Session #146 • Metatron

Background People, Chemtrails & Mass Hypnosis

Summary: Metatron explains the concept of background entities, which are soulless beings created by real souls to fulfill certain lessons. These background entities can be influenced by real souls through imagination and emotional energy. Metatron also discusses the purpose of chemtrails, stating that they are created to emotionally destabilize the human collective consciousness and prevent people from regaining their full power of emotional stability. Lastly, Metatron mentions the significance of love light meditations performed by the people of Earth in protecting the sun and damaging negatively oriented entities.

I am Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, now speaking through this channel’s vibration in order to offer my insights today. Through this channel, I provide the people of the Earth planet, who are the love light children of the universal divine great programmer, with the information which shall inspire each entity to deal within the inner knowingness of the self. This information shall provide each beingness entity with the ability of recognizing a value that there is but one universal divine great programmer within each entity.

Before I share this information, I would recommend each universal divine love light child of the universal divine great programmer to use their thoughts and judge my thoughts, only accepting which resonate deeply. The query which I can sense in the mind, the complex of this channel primarily relates to how to find out if a certain entity is a background person or a real entity with a soul. For this, I, Metatron, must firstly provide you with a conscious understanding of the types of requirements to better understand about the background people, as known in your planet’s language vibrations.

For every one real soul, there are infinite background entities generated by the soul itself, brought to the incarnation and during the process of incarnation for learning certain lessons. These background entities appear and disappear based upon the lessons that a particular soul has to learn in a certain incarnation illusion complex. The background entities usually do not have a soul; however, they may appear to be normal human-like entities, with only differences being that they have a difference in their thought forms of a fixed nature.

This means that the background entities, if they believe a certain thing is a certain way, they will perceive the same way for the rest of their time period of existence. This provides the entities to be used by other real souls for fulfilling their lessons and learning purposes. These background entities can be influenced by the imagination of a real entity. As a real soul, the divine love light child of the universal divine grid programmer can influence such background entities by using the imagination and by performing emotional outbursts of energy, which many on the planetary sphere refer to as energy work.

This type of energy work has an effect upon the background entities, and they react to the assumption of a certain entity, known as the real soul. For example, I, as Metatron, must present to you two entities. One entity who is using its imagination and also using its emotional energy to change its inner assumptions of what it is assuming in the beingness of the energy center. This is primarily the lower red ray, the orangery, and the yellow ray energy center. These assumptions primarily reflect outwards within the beingness of the soul as the entities known as the background people react to such assumptions.

If an entity who had a real soul reacts or creates assumptions of a certain nature, the background entities have no other options but to follow the path that is assumed. This means that the background entities, in essence, do not have free will as a real soul has free will within the self at a certain space-time experience. One real soul may generate up to 95,000 background entities to infinite greater, depending upon what lessons the soul has to learn.

These background entities may disappear after the lessons are learned or the completion of the energy work and assumption is completed. This means that the background entities are here to fulfill or help the real entities of the universal divine love-light children to learn the lessons of creating reality in this timeline and assisting in the evolution of the real entities.

Furthermore, I, as Metatron, must state that there is but one test which can allow each being to find out if it is a background entity or a real soul. The best test would be to focus attention on one point in the bodily complex, such as focusing attention on the right leg portion, and with 100 percent attention, by focusing attention on it, if the entity is not able to be aware of other portions of the body, then there is a real soul inside the mind, body, spirit complex, and the entity is not a so-called background entry, but a real soul having an incarnation at this time.

This is possible as there is a distortion in your planetary experience of single-pointedness of consciousness, which entities of real soul are only able to focus on one point at a time space experience. Therefore, I, as Metatron, shall now address the other query which can be found in this entity’s mind complex. The query which relates to what is the real purpose of the chemtrails which can be found on the exhaust of your so-called devices which are used for traveling through airspace.

I, as Metatron, must state that there are but two purposes for the creation of such chemtrails. These chemtrails firstly are created by the so-called secret governments by your people, the elites who are under the control of the Orions and reptilians and their counterparts. The purpose of the chemtrails many times is to use and to create emotional reaction and to create emotional shields around the people of a certain location.

Such types of chemtrails are created primarily to emotionally destabilize the vibrations of the human collective consciousness, which creates effects upon the weather as well as upon the emotional vibration of the place and location wherein such spraying is done. This is being done primarily because the elite and the people in power do not want the people of the Earth planet to regain their full power of emotional stability.

Once they are able to regain their full power of emotional stability, the entities on the Earth planet will become immune to any types of outside products. This means that once entities are able to gain a greater type of balancing within the inner self, the entities will no longer require anything in the outside world to regain a greater vibration, to feel satisfaction and joy. Because of this, the entities known as negative entities do not want the people of the Earth planet to obtain freedom in terms of vibration of emotion.

These chemtrails primarily, when they form into particles of rain, also create distortions or breakage in the field of vibration of a negative type. This means that the main purpose is to induce fear and to keep the entities on the Earth planet in the emotions of lack and unworthiness. This will allow them to control the masses by providing them a solution for their emotional instability.

This is how the entities on the Earth planet are being hypnotized, as known by your people, for creating distractions and for looking towards the outside illusion complex for feeling satisfaction. The other purpose of creating chemtrails is when they create chemtrails and infuse them with certain types of particles, they interact with the cloud surfaces, thereby creating large bundles of clouds which can be used by the negative entities as a means of camouflage during their procedures of entry into the Earth’s planetary field by penetrating the Earth’s quarantine.

These types of quarantine flaps create the entity and allow the negatively oriented Orions and the reptilian grey counterparts to perceive the abductions without any hint from the other entities. Since the clouds are generated from the chemtrails to achieve this purpose, furthermore, I, as Metatron, must also now state that this channel desires information related to the one original thoughts.

I, as Metatron, must now give an example to provide a better understanding of what is the one original thought. Consider an entity who has incarnated on the Earth planet who desires to create some new things in the planet. This entity, with its mind complex, focuses entirely on this one creation which it wants to create. By using its imagination, words, or any type of thought forms, it continuously focuses on this one thought for a certain period in the space-time continuum.

Later, it is able to create the exact thought form into its manifested form in the density reality. This is known as the one original thought, as the one original thought may be considered as the creator creating its own versions to experience the self. Much like the one original thought was created by the universal divine grid programmer to experience different variations of the self and different incarnations, and in a similar manner, the people of your planet can use the one original thought to think a certain image or a word in their minds and with complete clarity focus one thought which will lead to the manifestation of such a thought in the space-time continuum of your planetary vibration.

I, as Metatron, shall now address the final query related to the sun body and the love light meditations performed by the people of your planet on the space-time location known as 26th and 27th August. We must state that these love light energies were of ample protection for the sun, along with the Galactic Federation and the other light beings who were providing love light healed around the sun to hold off the intrusion of the sun body for this time period. We have also sensed that there has been a large number of damages done to the negatively oriented entities as they were damaged by the love light energy coming from the people of the earth planet as well as the beings known as the galactic federation who provided such love light shield.

Hence, at the current time, the archetypal mind remains the same. Therefore, I leave you to turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.