Session #144 • Metatron

911, Astrology, Elena vs Ismael

Summary: Metatron, speaking through a channel, discusses various topics. Regarding the 9/11 attacks, Metatron suggests that the event was created to distract from a decentralized currency project, orchestrated by the Orion and Reptilian entities. Metatron also addresses the claims against Elena Danaan, stating that it is a karmic balance. Lastly, Metatron explains that tarot and astrology serve the purpose of aiding self-awareness and allowing individuals to choose their own timelines based on their beliefs.

I am Metatron now speaking through this Channel, and I shall now share my message from the Angelic realm using the vibrations of the Earth planet. I would request all Divine love light Childs of the universal Divine great programmer to only listen to those thought forms which provide inner satisfaction, and leave those which do not provide a Resonance of thoughts within the self. As the Divine liquid programmer has provided each entity with the free will on the planetary sphere, which has the opportunity to understand and judge every thought form which is now being transmitted through this Channel’s vibration.

However, we and our location in the Angelic Realm cannot use words accurately as they create distortions in the mind space. The best communication occurs in the form of vibrations. We shall now communicate and share my thoughts which can be shared at this time. That each divide a love-like child who have incarnated at this time in this planetary sphere with a certain mission of the self.

The first question pertains to who was really behind the 9 11 attacks. In this regard, I, as Metatron, would state that this event was created with the purpose of distorting among the activities of certain entities known as the entities as beings who work for the betterments of human Collective Consciousness. Inside the so-called Trade Center, there were a subdivision of entities who were looking for creating a type of currency which was decentralized. However, this was happening on a secret basis. The perceptions which were present within the at the time only provided certain beings with knowledge of such an activity.

The Orions and the reptilians and the Grays, upon finding about this activity, were able to pick up on the secret project after a certain entity let’s do the creation of this event known as 9 11. Learning a so-called playing was used as a distraction mechanism and diverted to the Twin Towers as known by your people. However, this was not a real event which happened. This was what was televised to your people. The real event was the so-called reptilians. They were able to use a quarantine flap opening of the Earth’s quarantine fields, and they were able to enter the planetary vibration of the Earth planet. Then, they were able to replace their bodily complex as George W. Bush, who at the time was the leader of the location wherein such event happened. Because of the soul swap of this entity, there was chaos created because many of the internal decisions it started to make at the time, and this led to the culmination of the event.

However, the planes were supposed to be a distraction. The real event which happened was a portal was created at the Twin Towers, wherein the decentralized currency project was being confiscated by the Orions using the portal. And the device which was being used as the articulation Ascension machine, which was handed by the positive forces to some groups, which was created mainly by the Galactic Federation, was confiscated by the negatively oriented Orions and their reptilian counterparts by opening a portal. They were able to then take this device under their control.

Furthermore, I, as Metatron magnetic Consciousness, would state that the events of 9 11 did not happen as was televised by your social media platforms. At the time, there was a layer of distortion created in this so-called Distortion mechanism of the system. Discovery of bodies of many of the beings who were genetically modified and reptilian bodies were discovered after the event, and some of the bodily vehicles used by the reptilians could not withstand the energy blasts from the generation of the portal which was created. Hence, their Consciousness dislocated from the body, and their dead bodies were found by some of the people or the first correspondents into that location at the time space. This led to the creation of confusion revealed to the planet. The bodies would create most hysteria amongst the people of the Earth planet because of the fear that the truth that this event was created by extraterrestrial entities would be a mass hysteria-creating event. The so-called televised version was used to distract the human Collective Consciousness from the truth, and a Divine lovely child from was not able to find the proper disclosure which would have had happened at the time, which would have led to certain changes in the ending of all religious systems and other subtle changes. Therefore, all is Metatron shall answer the other query which is the entity known as Elena Danan for your people are so-called Soul replaced entry known as a Droid, and is the claims made by the entity known as Ismael Perez against the entity known as Elena correct?

I, as Metatron, would like to state that this revolves around your planet’s interaction with the creative thought forms of thoughts dark web. As I, Metatron, must say that each thought composes of words and images, and each thought which is unregulated will create disharmony within the Incarnation cycle of the universal Divine grid programmers. I must say that the Anthony known as Elena has not been compromised, as we can sense from the vibrations emanating from the sanity. However, the reason why there is an attack of thought forms between the entity known as Elena and Ismael Perez, as known by a people’s vibration, is a karmic balance which is occurring. The entry known as a leader around the period of around four to six months ago how they used the same type of system of blaming another Anthony known as the ashtar command and discredited them who were positive beings but the entry known as Alina discredited them and made them be negatively polarized entities at their time space. This karmic balance is now playing out in the hands of Ismael Perez, who realizes the positive nature of the astral command groups. Therefore, this is but a balancing off the karmic activities of the Anthony known as Elena Danaan, the entity known as Ismael Perez, even though it may realize that this is a distortion.

I’ll now address the final query, which I can sense, which is the purpose of tarot and astrology and spiritual awakening. I, as Metatron, must say that the purpose of tarots and astrology is to provide the people of the Earth planet, who are the universal Divine love Childs, the opportunity to become self-aware of themselves. And the tools such as tarot and astrology will allow this facility, which aids each entity in the understanding of the self at this time more and more clearly. As the self-awareness is the greatest objective of each Divine grid programmer’s love child at this time, as without self-awareness, no entry would have the opportunity to realize a higher purpose.

The fields of study of tarot and astrology provide entities with self-awareness, for the self-awareness of the belief systems which lie in the subconscious portions of the Mind would provide each entity with the recognition of self-awareness of the self as required in each timeline to lead to the culmination of the expansion and opening of the vibration of the self.

The reason behind tarots and astrology is such that each entity, what beliefs are placed upon a certain timeline projection, will find itself in such a timeline. The tarot and astrological systems of study have the power of implanting the seeds of suggestion in the subconscious, and if accepted by the belief system, each entity will find itself in such a timeline of which they believe upon. And each self-awareness of each Divine grid programmer is the greatest quality to learn at this time to raise oneself to the level of the universal Divine Light great programmer is to become ultimately self-aware to such an extent of the self.

I, as Metatron, must state that there is but one free will on the Earth planet, and that free will is the choice of storing memories in your subconscious. As each entry has the free will to change the memories of their past, they can change any events they want to. They can store the event in a certain way they want to. It is their choice which pathway they will choose, either the part of love or either the path of the third density reality, based upon the memories which they will hold on the subconscious. They will find themselves projecting outwards and the illusion reality the same type of choices. And this is the basic free will which can be exercised by each Metatron. Leave you now, turn to the mountain of Lights within your own self. Bye.