon by your people and the timeline of 11th August, which is occurring on your planetary vibration.

In this timeline, each entity has the opportunity to train themselves to shift from their third-density way of being to that of the fourth-density way of being. This can be accomplished via a simple process of penetrating the so-called layers of the mind. Each mind, body, and spirit complex has layers of mind which can be penetrated if they so desire, using a certain exercise which we shall share after explaining how the layers of the mind occur.

The layers of the mind can be simply expressed in terms of the first layer, known by your people as the conscious mind or the thinking mind, which usually takes up the left side of the brain activity. This is the first layer of mind in which many entities find themselves in during their waking state.

The other portion of the mind is known as the intuition, which is a portion emerging from the experiences of connection. This occurs in the form of inner insides occurring through the vibration of the lower energy centers. This intuition is the primary connection with each entity’s higher self and with many other soul guides who provide the experience of suggesting to each mind, body, and spirit complex the suggestions for growth and improvement for entry into higher levels of reality.

This is the intuition which is present within all. The third layer of the mind can be considered as the unconscious self, which is primarily present within the inner realms of the subconscious. This creates the personal unconscious with memories from the present incarnation, and all events which have emotional experiences are stored in this level of the mind, which also helps in the formation of emotional memory.

The other portion of the mind beneath that, the fourth layer, is the racial mind, which is the part of a certain race in which the entity has incarnated into. This mind creates belief systems and sometimes provides influences to the conscious mind to rationalize certain decisions made in terms of the race of a certain entity.

Beneath the layers of the certain mind, the Earth planet’s mind is found which is the interconnection of all beings who are and have been members of the Earth planetary sphere, creating a web of mind complex of different experiences. Beneath all these layers of the mind activities, this creates the planetary mind, which is, in essence, the mind complex that will be predominant during the time of transition to the fourth density completely.

This leads to the other portion of the mind, which is the logos mind or as known by many of you the archetypal mind which is a type of mind that primarily works in the framework of providing certain distortions of the basic framework of the workings of the self, which is primarily created by the experiences of the sun logos.

In this mind, the other mind is known as the galactic mind or the cosmic mind, which is a culmination of all the minds connected from various other galactic systems. And finally, once the entity is able to penetrate through all these layers of the mind which is the final layer which is the soul or the spiritual complex of an entity. This is the connection of the mind of the creator or the spirit self, which leads to creation and also leads to the basic ability of each entity to choose a lifetime.

Already, above minds excluding the spirit complex are available during the incarnation sequence, and the spirit complex or the creator’s mind is available only when all the above layers are penetrated through the process of tuning of the mind complex using various processes such as the focus on an exercise which we shall now provide.

This exercise dictates that for the penetration of such a mind as possible during such times as the supermoon on the 11th of August 2022, the penetration of such a mind can occur when the entities in question are capable of becoming aware of every movement they make during their waking daytime. For example, if an entity were to decide to walk with consciousness, every step would require the entity to focus on each step completely, focusing on the movements of each leg, excluding any other intrusion in the mind complex.

If this exercise is performed for a period of 10 minutes minimum, it would lead to the connection of the spirit complex, which is possible in this timeline. And this is the way of the fourth-density way of being in this timeline.

The other query which pertains to the solar flash, will it be a gradual or a sudden entry into the fourth density? We must state that, according to our perception, the solar flash will be sudden when the planet is completely ready to let go of negative energies. A solar flash with positive energy will lead to the ending of any negative forces or negative energies which may be found upon the Earth planet. And as such, the solar flash, which will be the culmination of entities into the fourth density positive timeline, will only occur when all the beings on the Earth planet are ready to let go of such negativity.

There is also, as we can sense, a negative type of solar flash which can be generated by negative entities using these so-called CERN laboratories and other artificial sun systems which are being created upon your planetary sphere. Their purpose is to spread a solar flash with negatively imbued energies, which will affect each mind, body, and spirit complex in the Earth planets, leading to the creation of a negative distortion or negative solar flares.

Furthermore, this instrument desires to understand any moments wherein such a solar flash had occurred. We must state that in the planet known as Maldek, there were many moments wherein around a period of 750,000 years ago of your current space-time, there was a solar flash which was artificially created because of their technological advancements. This led to the ending of the cycle after density that timeline. This is the only time when we can sense a negative solar flash being used. The natural solar flash from the sun will be of a positive type because the sun is the logos and also all the positive beings, how rich the vibration of sixth density resides inside the sun body in the form of light beings.

Therefore, when the Earth is ready, using free will, there will be a solar flash which will suddenly allow the planet to enter the fourth density completely. Will the Pleiadians disconnect now? We’ll leave you, beloveds. Bye.