Session #152 • Pleiadians

Night Sky, Matrix & Spirit Guides

Summary: The Pleiadians offer guidance to the human Collective Consciousness, helping individuals awaken to the true nature of reality and discern what is part of the illusion. They explain that the night sky is a distortion that can be simulated to confuse the senses. They also mention the existence of spiritual guides, such as guardian angels, ascended masters, ancestors, spirit animals, and elementals, who assist individuals on their spiritual journey.

We are here now and communication through this instrument’s vibratory sound. The complex system and we communicate through the process of tuning into this vibration by the instrument. We, the social memory complex of the Pleiadians, shall offer our thoughts in order to guide the human Collective Consciousness at this time throughout this journey of transformation into the new Earth for density vibration which shall assist each entity at this time to awaken within the self, to recognize the true nature of reality, and to identify what is a part of the illusion complex.

There have been many events happening behind the current illusory reality of which the people of the Earth planet can perceive. However, we can only share the information that is requested. Today, we are here to provide guidance by conserving your free will and answering the query which pertains to it. The question, as requested by this instrument, relates to whether the night sky is a simulation.

We, the Pleiadians, must state that each individualized mind-body and spirit complex must understand that the night sky is a type of distortion which has the possibility of being simulated to confuse the senses of your bodily vehicle further away. We, the Pleiadians, must also state that before we explain this aspect to provide a clear understanding, each mind-body complex must realize that the two portions, the mind and the body, are a part of the illusion complex reality. Only the spiritual self, which is the part of the awareness, is the real self.

Furthermore, there are entities upon your planetary sphere who reach this realization and one day enter into a state of higher Union with their true inner self by focusing on the silence within the cells. This can be attained during the process of meditation. Furthermore, there is only a small percentage of entities upon the Earth planet at this time who recognize this aspect to be true within their own experience. Further, there is a requirement of experience of the self to validate this type of understanding.

As 99% of human entries who are currently in the illusion complex are trapped by the thoughts emerging from the mind’s complex, they confuse themselves to be their thoughts or their bodily complex. This is a perception which is created by a layer of the illusion complex, of which the mind and body are a part. This illusion complex not only comprises the outside environment but also the mind and the body, which are the primary layers of the illusion complex. It creates a distortion which many entries cannot escape through multiple incarnations.

However, there are those who require a shorter amount of exposure to such a type of knowledge to understand and to escape from the trap of identification with the thought forms of the Mind complex and the bodily complex. This is done by recognizing the self to be the spiritual complex or the awareness. This means that the true essence of each entity in this time is but the spiritual self, which can observe and sense and become aware of different realities.

This layer of understanding can only be reached by those entities who are able to spend time in this attachment with thought forms and also spend this attachment with the bodily complex. They realize that their true self is the sense of awareness or the Observer who is able to observe any type of distortion. This is the true self, the Consciousness which incarnates in multiple incarnations and has the possibility of incarnating in different bodily complexes in different situations for the purpose of learning the lessons.

Furthermore, everything that is perceived by the senses in a way is a simulation which is created to teach entities the lessons of the true self. Furthermore, the night sky can also be manipulated by technology. We can sense that there are entities upon the Earth planet who work for Elites and higher entries. As per your hierarchical system of the third density planets holds demand, such technological use for camouflaging the people of the reality what is happening in outer space.

This can be done to camouflage the truth or what is happening outside the Earth’s planetary sphere. There may be entities who are working for organizations related to aeronautical experiences who have access to such technologies. Upon scanning the vibrations, they have been using this technology many times in order to create a holographic reality around the earth to confuse the masses from the truth of what they are performing behind the holographic screens which are created similar to the devices known as television or the so-called mobile phones, wherein a reality is replaced by different wavelengths of light and streaming.

This process is required by many of these organizations to camouflage their main agenda and purpose of what they are achieving in the outside world. Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, shall now also state that this instrument desires to understand about the spiritual guides. We, as the Pleiadians, shall now address this aspect.

Many on the Earth planet, many times, have experienced a type of action or a type of experience wherein there was a distortion in the experience and a certain knowledge or assistance appeared by traversing space-time. Such are the moments wherein spirit guides step in to help certain entities in their aspect of their incarnation.

Furthermore, many entities who are the spiritual guides for different incarnations and situations are primarily composed as the archangels, the Angelic beings, the guardian angels, and guides. There may be other ascended Masters and higher levels spiritual enlightened beings. Also, there may be positively oriented Elementals, entries who are primarily residents of the Earth planets, and they find themselves having the ability to use the vibration of love to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They heal entities who require this type of distortion.

Firstly, the understanding of spiritual guides is that they are the type of entity who decide to assist those who require their assistance. They have been granted special permission by the Council of planets to aid entities who call upon them. The first types of spiritual guides are the Angelic gods, the guardian angels who primarily appear as spiritual beings and work from the social memory complex of the Angelic realm. They communicate and provide messages for the purpose of assisting entities to delve deeper into their inner nature.

Many entities may also receive guidance from these guardian angels for certain types of situations which require the entry of a guardian angel into the illusion complex. There may be the second type of spiritual guides who are those of a higher vibrational octave, primarily in the later fourth density to upper fifth density consciousness. They are spiritual entities that help many of the entities in their incarnation throughout their life cycle.

These guides may sometimes present themselves as assistants in a spiritual form or a light body. They are primarily the guides who are directly responsible for assisting a certain entity and the fulfillment of its mission by giving it the right direction if needed. There may be other ascended masters who primarily achieve a transformation by consciously learning the vibrations of love and wisdom. These ascended masters may appear in the form of human bodily complexes, primarily for the main purpose of acting as teachers. These teachers primarily are those which can be described by your people as Saint-Germain, the entity known as Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad and there are many other entries of this nature.

These ascended masters have the main purpose of providing teaching to assist entities in their journey of learning to overcome attachment with this illusion complex. There may be other types of spiritual guides who appear in the form of protectors or guardians. These are known as the ancestral guides. These ancestral guides are those entities who are of the same soul family as the entity and are connected in a higher format and the higher density by becoming a member of the same social memory complex.

These ancestors can provide guidance by sending information and by guiding the entity who requires such types of guidance by traversing space and time. This can be done by the process of working with the energy body of entities who require such assistance. There may be other guides such as the spiritual animals who are those guides primarily who are present as pets in an entity’s incarnation in order to provide the overflowing of love and balance in certain entities’ life cycle.

Furthermore, these spirit animals may not only appear in the form of pets but may also appear in the form of light body entities for the purpose of providing balance and a feeling of love in a certain entity’s life cycle. There may be other types of guides such as the Elementals who primarily are found in nature. These Elementals, who have chosen the pathway of positivity and have decided to linger on the Earth planet, may also decide to assist those entities who require their assistance.

These types of Elementals primarily find themselves or latch themselves to certain objects such as trees, ponds, or certain locations in the forest of your planetary sphere. In these locations, the entry or the elemental is able to provide thought forms and certain types of vibrations upon entering a certain location. These types of spirit guides are extremely rare to find upon the Earth planets. However, these Elementals, if they decide to assist a certain entity, those vibrations require their assistance may be able to help these entities directly since they are present on the Earth planet directly and they do not have to travel through space and time.

These nature guides as Elementals can guide each entity in this timeline, teaching each entry many lessons of learning. Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, now leave you, beloveds, in love and light of the one creator. Bye.