Session #155 • Galactic Federation

First It Will SHOCK The World, Then It Will Change It

Summary: The Galactic Federation is transmitting thought forms to raise the planetary vibration and address queries about identifying levels of consciousness. They suggest a three-step process for raising consciousness and recognizing one's own level. They also provide information about the soul evolutionary cycle of an entity called Vladimir Putin, who was guided by the Council of Planets to prevent a nuclear war between Mars and Maldek. The Council is prepared to intervene if there is a nuclear war on Earth.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we are now transmitting our thought forms through the central buttons vibration sequence. What’s the instrument has offered itself to be a channel for our communication at this type in the effort to raise the planetary vibration.

We, the Galactic Federation, are now going to address the several queries which have been placed today by the instruments. Further, we shall address each query considering the understanding of your people to be based upon their own inner perception and their vibration level of Consciousness. Hence, the discernment is advised when listening to our messages.

The first query, which pertains to the aspect of how can entities on the Earth planet identify with a level of Consciousness, we must state that your level of Consciousness, which you may find easier as we can sense, is defined by the charge of Consciousness which many on your so-called scientists have created for better understanding of the states of Consciousness in your planetary sphere. We shall use this Distortion as it will be the greatest and the aid of teaching you how to identify your own level of consciousness.

Furthermore, firstly each entry who desires to identify the level of Consciousness has to understand that they have to become self-aware. The process of self-awareness will primarily be a shock to the entity, and also it may be a shock to find out that the whole planetary sphere may be trapped in this level of Consciousness and maybe operating from it. And with this understanding, the entry itself can change its level of vibration Consciousness and then offer assistance to change the whole world with the desires.

Furthermore, with the Galactic Federation would like to point a simple three-step process which can be followed. The first step involves the raising of the level of Consciousness to the highest level of vibration such as to the level of Joy or peace. By choosing a higher level of vibration, this will grant the entity a higher level of distortion, which may be considered as the level of understanding that from the highest level which can be received by an entity in terms of its vibratory patterns, it can sense other entities whose vibrations as this is only possible from a higher level. The sensing of other entity’s vibration cannot be preceded at a lower level.

Furthermore, once the entity chooses a higher level of emotional vibration such as Joy or peace, it must firstly teach its Mind Body Spirit complex this vibration Consciousness and then look at other entity’s vibration based upon their appearance. It will easily find a difference and be able to locate their native vibration. Many are times upon scanning the vibration of the other Mind Body Spirit complexes. The Entity upon your planet May recognize that their vibration may be stuck at a certain level of Consciousness such as Pride, anger, jealousy, or even to the lowest level of desires and fear. Further, it may find other entities or mind body spirit complexes with a higher vibration such as in the level of joy, peace, happiness, and satisfaction. There may be fewer entities with such a higher vibration as only a small portion of the Earth planet currently in this vibration level of Consciousness. And then after sensing other entity’s vibration, the entity must then look at its own vibration patterns and recognize its level of Consciousness to accurately sense its level of vibration. And this will allow the entry to recognize its level of Consciousness on the scale of Consciousness chart as used by your people. This process may be a shock to many mind body spirit complexes as they may find themselves operating for a long time period of space-time from a certain level of Consciousness.

Further, now address the second portion of the query which primarily pertains with the aspect of the soul evolutionary cycle. Often entity as referred to by your people as Vladimir bloody mirror Putin, whose Incarnation began in the cycle in this earth planets on 1952 and currently finds itself in the location known as Russia as the president as known by your people in your vibratory sound complexes. We should now share the soul Evolution cycle in brief in order to address the query which has been placed.

The entry firstly originated on the planet known as Arcturus A and the Arcturian star system at a period of 7.8 million years ago. This entity up until the level of beginning third density Consciousness spent its timeline on the planet of Arcturus A. The entity was misguided by a third density entity who was in the vibration of Pride and anger. This third density entity misguided the entity in its choices and it showed the path of Pride and anger and the level of that vibration in the planet of Arcturusy.

Furthermore, this entity known as Vladimir then upon continuing its choices made in the third density to pursue the part of service to self was found in the location of the planet of Mars. And the entity started to gain power in the planet of Mars. During the time period wherein it incarnated, it was able to gain a large number of following since the vibrations of the entire Martian Planet at the time space wherein The Entity had incarnated was of a self-service nature which operated in the vibration of fear, anger, jealousy, and pride. These emotions were prevalent at the time as currently the Earth planet is also facing these types of native emotional vibration sequence. And the entity known as Vladimir because of its vibration in the aspect of purified pride and anger was able to, in the Martian planets, gain a lot of power.

This entry in the Martian planets created a type of conflict with the other entities from the Maldek planetary sphere during its Incarnation by creating fear. And at the point during the Incarnation, the entity known as Vladimir was about to destroy both the planetary spheres of the intervention had not been made by the Council of planets. The entry would have destroyed both the Mars and the Maldek planet at the time of its Incarnation.

Furthermore, this is the process which the Council of planets used in order to start the entity known as Vladimir. During the period nuclear war between Mars and Maldek was about to initiate, another Mind Body Spirit complexes of the planets in question, the Mars and the Maldek planetary sphere, at the time, were terrified that it would be the last war and it would end the planetary cycle. At this point, Mars planet was a major power and also the Maldek planet was not accomplished in its defensive Powers at the time. The Martians launched an attack on Maldek under the guidance of Vladimir at that space-time in question which the Council of planets could not stop.

So the Council of planets launched a plan to stop the nuclear war between Mars and Maldek by sending a Federation Envoy to negotiate with Vladimir Putin’s Soul who was in the level of Pride and anger. At the time, the Council of planets envoy was an advanced Asthar command Fleet which resembles many of the higher density beings in all respects were powers of intelligence and wisdom. The fleet’s first task was to make the entity known as Vladimir Putin realize that there would be such a devastating nuclear aftermath that would destroy both Mars and Maldek as well as other planets if it did not back off.

However, the entity known as Putin had to be shown away its spiritual Essence by making it experience his true self, its soul, in order to make it believe that it is a spiritual being and not just a body on Earth. The message that was conveyed by the council fleet was as follows which made Putin The Entity capable of recognizing its spiritual beingness. Furthermore, the message is as follows:

The physical bodily complex which the entity found itself in served not only as the means for participating in this illusion complex but also as the primary conduit for the contact with the present moments and the true spiritual essence. Your thoughts and emotions tend to move around in space-time, anticipating future and remembering past events. However, your bodily complex remains attached to the present moment, which allows a baseline form all of the entities in the Incarnation to be present in the Here and Now. We must state that the part of the present moment is the only access to happiness, fulfillment, love, responsibility, and deeper levels of spirituality lies in the Here and Now.

Further, this attachment has caused many entities to forget their true essence and interim be attached with lower vibrations such as pride and anger. Further, a quick recognition or a test may be followed. Each of you can place your hands on your so-called kneecaps and place all of the attention into the right-hand portion of the area. In order to make the attention more crispy, make a fist with your right hand. By keeping the attention in the right-hand area, the sensations can be directly felt, and an awareness will allow the energy to flow into this area. Looking to experience the energy in the right hand as the sensations begin to fully overlap within the self. And after the attention has been fully settled into the right-hand area, now sense the difference between the right-hand sensations and the left-hand sensations. You will begin to perceive and sense a different type of sensation, and you will realize that where you place your awareness, there your spiritual sensitive body will flow.

You can now reverse the process by focusing the attention on the left-hand portion of the bodily complex and by making a fist. The energy of attention shall be given completely. This would allow their relaxation and the energy body of the spiritual essence to flow to the left-hand portion of the area. And this will allow the focusing of the present moment’s energy of the spiritual essence to align towards the inner self. The whole part of spiritual awakening resides in the present moment, and the present moments can be entered most directly through opening to the energy body within the physical bodily complexes. This energy body is the main anchor to the present moment and at every moment the physical body is waiting for your attention and intention to deepen the connection with and strengthen with the energy body. Furthermore, natural joy and celebration of life enter as this awakening and identification into the energy body follows.

Finally, this was the procedure which was given to the entity known as Putin and the entity known as Vladimir Putin upon trying this exercise was able to sense its energy soul body. Finally, the entity known as Vladimir Putin in the incarnation on the Mars planet stopped its plans at the time. This is how the council prevented the entity at the time from destroying both the planet Mars and Maldek. And now we can sense that the entity is on the pathway to performing the same on the Earth planet. We must state that however, the council is yet to decide what will be done if the entity decides to perform a nuclear war amongst the people of the Earth planet. We have the Galactic Federation fleets, we correct this instrument, the Ashtar Command fleets, on standby on the Earth planet to disengage in the battle if it occurs any such nuclear weapons, and we the Galactic Federation leave you now.