Session #157 • Pleiadians

From 3D to 5D

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate to aid the human Collective Consciousness in understanding life in the fourth density or the fifth dimension. Fourth density is characterized by love and compassion, with entities able to create their desires through intention and love. In this level of consciousness, there is no need for work or traditional learning. Balancing love and avoiding overgiving is a key lesson in the fourth density. The Pleiadians also explain how giving and observing can multiply abundance, and offer a method called the convergence of the flow of joy to rise above fear.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument’s vibration sound complex for the purpose of aiding the human Collective Consciousness at this time to understand about the queries which have been placed today. However, it is vitally important for the people of your planetary sphere to use your own inner discernment when listening to our thought forms as this will aid the understanding of the nature of reality which is dependent upon the perceptions of the entity based upon its inner understanding. May be different from another entity’s perception. Furthermore, discernment is advised when listening to our thought forms.

The first query pertains to what is it like to live in the fourth density or the Fifth Dimension. We shall now address that. This query pertains to the understanding of life in the fourth density which may be composed and understood greatly by firstly realizing that fourth density is comprised of love in each action. Which the entry makes. In the fourth density, each action is composed of love and compassion. Which means that whenever an entity is interacting with another in the fourth density planetary sphere, there is no need for any type of self-service. But a type of service to other situation. Which eventually leads to a situation of win-win as known by your people.

This type of distortion is primarily combined with a greater effort of understanding that the fourth density life cycle or the fifth-dimensional life cycle is but a type of creation. Wherein many entries will objectify the ability of creating reality. These entries who are of the fourth density vibration are at the level of the vibration of Love. Hence, they have the ability of creating anything they desire by focusing their intention on the thought forms of the desire and sending love to such a desire. The entities are able to bring forth those desires through space-time and the materialization of such aspects will happen anytime and anywhere else desired. This means that there will be no need for any of the entities upon your planetary sphere to work or to actually learn the lessons as the people of your planets currently do. To learn the workings of society will not be required in this level of fourth density consciousness.

As the fourth density consciousness also will automatically bring forth the energy vibration of creation. Which means that entities will be able to create their desires by focusing on love and their thought forms. This will also lead to the ending of the cycle of learning as known by your people and your so-called schools. As the schools which will be present in the fourth density consciousness may be considered as the schools of spiritual vibration understanding. And this is a type of training system for all those entities of a fourth density vibration to understand how to shed the ego minds and instead shift into the higher frequencies or the elevated levels of consciousness. Which allow the fourth density conscious vibration to emanate.

Furthermore, there may be also other frequencies of higher nature which is the part of moving operates into the fifth density consciousness. And the lessons which are learned in the fourth density primarily involve the lesson of balancing the aspect of love. Since the overgiving of love will lead to the ending of the energy being feeling used by another entity. Therefore, the balancing of the love is learned primarily at the fifth density level and the level of fourth density. Therefore, in the beginning stages, the energy body will begin to restructure. And there will be a restructuring of the cellular memories which means that the old energy vibrations and templates that have been installed in your cellular memory based upon your societal exposure and exposure to other entities since your childhood will allow the old patterns to be released.

And these old patterns, once released, will allow your energy vibration or system to affect and allow a higher fifth-dimensional frequency of the fourth density to arise. And this will allow the entry to have the ability of a higher vibration. Which will aid the entry to recognize the vibration of others and the true feelings of all entities will be found by this aspect. As no longer there can be deceit in the fourth density. Consciousness will become the most valuable currency. As consciousness is seen creative aspect which is within all beings and entities who are learning the lessons.

Furthermore, this will also allow the creation of understanding of soul memories. And also many entities of similar vibration will find themselves understanding their past life connections. Which will also allow themselves to heal their past by forgiving such entries and healing the subconscious portions of the belief systems. Which are primarily their main activators and the creators of healing within the self. This will also create a sense of inner peace. This peace will allow the love vibration to transition into the higher levels. And will allow the free will of many other entities to be exchanged in the form of energy vibrations.

In the fourth density consciousness, there will also be many of the so-called systems as known by your people. As the system of language will soon begin to transition and fade into the aspect of vibration communication or telepathic communication. Much like the so-called as known by your people as in your scientific language terms as quantum entanglement communication. Which will become the main factor or the main system of communication in the fourth density planetary sphere. Furthermore, the feelings that you’ll feel within yourself in the fourth density consciousness will be completely of love. And this vibration of love will allow you to affect other entries also in a joyful and loving manner.

Furthermore, this will guide you to make better choices and also will teach you how to handle your emotional and mental complexes better. In the fourth density life cycle, there will be no need for the aspects as referred to by your people as the need of desires. As the desires upon your planetary sphere are the main reason why many entities find themselves in situations of negative nature. Which is the result of the desire leading to psychological suffering. In the higher level of vibration of love of the fourth density, there will be no desires as such. And desires form the lowering of your understanding and dependency on the outside world completely is removed. Which means that many of your entities who enjoy the outward third density pleasures will find themselves not being interested in such aspects.

As the vibration of the planet shifts into the fourth density. The fourth density life cycle is also but a lesson in sharpening the self. And the main challenge will be to understand how to balance between the aspects of giving love to others and also the wisdom of realizing that too much love to others may not be a great idea. This is the main lesson which is to be learned in the fourth density or the fifth dimension. That is known by your people to gain the wisdom and understanding of fifth density to balance the aspect of love.

Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, shall now address the other portion of the query which pertains to the aspect is the aspect of as known by a people as giving to others. As practiced in many of your so-called religious traditions. And if it is an effective way of multiplying your wealth and abundance. We must state that we shall address this query by our understanding of how the universe operates.

Furthermore, the universal complex in the current space-time experience of your planetary sphere has the basic requisite of an observer or a consciousness stream. Which has to observe the reality to be created. This can be found and observed by many obvious scientists in the field of study known as quantum mechanics. Wherein an observer or consciousness entity is required to observe a particular wave for it to collapse into a state of matter.

Furthermore, this means that if the observer or the number of observers are increased. This means that if an entity gives a portion of its so-called object like money or any other object to a second entry who is also May observe it. And then these second entity also uses the object and gives it to someone else. This will allow the origination of the particle from which it originated to replicate themselves into a similar state of compounded nature.

Which means that if an entry were to give 10 amounts of your monetary vibration in your timeline to a second entry. The observation of the second entry will allow it to multiply into 20. And the observation of the third will allow it to multiply the 30 and so on. The number of observers it is given to would allow the matter and the particles of the matter to receive the signal that it is multiplied. Therefore, the messages then return back and space-time transition of information occurs. Which means that the particles they are able to travel back in time space and move backwards. And the person or the entity which started the giving will find itself with the multiplied effects of this aspect.

Furthermore, this is how the multiplication of matter can be done. This also means that the origination of a particle is remembered by the akashic records. Which has the memory of the universe and can remember where the particle of matter originated from. This will allow the field of consciousness to remember where the particle is returning. And once the particle returns back to the original giver or the observer or the entry who started the giving. Will find itself in a state of where an event of the receipt of the desired multiple state of matter will occur.

This means that there are infinite probable timelines. And the act of giving or sharing a certain matter with others will provide a favorable return in multiplied measure in the reality. Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, must also now state that the other query pertains to the aspect of a simple method which we can correct this instrument. The people of your planet can use to rise above fear. We must state that the vibration of fear is one of the most paralyzing vibrations which have attached to the human Collective Consciousness. This vibration is found in 99% of the human beings at this time, even though many of the entities on the Earth planet are unaware that they are under the vibration of fear. This vibration of fear is primarily attached within the bodily complex which acts as the subconscious portions of the Mind, remembering any type of vibration system.

Therefore, the best way to rise above fear is to practice a method which we the Pleiadians have also used in the Atlantean system to guide the Atlantians out of fear. The method is known as the convergence of the flow of joy. This means that the entities can practice taking a deep breath in inside their bodily complex, reaching to the lower portions of the energy centers, and then squeeze the stomach area or the lower portions of the energy centers. And this squeezing will lead to an explosion of the feeling of Joy, which must be felt by the entity. And this squeezing will lead to the creation of the feeling of joy, and this if practiced by each entity, will allow them to rise above fear. Furthermore, this is the best method we can suggest at the space-time of your planetary vibration, and we The Pleiadians now leave you, beloveds, in light and love of the one creator, bye.