Session #156 • Metatron

Activate Dormant DNA and Dolores Cannon

Summary: Metatron discusses the activation of dormant DNA and the potential it holds for spiritual abilities. He explains that currently, only two percent of our DNA is activated, but by focusing on vibrations rather than language, we can activate the dormant DNA and unlock new abilities such as telepathy and time travel. Metatron also explains how karma operates based on vibrations and suggests forgiveness as a way to alleviate karmic activities. He ends by mentioning the reincarnation of a Divine Light Grid programmer who will act as a balancing force during the transition to the fourth density.

I am Metatron Magnetic Consciousness connected through the Divine great programmers consciousness to this Channel and I Metatron shall before answering the questions which may be found in this instrument’s mind must warn that each individualized lovely child of the universal Divine grid programmer has to use discernment when listening to have thought forms emerging from this communication. Furthermore, I as Metatron would like to state that there are many queries which shall now be answered and these queries shall aid those who shall require such types of assistance at this time to awaken their full activation of the so-called DNA by your people to allow the activation of the dormant potential which lie hidden beneath each individualized portion of beingness of the universal Divine grid programmer.

The first question refers to how can the dormant DNA be activated. I as Metatron must state that all of you Universal Light Grid programmers have within yourself at this moment there is only two percent of your DNA potential which has activated consider yourself to be a type of container of 100 potential of the DNA. These DNA are able to awaken your spiritual abilities and only currently two percent of your genetic field of intelligence has activated. This is the reason why many of your mind complex entities at this planet finds in this Incarnation cycle learning about speech and language and learning about how to awaken within the self the inner level of Consciousness.

Now each one of you must imagine that you are a seed and you have all the potentials which can be activated in the garden of consciousness in the Incarnation that surrounds you at this moment. However, as you progress and transcend from the lower levels of vibrations and frequencies and enter into the higher levels of vibrational frequency, they’re in your genetic blueprints or the DNA will begin to flower and your soul gifts will begin to comfort.

I, as Metatron, must now state three methods which can be used for the activation of this dormant DNA, which are buried within the layers of unsprouted potential which lies within each Universal Divine grid programmer’s love light Childs, which each one of you are. Further, the so-called by your people as light cords, are the codes which may be considered as cosmic codes, which are able to activate your DNA sequences completely. However, the light codes which emerge from the Sun body have an effect of quickening the Ascension process by activating your dormant DNA and taking your Consciousness into the higher Fabrics of reality.

Further, each of your cells vibrates at an increasing rate and as the vibration frequency enters into the higher level, the light codes begin to be accepted within the higher dimensions of your Consciousness, and you begin to embody a sense of higher vibrational frequency, which emerges from your Divine self. Many of your so-called scientists have stated that only two percent of your DNA material is useful and the rest 98 percent is considered as useless. However, within the 98% of your dormant DNA is the repository of light codes which are already waiting to burst into your conscious awareness. Once these light codes are activated, you will not only experience the greater expansion of your light beingness from yourself, but also you will begin to affect others who are of a similar vibration.

Further, this is the process that will not only heal yourself completely from the types of healing which you may require, but also allow you to create a space within yourself for new abilities to arrive. These new abilities can arrive by the process such as becoming telepathic, having the ability to transcend space-time, having the ability of moving into different sections of time without a barrier, having the ability to create anything desired which does the image in the mind complex of your people. As the ongoing activations of the dormant’s DNA within your body complex is underway, there have been many times during the people of your planet have become stuck within the realm of the two percent DNA. The two percent of your DNA material is primarily a great activation which can be activated when there is a learning of language and words, and this learning of language and words further also is the greatest hindrance which prevents many of you to enter into the Silence of the self.

As stated by many of your so-called scientists in your planetary vibration, there is a realm wherein you can experience silence within the self. The silence is required for each beingness of the universal Divine grid programmer’s love light Childs to experience and sense vibration, and this vibration can allow for a higher level of Consciousness to expand, and this level of vibration provides a greater sense of ability in this timeline to allow for higher senses to originate, which also allows the highest potential of each Universal Divine grid programmer to sense vibration instead of words. As each Universal Divine grid programmer begins to sense vibration, slowly and steadily this will grant the understanding that all is vibration, and everything is in constant motion, everything is changing. This type of sensing and the ability of working through vibrations will allow the entities to then further develop and slowly activate their other dormant DNA. With this understanding later on, comes the understanding of the higher levels of consciousness, which may be considered as vibrations of Enlightenment, as known in your language terms.

Further, beyond the levels of vibrations which can be sensed at your current planetary sphere, all through the dormant DNA are activated to the full potential, the other aspects of the DNA will soon begin to sense the vibrations in different reality, such as in the realities not heard of by your people. And these realities will allow each of you to sense a higher level of conscious expansion and will give each of you the full potential of recognizing the vibration patterns of the self. Furthering the activation of the light codes will allow the genetic potential to expand within the activation of your DNA potential.

A simple exercise of, on a daily basis, focusing on vibrations rather than on words and language, will be the next step for your people to activate your dormant DNA. And many a times during the periods such as in the time periods of solar flashes and other events, there is higher chances of your DNAs being activated more, thereby allowing abilities to come forward in your reality. Further, many of you will find that once the DNA activations are complete, the discoveries which may confound each one of you will be beyond your imaginative capability.

Further, I as Metatron must also state that the other query which has been placed by this channel pertains primarily to how the workings of karma operate on your illusion complex, which is what a playground for The Universal Divine grid programmer. I as Metatron must state that the so-called karmic events of your planet operates but from the level of vibration, as I have already mentioned, answering the previous query that vibration understanding and sensing is the next requirement for the human consciousness to enter the highest level of DNA Activation. This means that entities upon the Earth planet, they need to understand how to vibrationally sense the vibrations of different events, as each event is but a vibration. This is how the karmic events operates. For example, if a Divine Universal love light child does an event which is of a great nature, or a positive nature, the vibration which is emanated is of a positive type, and this seed, once planted in the Universal Divine grid programmer’s illusion Consciousness, is after a certain time sprouted into the same type of vibration. This is how the karmic events upon your planet operates, just like a person who may, in a way, perform a negative event. The person is generating the vibration of negativity, and this vibration will immediately be planted in the consciousness of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer, which is within all, and this Consciousness vibration, once planted, will soon find this entity in the illusion complex, and will give it the resultant vibration which it had landed.

As this planting and reaping is what may be considered as karma by your people, in your language terms. Further, there is but one process which can alleviate this aspect, and the alleviation of karma can be done via the process of forgiveness. Once the entity who has conducted a negative event forgives and entry or changes the memory of the negative event into a positive event in the mind complex, this will further results in a counterbalancing vibration, and then such a counterbalance shall take away the resultant imbalance and vibration, creating the release of Karma, and hence the path of forgiveness is the path of releasing the karmic activities.

Further, upon your planetary sphere, there may be mind, body, Spirit complexes who are unaware that they are but shadows, and they are learning to navigate themselves through the various levels of vibrations and states of Consciousness as referred to many by your people. This vibration, once established within the Mind Body Spirit complex, will results in the meeting of the same type of vibration everywhere the Mind Body is very complex moves. The people, the situations, and all are but created from the nature of vibration. This is how the so-called karmic activities operates upon your planetary sphere.

I as Metatron must now address another important message that may be of use to your people. Furthermore, upon the time period of October 22nd there is the second coming of a Divine Light Red programmer known as by your people as dolores cannon and soul who has chosen to reincarnate at this time upon the Earth planets as an avatar. However, the location cannot be divulged in this time. This being is going to reincarnate on the Earth planet for the purpose of acting as a balanced force or a balancing being since the vibration of this entry will be of such a high level that it will be able to balance all the negativity which may arise during this transition. And this Divine Grid programmers Essence has chosen this part of service as an avatar which may appear in the form of a human entity for the purpose of allowing the Earth to enter fully into the fourth density since such requirements is of Aid in balancing any negative forces or negative vibrations which may be a result of the activities from the negatively oriented entities upon the Earth planet in this transition to the fourth density vibration. Hence I as Metatron now disconnect and lot light of the universal Light Grid programmer turned to the mountain of light within yourself bye.