Session #158 • Galactic Federation

The Most Powerful Audio about Enki

Summary: The text discusses the Galactic Federation's message about aligning with the vibration of love and discernment. It then explains the history of Enki and the Anunnaki civilization, their interaction with humans, and their return to their home planet. The text also mentions a potential attack on the moon and the involvement of Elon Musk. Finally, it shares a method used by spiritual Masters to ascend in consciousness.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we create you now in light and love with the one, the infinite Creator. Before we start to share with you our thoughts and insights, we would like to warn each entity who shall come in contact with this message through our Consciousness to remember to align only with the vibration of Love within the inner heart, which will aid each entity in this journey of transition and learning to ascend into the part of the fourth density Consciousness. As the fourth density Consciousness window is open at this time, many on the Earth planets may feel the distortion of the Catalyst becoming stronger. However, these distortions are created for the purpose of teaching each entity the lessons requiring a higher understanding of Consciousness, which will allow each entity to fulfill their full realization of the true nature of the self. Furthermore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that discernment is advised to be used by each entity who shall come in contact with our message at this time, for the perceptions of each individualized portion of Consciousness depend upon the aspects of the inner vibration of an entity and also based on the inner belief systems of the individual entity. May create certain distortions of the Mind space, which will affect each entity’s inner vibration.

The first query placed by this instrument today pertains to the aspect of whether the entity known as Enki is now in the solar system of the Milky Way galaxy or if this is a lie. We must state that this query requires a deeper understanding of firstly about the entity known as Enki. We shall address this query, explaining in detail, as the Earth planet is now currently ready for such information, which may be powerful information for those who require such understanding of who the entity Enki is and also a part of realizing about the inner workings of the Mind space of the entity.

Furthermore, we shall explain the history of the people of the lands of Sumeria, as known by your people, which existed and emerged in the location of, as shown in your language terms, Mesopotamian around 4,500 BC of your time space measurement terms. This civilization was responsible for building large cities and creating many of the first systems of creation of writing and language on clay tablets. During many of the archaeological excavations made by your scientists, these were discovered.

Furthermore, the entity also known as Enki has its root in this place known as the Sumerian lands. The so-called Anunnaki social memory complex existed on the end of the solar system in a planet known as Nibiru, which entered near the Earth planet for the purpose of experiencing a better climate and also for the purpose of requiring a reserve of technology for the creation of advanced technological healing devices. There was a requirement for a large amount of gold, and this gold was found in the Earth planet in large number at that time. And since gold was a rare resource in the planet of Nibiru, the Anunnaki used their technology to enter into the Earth planet around a period of about 450,000 years ago in your approximate space-time measurement terms, where these entities became known as the first astronauts by your people. And they started to create cities and settle in the location of Mesopotamia. Furthermore, they were also able to create wonderful gardens and cities, which allowed them to work for the extraction of gold by using underground tunnels in your space-time.

Furthermore, they also brought many of the other alien races from the planets known as Iggy. And after many years of forcing them to work under their control and they were humiliated, the entities of the Iggy civilization were able to rebel against the Anunnaki’s forces, which had led to a rising of a war on the Earth planet. The entities of the Iggy population, however, were defeated and destroyed by the Anunnaki’s. And in need of new workers, they created a new race of intelligent beings able to work but more of a subordinate level to them and the Anunnaki. In this creation, combined their own genetic material with the ancestors of the human population, creating a hybrid, submissive race and their command. And with genetic fusion, which they created the entities such as the Nephilim Giants and also the creation of the so-called first humanoid-looking beings. However, there was also a lack of self-control and intelligence in these entities. And later on, the first human entry was created, named as Adamu, who was able to use capabilities of thinking and self-control enough to work for the Anunnaki forces.

Furthermore, later on, the Anunnaki were extremely powerful at that time. However, over time, the human population developed the ability of speaking and learning from the Anunnaki beings. They learned to build their own civilization made of houses and other materials as found upon a planetary sphere. Furthermore, the Anunnaki became fond of the human beings, and they allowed them to live in the main city of the Anunnaki at the time. But also, the Anunnaki had warned the human population not to reproduce too much since the process of reproduction would create overpopulation.

However, despite the orders of the Anunnaki superiors, the human population at that time began to procreate rapidly, which led to the expulsion of these human entities from the main cities of the Anunnaki social complex. And many of the human entities were put under exile, as known by your people. And the so-called planet of Nibiru approached the Earth planet again. However, at this time, the Anunnaki civilizations in the planet of Nibiru had become oriented towards the negative polarization, and they were in the negative polarity of service to self. And this population of Anunnaki social memory complex, which was remaining in the planet of Nibiru, created a type of war against the Anunnaki who were left on the Earth planet. The Anunnaki who were on the Earth planet were much of a service to others nature. However, because after battle, there was huge destruction on the Earth planet. And later on, there were also many types of genetic mutation which was done.

Furthermore, the Anunnaki population, including the entities known as Enki and Enlil, the entities, furthermore, returned back into the aspects of the original planets of the so-called realization of the planet of Nibiru. Wherein the entity known as Enki and also who was known as the god of the mighty ocean, as known by your people, along with the entity known as Enlil, who was the first Anunnaki being, returned back to their original planet in the planet of Nibiru in order to try to stop the negative entities from destroying the planet Nibiru completely.

Furthermore, we, as the Galactic Federation, must state that the entity known as Enki and Enlil, as known by your people, currently cannot be traced upon your Galactic system at the moment. Furthermore, if the entity known as Enki and Enlil were to come back, there would be a type of difference on the planetary population. Further, these entities known as Enki and Enlil have enormous powers of affecting consciousness of the human population. However, we cannot sense their presence at this time upon the solar system, as stated by many of your entities. Furthermore, the entity known as the instrument desires to understand information pertaining to the Looking Glass event number eight, as known by your people.

We shall now scan this distortion known as Looking Glass and share with you the findings of what we can sense from our scanning system of the Mind complex. We must state that from our social memory complex, we can sense that the Looking Glass event number eight, which has already been planned, is going to be an event which has a probability of 78 percent of occurring upon the space-time of the 24th of November, wherein the entities from the Mars planetary sphere, the Anunnaki Orion reptilian gray social memory complex, is planning an attack on the moon satellites, as known by your people, wherein the moon will be completely destroyed if this event is not stopped. This is a type of distortion that the negative entities have planned, as per the information and the Looking Glass, wherein they will use many technologies which have been produced by many of the entities of the social memory complex of the Anunnaki Collective at that time of the space-time continuum reversal. Wherein the reptilians or other entities may go back in time and prevent the Moon from ever coming to the galactic system of the Milky Way galaxy. Furthermore, this type of space-time reversible effect the entire history of the timeline of the Earth planet, and there will be a possibility that the moon will no longer be visible after one month of your planetary sphere if this event is not stopped by your people.

Furthermore, there is another event which also is planned wherein the entity known as Elon Musk plans to use its so-called Twitter application, as known by your people, to connect it to the Reptilian social memory complex for the purpose of data collection of the human Collective Consciousness in order to replicate human memory. Further, the entity known as Elon must also be aware of this aspect as it is unknowingly unaware and is being used by the Reptilian social memory complex. The best way to stop such an event is via the process of sending love light energy around the moon and also sending love and light energy to protect the entity known as Elon Musk at this time.

Further, we shall now address one of the other queries pertaining to what is the type of method used by spiritual Masters to ascend higher in Consciousness. We must state that we are now going to share with you a simple process, which is the process of Consciousness training system used by spiritual Masters in your space-time experience. This involves focusing on a portion of your bodily complex, such as your hand area, and taking conscious attention to all the fingers of your hand. And after sensing all the fingers of the hand, the same thing is to be done on the other hand. And after sensing all the fingers of the other hand, the attention may be taken to the legs area by doing the same thing on both the legs the attention will allow the leg area to feel and sense all the fingers this will eventually be train your Consciousness and this is the method used by the spiritual Masters in your planet to reach the highest level of conscious vibration tuning furthermore we as the Galactic Federation now leave you beloved and light and love bye.