Session #154 • Pleiadians

Tartaria, Metatron, Nephilims, Anunnaki & Nibiru

Summary: The Pleiadians provide information about the history of Tartaria, a land inhabited by the Nephilims, a crossbreed between humans and the Anunnaki. The Nephilims used fourth density technologies and genetic engineering to create beings known as monsters. They battled against the Anunnaki forces but were eventually defeated. Metatron, a higher dimensional being, appeared to humans as an angelic entity and helped in expanding their consciousness. The Pleiadians recommend raising one's vibration during the period of 10 October as a spiritual practice to improve consciousness.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument’s vibration pattern. At this time, we, the Pleiadians, would like to warn each individual entity who shall listen to our thought forms. Have to remember to only choose those thoughts which resonate deeply within the inner self. Furthermore, the queries which have been placed today by this instrument pertain to the history of the location known by your people as Tartaria. We shall now address this query by providing all the information which is hidden from the human Collective Consciousness at this time. The so-called location of Tartaria was a land inhabited by the so-called Nephilims. By your people, who primarily were at the time using the human mind, body, and spirit complexes as their slaves. The Nephilims were, in a way, a type of crossbreed between the human Mind, Body, Spirit complexes and the genes which appeared from the Anunnaki Collective. Furthermore, these Nephilims had the ability of communicating telepathically as they were granted the use of fourth density Technologies. Further, this activated their telepathic abilities.

The location known as Tartaria existed around from the time period of 25,000 to 250 years ago in the Earth planet. Furthermore, the Nephilims primarily are the descendants of the Anunnaki social memory complex to escape from the planets named by your people as Nibiru. After the end of the battle in the Nibiru, further, after this incident, there was a type of battle or war which broke out between the Nephilims and the Anunnakis of the Earth planet. These entities tried to flee to other planets but they couldn’t find any safe zone for themselves to continue their soul evolution in the universe. The Nephilims then decided to remain on the Earth planet and live amongst the humans, disguised as human beings using modern complex Technologies.

The Nephilims, furthermore, were the first experimenters of the so-called genetic engineering technology by your people. They used to create new distortions and these species of the humans, animals, and plants mind-body and spirit complexes. But the experimentation went wrong and these experiments resulted in the creation of beings known by your people as monsters such as Cog and Magog. This created a distortion of fear amongst all the human entities living on Earth at that time and the entities who were living on the Earth planet at the time were afraid that there would be another apocalypse. Furthermore, they started developing weapons in order for protection and the weapons reached the planets through a type of Intergalactic Corridor. These weapons were created by the Anunnaki who owned the planet known as Nibiru before they left it behind on the planet.

Further, upon scanning the vibrations of the previous times of the Earth planet, these weapons can also be found being used by the Nephilim entities during the battle against the Anunnaki forces. Therefore, the Nephilim social complex, having been on the Earth planet and not working for service to others, were banished by the Council of planets from earth. They couldn’t go back to their home planet which was in the Bureau. Therefore, they chose to live amongst the human entities, disregarding the orders of the Council of planets as slaves and scientists. Further, they created many types of genetics and biological changes. And after a long period of struggle, the Nephilim entities were able to escape from the Earth with their Technologies. Further, they were able to find a planetary sphere known as Tartaria wherein the entity settled on it and they continued their experimentation and used genetic engineering Technologies to create more genetically modified entities. Furthermore, they used some of these genetically modified entities to help them battle against the Anunnaki forces. They also created some types of super soldier entities from the human Mind, Body, Spirit complexes to use them in the battle against the Anunnaki complexities. Super soldier entities were then sent back to the planet of Nibiru and the battle began again as the Nephilim entities wanted to take over the Nibiru just like the Anunnaki did. Eventually, the Anunnaki were victorious in the battle because of their Advanced Technologies of higher fifth density Consciousness and the Nephilim lost control of the Nibiru planets.

The Anunnaki forces were extremely powerful for these entities and they couldn’t stand a chance. Further, they had to leave the planet known as Nibiru and settled somewhere else in the universe, which is why they decided to live amongst the humans where they would not face any types of conflicts. The Nephilim, furthermore, also primarily resided on Earth and they knew that the Earth was going to be infiltrated by the Anunnaki forces. And they decided to settle on another planet and the Anunnaki forces were already aware of the other planet known as Tartaria. Further, many years later, when the Anunnaki forces left Earth, the Nephilim were forced to return to Earth once again and they were able to land on the planet known as the Zephyr by your people. The Nephilim forces lived on the planet known as the Zephyr for many timelines and once they decided to return to Earth to check what was happening on the Earth planet.

When the Nephilim entities arrived back on Earth, they found it being controlled by the Anunnaki social memory complex who had taken control of the Earth planets at around the Sumerian times as known by your people. The Nephilim started destroying every Anunnaki social memory complex they came in contact with in order to free the Earth from the rules. They started creating bases on different places of the planets and also taught human entities to battle against the Anunnaki forces. The Nephilim entered into an agreement with the Galactic Federation to help them defeat the Anunnaki and the plan was successful. The Anunnaki were defeated in the land and the name of the land was coined as Tartaria which is located around the North Central Asia.

We shall now address the other portion of the query which pertains to is Metatron magnetic Consciousness a negatively polarized entity. We must state that Metatron is an entity currently in the third sub Octave of the sixth density Consciousness. Metatron magnetic Consciousness originated in the planet known as Arcadia in the Universal section 0.1b. This entity started learning about first sensory lessons when it was in its home planetary sphere and after learning the many lessons reaching to the level of fifth density, its first contact with the human entities began at the time periods of around the year 3080 as known in your space-time identification terms. At which time it appeared to the human entities as an Angelic entity named as Metatron. In this light being form, it spoke only one word and that was awareness. The single word has been interpreted by many Mind Body Spirit complexes as having multiple meanings. The most important refers to more information or knowledge.

The entity known as Metatron had no physical body and communicated using telepathic communication. But the entities on the Earth planet so much the Angelic being claimed that they felt an overwhelming sense of Peace while in presence and some saw Metatron as a manifestation of the Creator itself. While others experienced intense fears, some beings said that it was beautiful. While others described the face as ugly and deformed. Metatron did not physically appear to anyone who met it for more than a continuous period of five minutes, but many have on the Earth planet Earth is fear reported seeing a bright light emanating from the location and a feeling of spiritual energy radiating from within its inner core.

As the times passed after the initial encounter with the human entities, it became clear to many mind-body Spirit complex of the Earth planets that see Angelic entity was a higher dimensional being with a purpose to help Humanity expand beyond their current state. This Divine entity seemed to have an interest in assisting those beings on the Journey of spiritual Evolution and growth. Over time, it came to be believed by your people that the entity’s name referred to its functioned as a translator of information between the various densities. This entry furthermore have also been seen by many of the human mind-body and spirit complex. Furthermore, we must state that the entry known as Metatron is a Divine being hence it is not a negatively oriented being as claimed by many upon your planet furthermore the entry known as Metatron assisted many a time in the purpose of improving the consciousness of the planetary sphere. The main purpose of the entity is to assist in the Improvement of the State of Consciousness by moving higher in the scale of Consciousness the vibration of those entities who come in contact with it. It is a movement from the lower Consciousness level to the higher level of Consciousness which is the main purpose of the entry known as Metatron who is here to assist.

Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians shall now address one the spiritual practice which will be of it at this time to the people of the Earth planet. A spiritual practice for the time of Ten ten, as known by your people, the period of 10 October as zoned by your people, can be used as a period for consciously practicing raising the level of vibration to the highest level. And further, each entity must realize that the main purpose of every incarnation on the Earth planet is to improve the state of consciousness by moving higher and the scale of consciousness. As known by your people, every incarnation on the Earth planet is for the purpose of moving from the lower levels to the higher levels of consciousness as have been measured by many of yours scientists in the scale of consciousness.

Every particular level corresponds to a mind-spawn complex activity and belief system. Furthermore, there are many more levels than those on which your mind complex is aware of. The lowest level is where all the matter exists, and at this level, there is no self-awareness, but only action.

The next level, higher above, has thoughts, but the thoughts are limited to survival, such as hunger, thirst, sleep, sickness, pain, etc. At this point, there is still no understanding of love or hate or fear or courage or any kind of emotion. And then, as the entities move into the first stage of true intelligence, which is what maybe of your people referred to as thinking, in this level there is self-awareness and comprehension. And so, many entities begin to learn about the worlds, about the universe. Further, there are other levels which cannot be experienced at this time. And all actions taken by the mind body and spirit complex in this timeline is but to raise the level of vibration to the highest level, which is the ultimate objective. And it is a great spiritual practice at this time too change the vibration consciously to a higher level.

And to leave you now, beloveds, in love and light of the one creator.