Session #147 • Pleiadians

Everything Is Real Quiet: Elon Musk

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through this instrument to discuss the next phase of awakening on Earth. They warn about the existence of fake groups claiming to be guardians of the Looking Glass artifact. They mention a planned ascension event from September 21 to 29, where light codes will be sent to allow individuals to enter the fourth density of consciousness. The Pleiadians also mention a potential soul swap of Elon Musk and the importance of protecting Earth from negatively polarizing energy shields. They discuss different bodily complexes and suggest a spiritual practice to achieve ascension.

We are the Pleiadians, now communicating through this instrument. Now, we are here as the planet is now progressing in the next phase of awakening. Many of the beings on the planet must recognize the value of the next few moments in your space-time experience in the Earth planet. As the Earth planet is spiraling into a new phase of awakening consciousness, the Council of Planets, along with the Galactic Federation and many other cosmic beings, are perceiving this event to be of a grand nature. However, since each individual has the free will at this time to accept or reject our thought forms, we must state that our thought forms must be put under scrutiny by the mind complex, thereby only accepting those which resonate.

The first query pertains to the Looking Glass events number six. As we can sense, there is an event which we can sense from the Looking Glass artifact. However, we must also warn the people of your planet that there have been many groups who are using the synonym or tag of the Guardians of the Looking Glass, who are not of a positively oriented intention and are primarily using the Looking Glass artifact knowledge for the purpose of confusing humanity at this time. However, there is a real Guardian of the Looking Glass which is also present. There are many duplicate Guardians of the Looking Glass groups which are being created at this time to confuse humanity, and the people have the choice which determines whether the people will fall under the domain of the Guardians of the Looking Glass, who are in essence in multiple numbers at this time. There are many groups using the name of the Guardians of the Looking Glass, which has created confusion amongst your people.

Furthermore, we must now state that the event number six of the Looking Glass artifact, as we can sense from our scanning vibrations, is that upon the Earth planet, there is a requirement for the people of your planet to understand that everything at the moment seems to be stagnant in terms of ascension and seems to be quiet because something massive in terms of ascension has been planned for you people. This is occurring in the timeline of September 21 to 29. Many called it to be the gateway of the Earth’s planetary entry into the fourth density cycle, wherein the Earth’s planet has the opportunity of allowing the residents of the human mind, body, and spirit complex, those whose vibrations are of matching vibration to that of fourth density of love and compassion, to secure a place in the upcoming new Earth. This is the second gateway for ascension into the fourth density, which is opening up on the timeline of September 21 and will last until the end of September. Furthermore, these energies are also being amplified by the light codes, which will be sent towards the planetary sphere during those periods of time in order to allow those who shall receive it to find a place in the fourth density consciousness, to become the residents of the new Earth, and be sure that they will graduate into the fourth density consciousness. As a signaling mechanism, there shall be an explosion of peace and silence within those who shall find the light codes and receive the ascension codes to the system towards ascension into the fourth density new Earth planetary vibration.

Furthermore, the entry known as, by your people in your language vibratory sound complex, as Elon Musk has been seen in the Looking Glass artifact to be soul swapped by a Draco’s entity. This entity will eventually use these Starlinks, as created by the entry known as Elon, for the purpose of creating a shield of negatively polarizing energy around the Earth planets in the hope of preventing the ascension or the second graduation of the Earth planet at this time. This type of energy shield, as we can sense, may also lead to the creation of the three days of darkness as many people on your planet perceive it to be if the negatively oriented entities are successful in their process of creating this negatively polarizing shield around the planet.

Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must also state that the first wave of graduation occurred in the year of 2012. In this period of the second stage of graduation window opening, each soul can, in a way, prebook the vibration space in the new Earth by receiving the slide codes and also by eventually staying in the vibration of fourth density. This will mean that once they cross over from this current incarnation, they will directly enter into the fourth density new Earth timeline.

Furthermore, the other query which the entry has placed relates to how the event can be stopped. We request the people of your planet to use their own choices and discernment. During the period of September 21 to September 29, they can use the period of bodily complex and follow the process of meditation to access the divine energies and connection within the self. This will allow each individual, using their own free will, to send love and light energies towards the Earth planets, which can then act as a blanket of energy protecting the Earth planet from such happenings. A warning may be issued to the entity known as Elon regarding the possibility of a soul swap during its sleep state, as it must be protected as it enters the domain of sleep.

We shall now address the second query, which pertains to the different parts of the bodily complex of the mind, body, and spirit complex, specifically the parts of the spiritual bodily complex. We shall now address that each of the seven energy centers combine together to form different types of combinations of bodily complexes. This may be our way of stating that there are a number of possibilities of creation of spiritual bodies. For example, if an entity has an over-activated red ray energy center while also having an imbalance in the blue-ray or the throat energy center, it may create a bodily complex which may be termed as the so-called emotional imbalanced partly complex. This type of bodily complex is full of anxiety, fear, and anxious about the future. There may be other possibilities such as the yellow ray energy center as well as the imbalanced energy center primarily of the indigo ray, which leads to the type of body known as the energy body, which is known as the mental body. This type of mental body is created when the entities cannot stop producing images in their minds during their waking daytime. This leads to several stages of confusion within the self as the overlapping of different timelines is happening. Then there are other bodies such as the astral body, which acts as a bridge between the physical body and the spiritual realm.

These astral bodies primarily compose the combination of an exact replica of your energy centers, which can be found at the present bodily complex. However, this occurs in the form of a non-physical bodily complex, which is able to travel in time space without any hindrance. However, the imbalances in the energy centers are replicated during the astral projection or out-of-body experiences, leading to the creation of a similar type of environments in the astral state. Also, there are other bodies known as the celestial bodies, which is the body that has the connection with the One Infinite Creator, as well as with many of the entities’ higher self. This body is primarily activated when there is a purified nature of the heart energy center, leading to a balancing of the upper chakras of the blue-ray, the indigo ray, and the violet ray energy center.

These four energy centers, once balanced and activated, lead to the creation of the celestial body, which is able to vibrate at a frequency much higher and can be a type of perception which may be generated, which can be sensed by your people as the creation of a rainbow around the physical bodily complex. This gives the emanation of a type of rainbow body. This can only be achieved when all of the lower energy centers are also balanced. Therefore, this is an example of the rainbow body, as known by many of your people. Furthermore, there is the understanding required for the people that the different types of energy centers, specifically the lower energy centers, are those which primarily compose the emotional as well as the intuitive body. The upper energy centers primarily form part of the creative or the causal body. There may be infinite combinations of different types of energy center imbalances leading to the creation of different bodily complexes upon the physical beingness of the self.

Furthermore, we shall now address the final query, which relates to what spiritual practice can be done at this time to ensure that the people of the Earth planet are eligible for accessing the fourth density graduation window, which is now opening. The best practice, which we the Pleiadians can suggest, is a practice that allows one of the entities upon your planetary sphere, and many entities upon your planetary sphere, as well as upon the various galactic systems, to attain enlightenment of the self.

The process is to firstly understand the separation of the self and the formulation of the working of the mind into three categories. One that is determined by sound, since sound is the force which leads to the creation of language and words in the throat ray energy center. And only the understanding that the creation of sound leads to the creation of language and words. Without sound, there will be no language, no words created in the mind. This understanding must be accompanied by the other understanding that the universe was created only by the forces of light and love.

The force of sound, which many on your planet perceive to be vibrations, was added primarily only in third density planets as a distortion, such as the Earth planet, for the creation and understanding of the ego self, which is created because of the sound. Since sound is the creation of the ego self, many entities, in order to sustain ascension, can follow the simple procedure of focusing their attention on the blu-ray or the throat energy center and not allowing sounds to appear inside the blu-ray energy center. Since all of your inner voices and thought forms are sounds appearing in your throat free energy center, each sound vibration distorts the consciousness to reflect a certain nature and not the true nature is reflected as each sound creates a different type of vibration within your consciousness stream.

Each one of you must remember to let go of the sound and allow the peace of the one infinite creator to engulf you within the self. This practice of not allowing any sound to appear within the self however, the entities must be extra careful that any type of sound will lead to an imbalance in the energy center in your mind complex if you become aware. The voices on the outside are allowed, however the voices which you hear in your mind complex must be let go of and no sounds must be allowed within your inner throat energy center. This will then allow you to sustain ascension rapidly. However, we must also clear that this does not mean that the entities on the earth planet should stop communicating.

We are only suggesting that your inner sounds must be let go of you can still use sounds and vibrations to communicate with others on the outside but most important is to let go of your inner sounds and voices which are the hindrance to ascension. And so, we the pleidians, now leave you, Bye.