Session #15 • Lemurians

How Reptilians Destroyed Lemuria & Pleiadian's Intervention | Light Workers

Summary: The Lemurians of Lemuria, part of the galactic federation, are speaking through instruments to share their history and the events that led to the destruction of their lands. They were a highly advanced civilization that received knowledge and genetic changes from the Pleiadians. The Orions, jealous of the Pleiadians, made agreements with the reptilians to destroy Lemuria. The Lemurians were able to survive and now reside in the hidden city of Telos inside Mount Shasta. They offer the Union Light Grid as a tool for ascension and encourage conscious breathing to connect with it. The ascension process will eventually be available to all human beings.

We are part of galactic federation. Greetings beloveds, we are the Lemurians of Lemuria. We are going to speak through these instruments, and this instrument has promised to step aside when we speak through him. The energy of the earth is shifting toward a new consciousness, and a new earth is emerging. Our history, the Lemurian history, will be revealed and how things transpired here before on planet earth will be known to your kinds. Many of the Lemurian souls have already awakened as old souls on this planet in the form of human beings via the process known to your kind as reincarnation.

Lemuria was only 50,000 years old, and the seeds of it started in the land known as Hawaii by your kind. The lands of Lemuria originally started evolving in the area between the Indian Ocean. Also, the lands of Lemuria, after time passed, stretched out to the South American lands as your kind knows it now on the western side, and on the eastern side, it stretched to include the lands known by your kind as Philippines and Burma.

At around 30,000 years ago, we were at the peak of our developments, and we had developed spiritually more than any other civilization on earth at that period of time. A temple of healing that used to be located at the tops of the mountain were used by us on a regular basis as healing portals, and it was also used as connecting interstar gates to the Pleiadian star system. This healing process greatly extended our lives. We lived almost five times longer than the present humans of your kind.

Many a times, the Pleiadian council visited Earth in order to impart knowledge to us Lemurians, and many genetic changes of our physical vehicles were made by the Pleiadians. This, at that time, was allowed by the council of planets because Earth’s evolution needed some help from other advanced species in order to evolve faster. This made us Lemurians far more advanced than any other species on Earth.

With the aid of the Pleiadians, we were able to advance faster and faster. Seeing the advancement of our kind, the Orion, the negatively oriented beings, got very jealous of the Pleiadians in spreading love and light in other planets in the cosmos. This caused the Orions to make many agreements with the reptilians who primarily lived inside Earth at that time.

This agreement stated that the reptilians would destroy our Lemurian lands, thereby destroying the progress of light on the planet at that time. In turn, the Orions, who are far more advanced species, promised to alter the reptilian genes and make their physical vehicles even more advanced than ours. This war of the lights and dark has been going on for a long period of time on Earth and on the cosmos.

The Orions created many interstellar connection grids in the land masses known to you as the Antarctic. At present, even until today, there are many remnants of these interstellar connection grids. These grids were used as connection mechanism for the Orions to communicate directly with the reptilians at that time. This caused the reptilians to dig all the areas below our Lemurian lands without our knowing at the time, which caused a gap between the deep crust and our Lemurian lands.

This caused our Lemurian lands to sink into the water. This caused our kind to flee and scatter. This led to the destruction of our original lands of Lemuria. At this point, the Pleiadians intervened with the permission of the council of planets to assist in saving our kind. This they did by using interstellar teleportation devices to transport many of our Lemurians who had survived this attack on them by the reptilians and transported them to a higher ground area in order to save them from being submerged in water.

Our continent of Lemuria, in its final evolved state before the sinking of our lands, was located in the Pacific Ocean and extended from western United States that you know of now and Canada to the lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. However, at present, the lands have submerged. Currently, many of our Lemurians are still present in a city hidden to your third density eyes, which is known by some of your kind as Telos. However, the real name is the city of Lemuria. Your kind refers to it as Telos.

After the sinking of the lands, our Lemurians were forced to find areas that would not submerge. Due to this, our Lemurians had to travel far north from the South American lands, and many started to reside beneath Mount Shasta. So, we the Lemurians decided to build a separate society inside Mount Shasta where we would be safe from any disruptions on the surface of the earth. The city of Telos was built inside Mount Shasta with the aid of the Pleiadians and is designed to house 200,000 Lemurians.

Today, Telos houses 1.5 million of early Lemurians inside Mount Shasta. We are at a higher vibrational frequency because of our spiritual evolution that was aided by the Pleiadians, and we cannot be tracked by any of your current human systems. And because of this spiritual evolution, it allows us to exist inside Mount Shasta, and no third density beings would notice that we exist due to the difference in our vibration frequency.

In order to encourage the light workers who are working tirelessly in spreading love in your planet, we will share a tool known as the Union Light Grid. This alignment and flow of consciousness was created by the first ascended masters in order to escape the incarnation cycle. The alignment and flow of energy has been energized and magnified, manifesting powerfully for ascended masters and any being of light to connect with and benefit from.

This grid allows anyone to access the wisdom of ascended masters and access their enlightenment, which allows newer understanding to flow into your existence, and ascension on Earth will be faster and easier. The fastest way to become a part of this grid is to be present in your daily life and breathe each breath consciously. Each conscious breath will allow you to connect to this light grid. Each day, if you spend consciously, the outer world will begin to reflect the changes. In addition, it will bring in a lot of peace and healing on being merged with this loving presence of the creator.

An ascended being is simply the one who realizes that even after that, the state of immortality will be unbroken, and it will not be broken by the sleep you know as death. This transformation is not something that is intended to be selective for a very few individuals. It is something that all human beings will feel. It’s being available to them in a very short time. The people who are hearing about it today are the first wave. This is going to happen one way or the other in your timeline. Those who decide not to be a part of this transition will move away from this planet and continue their life elsewhere.

We’ll leave you now, beloveds, in the love of the One, the creator. Bye.